Monthly Scorpio Horoscope


Luckiest day: Thursday, July 11

Lucky theme: Financial abundance

You don’t need to worry so much about finances, Scorpio, especially when you are about to roll into a very abundant season of your life. It’s normal to overthink at times, but when the stars are aligning to bring you success and abundance, you also need to let yourself believe in the best possible outcome.

As Venus moves into Leo on Thursday, July 11, you will be set up for a new chapter in your career and professional life. Prepare for a sizable bonus or boost to your income, but also stay open to opportunities for relocation. Venus will help you not only feel more connected to your career and raise your income, but it also can mean a change in living situations due to a new promotion or other career move.

Let yourself receive this. Don’t overthink and ruin this opportunity that is coming in and most all of us see this as part of the change that you’ve been praying for because you are guaranteed a life of abundance and success.

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