Weekly Scorpio Love Horoscope

Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020

Scorpio, you're ready for whatever or whenever it strikes.

Intense is your middle name; after moving through your own season and with Venus still in your sign, you are feeling in touch with your truth, ready to shout it the world... or silently whisper it to those closest to you — whichever makes the biggest splash.

You tend to always know your own truth, but what holds you back is the "what if" situations that plague the darkest corners of your mind. Part of your truth is recognizing what is fear versus what is an actual feeling based in realness.

We all have doubts; we all have fears that sometimes threaten our happiness, but it doesn’t make it true. Sometimes, you live in such an intense and dark place that it’s hard to realize these aren’t a necessary part of your truth.

You have been learning this by slowing turning away and rejecting those thoughts or words of others that don’t resonate with who you truly are. This Moon is all about you turning towards yourself and then making the choice you feel deeply about.

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