Yearly Scorpio Love Horoscope


Best Love Day: Saturday, January 20
Practice Caution On: Saturday, January 27

The new year begins on a high note as you feel compelled to make the changes you've been seeking. This affects your family and is about taking things in a new direction, so it may involve a physical move or adjusting your relationships with those closest to you. Pluto in Aquarius is inspiring you to break a thirteen-year cycle and to honor what it is that you really want from life. If you feel called to move to a foreign destination or simply have your place to yourself, this is the time to start honoring it.

Uranus stations direct in Taurus, bringing changes to your home, family and relationships. If you've been living with a romantic partner or an ex as you figure out the next steps, this will be the universe's way of pushing you in a new direction. While this will be a longer process, you are being urged not to put off what you can begin working toward now.

Best Love Day: Friday, February 16
Practice Caution On: Thursday, February 8

While many changes are in store this year for you, it will still feel remarkably easier than the previous ones. To fully embrace the strength and positive energy you are having bestowed upon you, you must try to release whatever old stories may still be nagging in your heart. This is part of the healing that this phase will bring. Still, as Venus shifts into Aquarius in February, you will be called to focus on creating healthier relationships with your partner and family while honoring what you love.

This energy can help you feel more confident when it comes to knowing what you need to do for yourself without feeling like you have to destroy the lives of others to make it a reality. Unlike before, this transformation process will be done slowly so that those relationships meant to be a part of your life will still be intact in the future, even if they differ from their original agreements. Remember that it's a natural part of growth to outgrow situations or relationships, but you must honor it to continue being true to yourself.

Best Love Day: Monday, March 11
Practice Caution On: Sunday, March 17

March truly doesn't bring many challenges, though the First Quarter Moon in Gemini will inspire you to reflect on what needs to be done to implement the desired changes. Rather than something happening, the universe directs you to take an active role in what you want to create. Try to use this lunation as confirmation that everything is happening most positively, but that you also have the power to steer events in the direction you need.

Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Pisces in the most amazing moment as it brings the possibility of greater commitment or a significant new love into your life. Pisces rules the area of your life that governs happiness, pleasure and romantic commitment. As Venus begins its swim in Pisces, it's time to remember that you don't need to put off what you most want until everything feels perfect and instead can tend to different areas of your life as you so desire.

Best Love Day: Monday, April 29
Practice Caution On: Saturday, April 20

Venus will shift into Taurus in April, taking a break from more committed love and trying to get you to step more fully out of your comfort zone. Taurus is the zodiac sign that rules love and relationships. But like the areas of life Pisces favors, this energy is more about dating, having fun and making a grand reentrance into life. Use this as an amazing time to meet new people, or if in a happily committed relationship, how to once again start dating each other.

There is an auspicious conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in April, which could bring about some surprise events in your romantic life. Jupiter rules abundance and expansion, while Uranus tends to create moments that send shockwaves throughout your life. In Taurus, it's activating your romantic life, which means there may be a sudden divine meeting, proposal or the opportunity to build the life you've been dreaming of with your partner. The most important thing to remember is to remain open and be willing to take a risk, especially if it's everything you've ever wanted.

Best Love Day: Saturday, May 25
Practice Caution On: Thursday, May 2

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, shifts into Gemini in May, which highlights themes of transformation and life partners, representing the possibility of feeling called to change your life because of a romantic relationship or to embrace the life transition that will create the space for one. Jupiter in Gemini is going to be the powerhouse behind the significant life changes you are seeking from now until June 2025. Remember, the more you want to have something last forever, the longer it may take to come to fruition fully.

While Pluto has been in forward motion in Aquarius, inspiring a new direction in your home, relationship and family, it now stations retrograde as part of a revision period. Use this energy to focus on what you want to change, how you might be avoiding it and if you want to adjust. Pluto retrograde tends to reveal the deeper truth of a situation, and so there may be some surprise revelations that will help you make the decisions you need for your future.

Best Love Day: Monday, June 3
Practice Caution On: Saturday, June 29

Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Gemini and turns your conversations all about change and transformation. This energy works well with Pluto in Aquarius. If you don't become impatient about the changes you're seeking, you will be able to talk things through and create your plan for what you want to occur. The most important thing to focus on is that this new chapter of your life should look vastly different than ever before, which means you must find the stability you need within yourself rather than eternally in your life.

Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces as well in June, helping you to focus on the actual plans you need to put in place to create a life of joy and the space for romantic commitment. This may feel like a test from the universe, but it's a divine opportunity to help you take care of any details and reflect on your plan. This is the energy that will dominate this year as it encourages you to take more charge of your life because there is no more sitting in the backseat of your own life.

