Name Meanings Of The Four Major Asteroids In Your Natal Chart

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Name Meanings Of The Four Major Asteroids In Your Natal Chart

You may have heard of planets being important in astrology and horoscopes but you may not have heard about the four major asteroids that also play a big role in your zodiac sign.

Four major asteroids and their name meanings:

These four asteroids were discovered in the early 19th century and located in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

They are believed to be either the remnants of a destroyed planet or pieces of a planet that never actually formed.

They represent four different facets of femininity and feminine principle in astrology.

The four primary asteroids are:





Here's what each name means and how to interpret each asteroid based on the zodiac sign it is in:


Ceres was discovered first in 1801 and represents nurturing and motherhood in a natal chart. In a chart, it can mean something positive or negative.

Positively, it can show an ability to take on paternal responsibility and a close relationship to the earth.

Negatively, it can mean problems nurturing or being nurtured. It can also generally indicate parenthood and how that appears in someone’s life.


Ceres in Aries are all about independence and assertiveness; they love being physical and are incredibly protective of their families.

They must be nurtured by their parents and partner actively but with respect for their independence.

They do not like to feel dominated or rushed into things; they are all about making decisions on their own time.

Ceres in Aries are all about support and nurturing in a way that still makes them feel in charge of their own lives.


Ceres in Taurus loves to be pampered and spoiled above all else!

They also show their love through nurturing others with the necessities of life (such as food and shelter).

Occasionally, they struggle with a love of material things and equating what they own to what they are worth.

Physical touch is ideal and important for them to feel nurtured.


Ceres in Gemini love when people spend time with them; they love communication and want to be a part of the little things in life as well as the big.

Communication is key and they love to be listened to and explain how they feel.


Ceres in Cancer love a harmonious home; they feel happiest in their house where they can unwind and be themselves.

They are great at being nurtured and nurturing others and rely on this support.

The more they are nurtured the better they can nurture others.


Ceres in Leo love building up those around them; this makes them feel good about themselves.

They love when they can boost someone’s confidence, especially when they are praised for their good deeds. Attention is ideal for them.


Ceres in Virgo can come across as overly critical, but they mean well.

They appreciate constructive criticism and assume everyone feels the same.

They love to serve others and truly do want to help! They are well organized to the point of perfectionism.


Ceres in Libra appreciates beauty, big and small!

They love to nurture their loved ones and will point out the beauty in others; they value good relationships and can struggle with needing acceptance from others.


Ceres in Scorpio need physical touch and deep bonds with those around them.

When they are not nurtured, they can become jealous and resentful, so stable and healthy relationships are ideal for them.


Ceres in Sagittarius love when those around them are successful but are not the most natural nurturers. Instead, they enjoy sharing knowledge and advice.

They love to encourage others and feel taken care of.


Ceres in Capricorn love to be in control and enjoy helping others succeed.

Achieving goals and planning to help them feel supported and they like to encourage those around them to try things their way.


Aquarius in Ceres feel supported around their friends and can struggle to admit when they need someone.

They admire uniqueness in themselves and others and love to serve those around them by getting involved in movements for change and activism.

They value freedom and serving others.


Ceres in Pisces love to understand their loved ones’ struggles in order to support them in the best way.

They are truly compassionate people and feel gratified when they can help someone else. They value their alone time to energize themselves.


Pallas was the second major asteroid and was discovered in 1802; it represents the wisdom of the female spirit. In ancient mythology, Pallas was a symbol of independence and wisdom. In a chart, it is tied to an individual’s mental judgment, wisdom, and creative intelligence.

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Pallas in Aries are problem-solving people who are quick on their feet and full of ideas. They tend to work well alone and are very competitive which makes physical movement and exercise a great way to find healing.


Pallas in Taurus loves the natural world and the beauty of life around them. They are all about their senses and are often talented artists.

Appreciating beauty and being level-headed are two key traits for Pallas in Taurus.


Pallas in Gemini finds peace in communication, both spoken and written. Words are very significant to them as well as knowledge and learning.

They are intellectuals who love working on multiple things at once and using their intelligence to connect with others.


Pallas in Cancer use their emotions and empathy to relate to others; they are incredibly protective of their loved ones and are great at caring for those around them.

Safety and comfort are key here.


Pallas in Leo love to be the center of attention and adore compliments.

They are charismatic and talented and enjoy having their accomplishments recognized.

Creativity and self-expression are important traits for Pallas in Leo.


Pallas in Virgo are very analytical and routine-oriented. They love developing healthy habits to become more physically and emotionally well-rounded.

Facts and plans are a Pallas in Virgo’s favorite thing.


Pallas in Libra are problem solvers and diplomats who love to find harmony and keep the peace.

They fight for equality and justice in the world around them and are expert mediators.


Pallas in Scorpio are able to easily perceive problems and have a keen sense of when something is wrong.

They are intelligent and great at figuring out secrets around them.


Pallas in Sagittarius do not get caught up in the details of life, instead of focusing their attention on the bigger picture.

They question things and are quite philosophical; they seek to understand the world around them by taking a step back.


Pallas in Capricorn desire structure and organization above all else.

They are excellent planners and enjoy keeping order; they also have an appreciation for classic art and ancient philosophy.


