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Are some things just "written in the stars"?

Ever since Baby Prince George came on the scene, the world has been reminded all the more of the truly fairytale love story of Prince William and his bride of two years, Kate Middleton.

The little guy's arrival has caused the media to go to their archives and whip out pictures of baby William and his mom and dad standing on those same hospital steps to introduce their little bundle of joy to the world for the first time. But those of us who were around back then can't help but remember the not-so-happy reality behind the smiles of that other royal couple of yesteryear.

That's right — I'm talking about Prince William's father and mother, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marital misery is the stuff of legend, as is the triangle they formed with his current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. It wouldn't take a professional astrologer to deem the ill-fated Charles and Diana "star-crossed" lovers.

In case you spent the 1980s and 90s in a cave in a coma (or were too young to care), let's have a brief recap of their love story.

Charles and Diana married when she was just 19. At the announcement of their engagement, when the press asked if they were in love Diana replied, "Of course." Charles merely mumbled, "Whatever that means." Gulp. (Shades of things to come...). Days before the wedding, Diana discovered that Charles was still involved with a married woman he'd dated years before (that's right, Camilla Parker Bowles), but felt powerless to change her fate once her sisters reminded her that her "face was on the wedding tea towels."

So Diana went through with the nuptials, hoping all would be well, but feeling like the proverbial "lamb off to slaughter" as she later explained. She soon was bulimic, suicidal, full of emotional outbursts and going to severe lengths to get Charles's attention, even throwing herself down a flight of stairs while pregnant.

Over the course of their union, she went to never-before-heard-of-extremes to "buck the palace." She had affairs. She leaked her entire story as a royal to the press in the form of a memoir (complete with her disdain for many members of the royal family, including the queen and her husband — a shocking breach of trust!).

Charles fully resumed his relationship with his old flame, and the two ultimately divorced. Diana maintained that Charles never really understood her, loved her, attended to her or wanted to be with her.

She also did lots of good: birthing and raising two boys (Princes William and Harry, like you needed me to tell you), and bringing international attention to many charities and social causes, but here, we're focusing on her relationship to Charles.

So why couldn't they work it out, with so much at stake (the hopes of their countrymen and the world, the future happiness of their children, the strength of the monarchy, and more)? 

Let's go to the astrological vault, shall we? Let's compare Charles and Diana's astrological compatibility (by looking at some excerpts from “The Right Man Report" which uses a technique from Vedic astrology, used for generations in India to arrange marriages) with that of Charles and Camilla, and see if we can gain any insights.

Charles And Diana VS. Charles And Camilla
On Respect:

Charles and Diana

  • "The flow of this relationship will bring about mutual disrespect. The woman will feel like the man does not care about the relationship as much as she does. In fact, the woman can end up being more sexually bonded to the man, who is not very bonded to her and may not really want to be there...
  • "The woman gets easily frustrated and will wonder why she is doing so much for the relationship when the man is not really participating...
  • "The man's nature will feel threatening to the woman, so she will not be able to get over any issues that may be making having a good relationship with him difficult..."

Charles and Camilla

  • "The flow of this relationship will stimulate mutual respect and, thereby, growth of love. The woman will feel loved and cared for, and the man will take the steps necessary to show that she is important to him and that she is worth building a life with...
  • "The man's nature will make the woman feel safe and comfortable. The woman will feel good about the relationship, and will be able to get over any issues that may be making having a good relationship difficult for her..."

On Wavelength:  

Charles and Diana

  • "This couple has a different wavelength — as a result, they will not be attuned to each other and will often have very different needs.
  • "One or both of them will start feeling off and can even get drained to the point of exhaustion and sickness..."

Charles and Camilla

  • "This couple is on the same wavelength and shares a natural attunement to each other. As a result, they have many similar feelings about things and will often be able to spend hours with each other, energizing one another. This allows them to form a deeper bond as they naturally identify more and more with each other..."

On Temperament:

Charles and Diana

  • "The woman has an independent, eccentric, and intense temperament with many emotional depths and the man has a kind, friendly, compassionate, open and devoted temperament.
  • "The woman's unbridled emotions can make her go to extremes at times. This kind of man will have a hard time appreciating this kind of woman, and will misunderstand her and often feel threatened by her, and so she will not feel accepted for who she is with him.
  • "He will not have the ability to help her settle down when she is feeling turbulent or depressed."

Charles and Camilla

  • "This man and woman have the same temperament and, as a result, will be better able to relate to the rest of the world as a team. This allows them to create harmony and a sense of purpose together..."

...By now it should be obvious why, despite Diana's youth, beauty and world-class style, Charles couldn't find happiness with her or forget his true love, Camilla. (Just think how relieved Princess Diana would have been to know all of this way back when). It was all in the stars...   

I've used this technique daily in my private practice for almost sixteen years now, and it never fails. Thousands of women have ordered "The Right Man Report" to discover things about their love lives that would have possibly caused them years of heartache to know otherwise.

Do you and your man (or that man you think could be your man) share mutual respect? Are you on the same wavelength? Do you have compatible temperaments? Or will all of your love and time only lead to scandal and drama?

You can find out by ordering your custom "Right Man Report" here.

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