Monthly Scorpio Love Horoscope

March 2021

Even when you want love to give up, it won’t. Sometimes that love that is so amazing isn’t convenient or even comfortable.

Sometimes we think it would be easier if love just left us alone so that we could keep doing the same old thing, and stay in our same old routines.

But that’s the purpose of love; to shake us away so much so that it becomes possible to ever be asleep again.

In the month ahead this will be your path. You have to walk that line of trying to forget so that you can learn you can’t.

You have to try so deeply to create an alternate ending so that you can see it’s not worth it.

None of this is futile but all part of the process, because as much as you’re at home in your feelings, a love that actually is everything that you need and more is unchartered waters.

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