What Does A Leo Look Like?

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Leo zodiac signs are people born between July 23 - August 22. Unsurprisingly, people born with their Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Leo have physical characteristics that resemble an actual lion.

What does a Leo look like?

If you look at the Leo glyph, you'll see it looks like a side profile of a lion with a glorious mane. People who have strong Leo planet placements also have strong mane-like features. But there are many additional features that reveal when you are looking at a Leo.

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From a strong attitude to bold physical features, Leos are hard to miss. You might even notice a person's Leo personality when you learn how to spot their mannerisms — Leos are bold, graceful, fierce, and regal. It is not hard to notice when a Leo is present — ust look at Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, or Demi Lovato: they have large foreheads with thick hair and raw appeal.

Even people who doubt astrology, find it strange that Leos all look a certain way.



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Yes, even your appearance can be analyzed and put into the context of the cosmos. Here's what a Leo looks like, according to astrology.

Leo physical traits

These robust personifications of lions have a robust roar. A Leo’s voice is just as booming and all-encompassing as their attitudes. Leos are not angry or yelling all of the time, but they are loud. Leos do not just want to be heard, they must be heard. As the performers of the zodiac, Leos naturally project their voices as if they are in a theatre. They do not ask for attention, they demand it.

The Leo zodiac symbol is a lion, s it is not surprising for Leos to have feline features. Their eyes are wide and piercing, their noses are small, and their hair is indeed more mane than hair. Leos often have thick, sometimes unruly hair. Leos also take great pride in their appearance, so the mane-like quality of their hair can also be displayed through the way they style it. After all, cats are known for their self-grooming.

Leos love outward expression and putting on a show, especially when it comes to the clothes they wear. They are unafraid of taking risks making their fashion taste more avant-garde. Even when they are running errands, Leos will choose bold prints and colors, or maybe a little sparkle. They can mismatch into an eye-catching ensemble no matter the situation.

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Leo personality traits

Leos are noticeably confident and proud people. They cannot help but shine their pride through their posture and smooth stride. Do not mistake this as them having their noses turned up into the air. Leos are mighty, not snooty.

As one of the three fire signs of the zodiac, Leos are bold and like to be seen. When a Leo walks into the room they own that room, not in a possessive way, but in a magnetic way. Leos are alluring and they know it.

Again, along the line of taking after their lion emblem, Leos tend to be quite graceful. Their confidence makes each step they take assured and precise, and their smooth charm translates into their movements as grace. In accordance with their natural performative ability and grace, Leos are often dancers like Jennifer Lopez.

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