Monthly Love Horoscope For July 1 - 31, 2022, By Zodiac Sign

Monthly Love Horoscope For July 1 - 31, 2022, By Zodiac Sign

Your monthly love horoscope is here for each zodiac sign during the month of July 1 - 31, 2022.

July sets up to be a very intense month with many changes and opportunities for healing present. However, it will be a test for your heart and whether it is ready to follow its truth.

The month begins with changing the guards for both Mercury and Mars, shifting into different zodiac signs.

This changes the energy of options and thinking things through into commitment and determination.

The weeks ahead are not without challenges, but these obstacles are there to help you embrace the truth of your heart and what it is you want from love.

This is not a summer of free love but commitment and deep spiritual connection.

Make sure that you are centered on what you need from an existing or prospective partner before you get into any heady conversations, ideally before midmonth when Venus shifts into Cancer. Then Juno turns retrograde in Pisces the following week.

Venus represents love while Juno reigns over committed relationships and marriages. Their shared energy will ask you to reflect on commitment but also the spiritual connection of the union.

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As you grow and heal more of your wounds, you will shift from seeking distractions to numb your own work to desiring a partner to continue to help you grow.

The month ahead is designed to help you recognize your truth and be so committed to following it that the opinion or beliefs of others no longer affects you and no longer determine your decisions. You no longer seek validation from outside of your own self.

In many ways, if you have been steadily doing your work, even quiet, then this month may seem like it is moving fast, bringing in changes and opportunities that you thought would take some time.

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Do not let the timing of things intimidate you, and recognize that this is the moment you have been preparing your whole life for. It is the difference between finally learning to follow your heart and no longer your fears.

Mark these dates, because they are important to your love horoscope for the month of July 2022.

Tuesday, July 5th

Both Mars and Mercury change zodiac signs today, creating differences in how you communicate and pursue love and intimacy. Mercury is the planet that rules your internal thought structure and how you communicate yourself to others.

Since communication is a huge part of relationships, this planet holds great weight when it changes signs. In this case, it will be moving from expansive and open Gemini to a more emotional and committed focus on Cancer. Your conversations are about to become much more fixed on the future alongside topics like marriage, children, and even sharing living space with one another.

Emphasizing this shift, Mars, the planet of determination and passion, will move into earthy Taurus. You are less likely to give in to a wandering eye or even a night of pure fun. What you are after is long-term stability and commitment. This also means that one-night stands or carefree situationships are less likely to occur.

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Wednesday, July 13th

The second Super Full Moon in a row occurs on this day in logical and pragmatic Capricorn. With the Sun in Cancer, this moon highlights the themes of these two signs; unconditional love versus conditional and family versus career. This will be a potent Full Moon, so emotional revelations may be strong around this time, causing you to want to do something spontaneous.

At times just taking a leap of faith is necessary. Just make sure you follow your intuition on whether this is a space you have been heading towards, such as a breakup or career change. If it feels like you are reaching the pinnacle of your journey, you should allow yourself to take the next step. Relationships will feel a renewed sense of commitment during this lunation.

Sunday, July 17th

Venus, the planet of love, moves into sensitive and caring Cancer today, changing the focus of relationships. Because Cancer is the sign of the home and mother, creating that shared space you enjoy with a partner, whether you have children, becomes the focus.

You are looking for someone not just to go to bed with under this energy but, more importantly, someone to wake up to. During this time, committed serious romantic encounters became the norm, but so did feelings. You are not just going to be going all in with someone who wants to live together if nothing else feels in alignment. Under Venus in Cancer, you want it all, which is also what you deserve.

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Tuesday, July 19th

Mercury, that little planet that makes a significant difference in your relationship, moves into passionate and driven Leo. This is an energy that will have you speaking (or roaring) your truth, not being afraid of what others may say, and following your heart at all costs. More exuberant temper or frustrations come to a head more easily. But, this is amazing energy for communicating with your partner — about what you really want and to take on the world — together.

Friday, July 22nd

The Sun enters Leo today, its home sign, and suddenly it wants to go after what you most want is the easiest thing in the world. Leo rules the Sun, which means that this zodiac season, you will be guided to follow your heart even more intensely than you normally would.

This is a chance to authentically create the relationship you desire with the person to whom you feel drawn. It is also the season when you may be unexpectedly approached by someone that feels this way about you. Be open to love no matter where it may come from, especially if it feels like home.

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Monday, July 25th

Juno, the asteroid that governs marriage and committed relationships, turns retrograde into Pisces's romantic and loving sign. This water sign represents unconditional love, spirituality, and deep devotion. In retrograde motion, not only can you reassess your relationship to see if it possesses these qualities, but you are also given a chance to incorporate that into a new relationship? Those unions that stay strong during this period are headed to the altar very soon.

Thursday, July 28th

The month ends pivotally, Jupiter in Aries turns retrograde, and the New Moon in Leo occurs. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good luck, often indicating a turn of fate in your romantic relationship. In retrograde, it gives you time to let whatever changes have occurred in your outer life catch up to your inner self. Receive all you have in your life and accept the positive turn of events.

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Release waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Under the New Moon in Leo, you will be asked to look at where you can take greater responsibility in your relationship and express yourself more authentically. This can look like bringing acceptance to past events and even deciding what you truly need instead of letting some other factors dictate your own choices. This is a new beginning for healing and for love. All you must do is seize it.

