Monthly Scorpio Tarot Card Reading

April 2024

Past: King of Cups, reversed
Back then, you felt heartbroken over something and while you kept up the appearance of being happy and jovial, you took on that presence of 'tears of a clown.' You were the happy-go-lucky joker, the person who didn't let anyone know you were crying inside. You have learned from this experience.

Present: Nine of Wands, reversed
What the present holds for you in April of 2024, is all about you standing up for yourself and embracing the past with the resignation that you will work hard to be true to yourself, and own up to those tears. You are vigilant and on the path of truth and justice during this month. You will not be worn down, no matter what. Strength and honor, Scorpio!

Future: Ten of Swords
This is where you give up a bad habit and you do it for good...and it doesn't come easily, either. While this card usually implies some dark hardships, in your case, the future looks like you letting go of something that was important to you, but harmful. You are not going to submit any longer to that which hurts you. You've risen above and you will create for yourself a better future, built on health and well being.

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