Best Love Day: Saturday, July 20
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, July 2

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, which will help you continue to process what Saturn retrograde stirs up for you. This is a time for you to get to work internally on what you need to figure out or learn to be okay with to continue to create the life that brings you the greatest joy. While July won't bring a great deal of new opportunities for romance, take the chance to go within and learn to validate your inner self. Saturn and Neptune ask you to get real about what it is that you are dreaming of and put all your energy into the creation of it. Things won't change until you start.

Although there is still a slower internal process this month, Mars, the planet of passion and determination, shifts into Gemini, inspiring you to focus more of your energy on transformation. Mars in Gemini will help you take what arises with Saturn and Neptune retrograde and start to formulate a plan in place. You may find yourself separate from certain relationships this month as you embody more on your growth, but try to remain open to only putting energy into what feels like it resonates with your heart.

Best Love Day: Monday, August 19
Practice Caution On: Monday, August 26

August will be a month of putting a new framework into place in your life. While you are moving through your emotional processing, you will still be pushing forward, as if you are being drawn by the divine to seize the life meant for you. The Full Moon in Aquarius will help inspire you as it rises around your life ruled by your home and family, and this may very well be a pivotal moment in your journey to create the life you've been dreaming of. While any big moves will be reserved for later in the year, don't underestimate the importance of a pivotal moment that can change everything.

By embracing the energy of the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini in your house of transformation, you can become clearer and more directed about what serves you. This may bring some breaks from past relationships or living situations that you know aren't aligned with what you want. There may be an ease around cutting out specific areas of your life because there is a hope of a new love beginning to dawn on the horizon. You should still be creating the life you want to live, but it's still worthwhile to have hope that you may also get to live it with someone who has the same dream for what life can be.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 17
Practice Caution On: Sunday, September 1

September begins two months of working more diligently on what you have been trying to create in your life this year. The reason that this has taken so long to bring to fruition is that there are so many pieces involved in it. Instead of feeling like it's not happening on the timeline you hoped, focus on your progress and how far you've come since last year. Pluto will shift back into Capricorn as part of its retrograde in September, and you will see communication, agreements and legal contracts become the theme until November. This is the foundation for what you prayed for, so don't become disheartened by the lack of excitement you may feel. The life you want comprises the details you need to tend to.

The Pisces Lunar Eclipse offers you a brilliant moment of hope as it falls into the area of your life you've been diligently working through. This eclipse is a precursor to what 2025 will bring once the Nodes of Fate shift into Pisces and Virgo. For now, it's enough to notice how much has changed, validate that you are on the right track and then keep going through the process, knowing the end is in sight.

Best Love Day: Friday, October 11
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, October 9

Jupiter had shifted into Gemini in May, which has helped bring new opportunities and excitement into your life; it will begin its retrograde phase. Use this as a chance to buckle down and firm up plans for your future, including moving, marriage or creating the space to attract the love you desire. Jupiter in Gemini wants to bring you everything that you've dreamed of. Still, you also need to ensure you are allowing yourself to be guided by the universe instead of trying to direct events in a particular way.

This year largely has been about you creating a life that honors your growth and what you deserve. While it doesn't preclude romantic opportunities, it's important to remember that you are in the process of becoming the person who can attract the person you desire. Once Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, there is a faster pace at which things will move until it shifts into Aquarius once again, which will finally be the beginning you've been working towards.

Best Love Day: Friday, November 15
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, November 19

November is the month that you've been waiting for. If you've been working on relocating, purchasing a home with a partner or putting it in to work remotely, this is when it finally comes to fruition. The old have truly been closed out in your life, especially with Pluto's permanent shift into Aquarius for the next twenty years. Even if things haven't necessarily gone as planned, it doesn't mean it's not precisely the way it's meant to. Focus on the freedom you feel and embrace this new energy that surrounds you.

The Full Moon in Taurus in your house of relationships offers you a moment of feeling like a process of emotional healing is closing out and could potentially bring a new love affair into your life. This is increased by a big move surrounding you, which may have been necessary to create the space for you to feel like you can do things differently.

Best Love Day: Saturday, December 7
Practice Caution On: Sunday, December 15

December brings more relaxed energy to your life as you are more focused on setting up the new than having to continue to retrace the steps of your past. Things will look drastically different in your life than when the year began. Give yourself time to fully embrace this new chapter of your life and realize that you have created what you have always dreamed of. Venus, the planet of love in Aquarius, will bring heartfelt energy to your new home or family dynamic if you've recently moved in with a partner — or help you fall more in love with the life you've created.

Stay mindful around the Full Moon in Gemini, which marks a lunar cycle that began at the beginning of June and will bring a major phase of transformation to completion. While Gemini rules all matters of change, it also helps to bring about a major life partner in your life, so you may find that not only do you end the year in a home that genuinely feels like it resonates with your truth, but you may also be in the arms of the one that loves you, for you. Practice gratitude for what you have accomplished this year, along with the realization that the most challenging moments are now behind you so that you can leave the struggle behind you as you move forward into receiving the era of softness you've been dreaming of.

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