The Type Of Upbringing The Person You're Meant To Be With Comes From, According To Astrology

Our natal chart can provide clues not only about ourselves, but the dynamics we have with others.

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Several houses in our chart show how we interact with others, including the third (which reflects our relationship with siblings, cousins and community), the seventh (which can reflect friendships and romantic partnerships) and the 11th (which shows our friendships and social networking and more).

In astrology, the 10th house is known as the house of career. However, it also represents the mother-in-law, which a professional astrologer named Neda explained in a TikTok video can reveal the type of background your partner most likely has. 


The type of upbringing the person you're meant to be with comes from, according to astrology



"Go look at your chart and see what zodiac sign rules your 10th house," Neda suggested in the video, which you can do using a free birth chart generator.


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Aries 10th house

"If Aries is in your 10th house, your spouse is gonna be someone that embodies the Aries qualities of leadership and bravery," Neda explained.

The person with this placement is likely attracted to someone who would have been raised in an environment that allowed them to feel empowered by their choices. Aries in the 10th reflects that their partner may come from an environment "that values independence and a pioneering spirit, possibly coming from somewhere that is known for its entrepreneurship or being a first in some respect,” Neda added.

Taurus 10th house

This placement's partner "could come from a place that enjoys the finer things in life. They come from a place of stability and tradition,” Neda said.


The native’s spouse or partner may have been brought up in a very sheltered environment where they may have appreciated the value of hard work. In some instances, it could show an affluent background. It's a placement that shows where their artistic side could have also been awakened.

Gemini 10th house

Those with Gemini in the 10th house have a spouse who “comes from a background of communication and education or a multi-cultural environment," Neda said, as well as "a vibrant, lively place.”

Both Gemini and Sagittarius placements are very much linked to education and communication. Ruled by Mercury, it is not surprising that learning would have been a priority for the natives with this placement, suggesting a house where they were surrounded by books or family members in academia.

Cancer 10th house

Cancer in the 10th house signifies a partner with “strong ties to home family or national heritage," explained Neda. "They come from somewhere with a strong historical significance. Close-knit communities or nurturing environments” are also indicated here.


The partner may have been brought up in a background that most likely radiated with warmth and a lot of nurturing is tied with this placement. Home is important, family and values are influential in the partner’s upbringing. The person indicated here may aspire to build a home or have a family similar to the ones they were raised with and likely emanates a friendly and warm vibe.

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Leo 10th house

If you have Leo in the 10th house, your partner likely has "a background that values creativity, royalty or drama," Neda said, "possibly coming from a place that is known for its arts entertainment or leadership legacy.”

This 10th house native’s partner would have experienced an exciting environment growing up surrounded by people who learned to take the spotlight. The person may have been taught not to shy away and to feel free and comfortable expressing themselves.


Virgo 10th house

This placement's spouse "comes from a place known for its meticulousness, health consciousness or service orientation," Neda explained, which could be "an area with a strong emphasis on health care, crafts, or environmental stewardship.”

Having this placement shows the native’s partner would have been raised in an environment that promoted responsibility, patience, and selflessness. They would understand the importance of helping others. This could have been a challenge, especially with someone who is not comfortable with ego. The native may even show their partner how to learn to put themselves first.

Libra 10th house

The Libra 10th house native likely has a partner who “comes from a background that values harmony, beauty, and partnership," Neda said, as Venus-ruled placements are all about creativity, art and exploration. The native’s partner would have been raised in a social environment that encouraged them to make strong connections. They will see the value in networking since it promotes balance and personal growth. They may enjoy learning about others.

Scorpio 10th house

A Mars-ruled placement shows someone raised in an environment of people who are powerful, insightful, and determined to succeed. So, according to Neda, "your spouse comes from a background of transformation, mystery, or intensity. They come from a place known for its depth, resilience or transformative history.”


This person's partner may have a good work ethic because they strive for perfection. They may have learned not to trust everyone, which is why they may be perceived as mysterious by this 10th-house native. 

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Sagittarius 10th house

For the Sagittarius 10th house native, “your spouse comes from a background that values adventure, philosophy or freedom," Neda explained, adding that they may also be "coming from a place known for its educational or religious institutions.”

This is a placement where the native’s partner may have been raised in an environment that encouraged them to learn from early on. The partner's parents may be academics or have multiple degrees, leading them to grow up in an environment that pushed them to continue to learn and grow. Developing their philosophy is essential.


People with this placement may attract lifelong students, always hungry to learn more.

Capricorn 10th house

"Your spouse comes from a place of discipline," Neda said. "The place where they come from has a lot of structure or historical significance. They come from a place with a strong sense of tradition. Somewhere with a lot of governance or conservation.”

Discipline and structure could be essential to the native’s partner. They need harmony, balance, and connection. They know how to get things done since they are meticulous and organized. The person with a Capricorn 10th house attracts someone extremely ambitious, ready to succeed and claim their victory. 


Aquarius 10th house

According to Neda, a person with an Aquarius 10th house has a partner who “comes from a background that values innovation, somewhere that has a strong emphasis on community or uniqueness.”

The person with this placement may have a partner who was raised to connect with their individualism. This makes for someone who is not concerned with fitting in. Self-expression is a work of art for them. They can stand out, appreciate their vision, and inspire others.

Pisces 10th house

"Your spouse comes from a background in spirituality, art or healing," Neda said, adding that the Pisces 10th house's partner "probably comes from a place known for its spiritual significance, artistic communities, or compassionate practices.”

Many of the people in the partner’s family may have been tied to the community and art would have been something very important to their upbringing. Spiritualism, philosophy and healing are also prominent themes in the spouse's life. These people may have been raised in an environment where they traveled a lot and have a very diverse community where they continue to learn, connect and grow from others.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.