Pallas in Aquarius are all about the next new and exciting thing; they look toward the future and are very into modern technology.

They are also big supporters of the underdog and are the first to campaign for justice and equality.


Pallas in Pisces deals with issues through their empathy and compassion.

They care deeply and appreciate the finer things in life such as art and music.


Juno is named for the female goddesses in the Roman pantheon and was discovered in 1805 and was the third major asteroid found.

Juno represents the energy between partners in an intimate relationship and focuses on more modern issues couples face. Issues of boundaries, jealousy, sharing, and intimacy are all examples of topics and problems that fall under Juno.

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Juno in Aries wants to be number one all the time which can occasionally lead them down a path of deception and tricks as they deal with their insecurities.

They do not like to be seen as needy and value their independence in a relationship.


Juno in Taurus tend to focus on material things and can be possessive when they feel insecure. They are always looking to have the next new thing and struggle to let things go when necessary.

Allowing things and people to come back willingly is key.


Juno in Gemini are communicators and can struggle when they feel their ideas or thoughts are not being heeded.

Learning to accept that not everyone agrees or has the same opinions as them is a crucial lesson as they sometimes forget they are more than their opinions.


Juno in Cancer value safety and comfort in their lives and will do whatever they can to maintain this.

When they feel their security is threatened, they may use manipulation to protect their vulnerabilities and maintain this safety.


Juno in Leo are all about respect; they want to be respected and seen for who they really are.

When someone thinks less of them or has the wrong impression of who they are, they can become frustrated and annoyed.


Juno in Virgo needs to feel appreciated for everything they do (and they do a lot!).

An expert multitasker, they always go above and beyond and can’t stand when their work ethic isn’t valued.


Juno in Libra desires true partnership and equality; they hate competing with their partner or being treated as less.

They want everything to be fair at all times and prioritize cooperation in their partnerships.

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Juno in Scorpio hates to be taken advantage of or when people are not straightforward with them.

This can make them a little overly suspicious sometimes as they are constantly wondering what those around them are hiding.


Juno in Sagittarius desires someone who lets them share their opinions and ideas freely and values what they have to say.

Nothing irritates them more than not being heard or having someone brush over what they’ve said.


Juno in Capricorn enjoys being praised for their achievements and need someone who will treat them as fully capable and competent.

They are very responsible people and do not like having their character questioned.


Juno in Aquarius dislikes being talked down to being controlled; they want to be treated as an equal at all times and enjoy expressing their individuality.

They cannot stand drama or dishonesty.


Juno in Pisces enjoys having their alone time and being free to be who they are.

They need a partner who respects their boundaries and does not try to push or rush them.


Vesta is the fourth and final asteroid and was discovered in 1807. Vesta is all about self-sufficiency, self-completeness, and straying from the typical mold.

In a chart, this can mean a number of things such as someone who is abstaining from a relationship or maybe someone who has multiple partners and does not want to commit to one. Vesta involves turning away from the classic family and partnership ideal to find something new.


Vesta in Aries needs to be independent and enjoy accomplishing their goals alone.

They have no problem motivating themselves and are very passionate about their projects; it is important for them to maintain this drive but not become too closed off.


Vesta in Taurus are routine lovers who diligently work toward their goals and take time to focus on what matters to them.

They are persistent when it comes to what they want and out known for being artistic.


Vesta in Gemini occasionally struggles with being emotional and letting people in, despite being excellent communicators.

They love to learn more about the world and share their knowledge with others but can have trouble letting people see their more emotional side.


Vesta in Cancer live to serve their loved ones and can struggle to focus on their own desires.

They are constantly trying to fix the problems of those closest to them and have a hard time making sure they are healing themselves at the same time.


Vesta in Leo are creative individuals who are very passionate and love expressing themselves.

They struggle when people either do not appreciate them. Drawn to drama and art, they are truly one of a kind.


Vesta in Virgo has a sense of duty that can make it hard for them to accept defeat or relax.

They are not good at handling a failure and tend to suppress their own needs to help others.

Focusing on letting things go and unwinding is critical for these people.


Vesta in Libra loves to work with others and value fair and equal interactions.

They need relationships to be balanced with each person on an even playing field.

They cannot stand competitive relationships where one person has way more power than the other.


Vesta in Scorpio enjoy remaking themselves and have a knack for moving forward.

They reinvent themselves often which makes them great at healing themselves.

They are passionate and love intimacy in relationships.


Vesta in Sagittarius is very adventurous and enjoys learning as much as they can.

They value intellectual freedom and wisdom and are dedicated to a life of constantly experiencing something new.


Vesta in Capricorn are organized and responsible and enjoy when everything is orderly.

They do not like failure and hate letting themselves, and others, down.

They are ideal leaders but struggle to praise their successes.


Vesta in Aquarius is generally very friendly and outgoing. They enjoy working in groups.

They have no problem putting aside their desires for the good of the group; they are responsible people who love to serve humanity.


Vesta in Pisces loves nothing more than healing those around them; they will sacrifice their time and energy for anyone who needs help.

They are very imaginative and spiritual people who sometimes have a hard time living in this reality, as they are fantastical daydreamers.

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