Monthly Love Horoscope For July 1 - 31, 2022, By Zodiac Sign:


(March 21 - April 19)

Best Love Day: Sunday, July 19th

A lot of what you are moving through right now is healing yourself so that you are in the place to change your relationship dynamic. This may lead to a breakup and or new love, but you must keep the focus on yourself.

When you change yourself internally, then the external changes. Chiron, the wounded healer, turns retrograde in your zodiac sign on this day. This invites you to reflect and internalize what has occurred so that you can start making different choices.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Best Love Day: Wednesday, July 6th

Mars, the planet that rules determination and passion, enters your zodiac sign today, giving you an extra focus boost. Even though Mars is not necessarily at home here, it is going to come to benefit you.

Take this as an opportunity to discuss things with your current or hopeful partner, and then start taking the necessary steps to build your foundation. This will help you feel more passionate about taking this next step and make sure that you take your time in creating it.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Best Love Day: Monday, July 4th

In relationships, asteroid Pallas affects how you make decisions. Typically thought of as the goddess of wisdom and strength, it represents how you move through challenges and even unexpected events with your partner.

On this day, Pallas enters Gemini giving you that extra boost to make sure that you are thinking something through clearly. As an air sign, you can often entertain multiple options at once. Still, with Pallas on your side, you will be drawn towards what feels right or what you know you desire, which is especially helpful in love.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Best Love Day: Wednesday, July 13th

The second Super Full Moon in a row, this time dedicated to Capricorn, occurs today. Capricorn lights up all things romance and love for you which means that something is coming full circle for you in the relationship area of your life.

Look for what was happening around the start of 2022 as the Capricorn New Moon occurred on January 2nd. This moon would be bringing something to fruition or realizing that you need to let go of it altogether. Make sure you are putting yourself out there to receive the love you desire.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Best Love Day: Saturday, July 23rd

If you have been dreaming of the one that got away, you get a second chance. Asteroid Ceres enters Leo today and could bring back an old love you thought was gone for good. Ceres rules the return of something you had previously felt you lost, along with attachment in relationships.

If an old lover returns, make sure that the connection you thought was unique and special still exists. Likely it does. You just want to ensure that whatever you say yes to right now is a blessing and not a lesson from the universe.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Best Love Day: Monday, July 25th

This is the start of things getting remarkably interesting. Juno, the goddess of love and marriage, turns retrograde into loving and spiritual Pisces. If you must reevaluate a relationship or marriage on whether it truly aligns with you, then now is the time to do it.

If it is time to move on, recognize that it does not have to be because of a failure of either of you but can simply be because you are not in alignment with each other. For others, this could be the beginning of a deeper commitment and even marriage. If that is the case, then this is the love you have been dreaming about.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Best Love Day: Wednesday, July 20th

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries occurs on this day, manifesting the seeds you planted on the last New Moon. Aries rules your romance sector, which signifies that it is time for you to act to create the kind of relationship you say you want.

As much as you have been doing a lot of work since last fall in this area of your life, it is now time to make sure that you don't let an opportunity for happiness pass you by. There are never guarantees in love, except if you don't try.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Best Love Day: Tuesday, July 5th

Mars, the planet of passion, ambition, and even sexual intimacy enter Taurus today. This is not a favorite space for Mars because it must slow down, look at the big picture and take its time, but it is excellent news for you.

Taurus rules your relationship area, so during this time, there is an increased chance of some amazing physical encounters and laying the groundwork for the kind of relationship you desire. Even if single, this energy is about breaking out of your comfort zone for the kind of relationship you truly deserve.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Best Love Day: Tuesday, July 26th

Just yesterday, Juno, the asteroid of love and marriage, began to turn retrograde in Pisces. Pisces energy rules home, family, and committed relationships like marriages, so this is an excellent time for love. Suppose you have been trying to keep things casual or are afraid of being vulnerable.

In that case, all of that will dissipate under this energy. Instead, this is a time to ensure that the relationship you are investing in will give you the return you need. Love becomes more devoted and spiritual during this time as well. Whether it is the ending of a new relationship or the upcoming marriage, this is a perfect time to learn the meaning of home truly is where the heart is.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Best Love Day: Sunday, July 17th

It is time to surrender to the power of love. Venus enters Cancer today, activating your heart chakra energy and making you more open to giving and receiving love. There are opportunities for love that you have previously overlooked or shut your heart against.

Remember that it is never too late to start over and that you must believe that you are worthy of having the type of relationship you crave. If you believe it, anything is possible.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Best Love Day: Thursday, July 28th

The New Moon in Leo brings juicy love vibes your way. This can sometimes represent a new relationship, but this time around, Saturn is still retrograde in your sign. It is about a new beginning within an existing relationship.

Use the energy on this day to examine what you need to release to feel like you and your partner can move forward freshly. Just because challenges occur does not mean the relationship is bad. Remember that it is all about how you move through things together.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Best Love Day: Monday, July 25th

In love, some see you as the one fish in the sea that they cannot quite catch. A secret only you know, though, is that you only let yourself get caught if you want to. You view love and relationships differently. Romance is necessary, but so are autonomy and freedom. Because of this, it can take some love lessons for you to know what that looks like and, more importantly, what boundaries to set to achieve it.

As Juno, the goddess of love and marriage, turns retrograde in your zodiac sign, relationships are about to be much more intense. Never say never, and don't be surprised if a summer vacation turns into an elopement.

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