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Dating with the Zodiac in Mind

Dating with the Zodiac in Mind

With comedic intentions, I recently posted on my Facebook, "95% of my ex boyfriends were born in August. Happy Birthday, @$$holes. LOL!" The amount of "likes" and comments surprised me. I never realized how many of my friends could relate to my zodiac testament.

I'm not a crazy believer of astrology, but there's probably some sort of substance there to let me believe that I, a Sagittarius, have estimated that 90-95% of men I have dated are Leos and Virgos. The remainder 5-10% are Libras of September. And when I look back on it all, it's those Libras that I seemed to have the most fun with. It's all those Leos and Virgos that made me want to pull my hair out. What the heck, zodiac?

Among the Facebook comments on my status update, scores of friends responded with zodiac signs that they seemed to find themselves continuously dating and eventually breaking up with.

I always tell clients, if you know what doesn't work, why do you continue to engage with the same type of behavior hoping for a different outcome? Clearly, I'm guilty of not following my own advice. According to my dating history and the birthdays each had, perhaps the courtship ritual of dating didn't need to exist. Had I asked for their birthday from the get go, I could have saved so much time and energy.

No regrets however. Had I not been plagued by Leos and Virgos, perhaps I wouldn't appreciate the heck out of Libras like I currently do.

Just a thought, folks. Carry on dating. It would be almost silly to not date someone because of their birthday. Almost.


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