What Is A New Moon?

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What Is A New Moon?

A New Moon in astrology means a fresh start. 

Most days out of the year, we trust the Moon will be in the sky, whether it be crescent, waning, or full.

While the Full Moon is often treated as more auspicious in popular culture, there is something strangely refreshing to see the beginnings of a clear, dark sky.

What is a New Moon?

The New Moon can be imbued with spiritual meaning; in astrology and astronomy, the New Moon represents the start of the 29-day lunar month.

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The New Moon can usher in a fresh beginning. It can be a good time for people to commit to something new: whether that be a project, a relationship, or a life goal.

The Moon represents our inner world, the selves we keep away from the prying eyes of others.

Because of this, the Moon phases can be charted in response to our emotions: the Moon focuses on unlocking repressed memories, healing old wounds, and recovering from the past.

The New Moon then provides a second chance, a clean slate: a New Moon can be when the universe is most on your side when it comes to charting a new course after recovering from a lot of past burdens.

What is a New Moon?

Capitalizing on the potential of a New Moon can propel your goals on solid, fertile ground.

The New Moon is the jumping-off point before the Moon uses the light to reach its fullest power, so often people use the phases between the New Moon and the waxing Moon to build momentum on their more ambitious dreams.

There is a reason why The New Moon marks the start of many cultures’ calendars.

For example, the New Israelites of Perú use the New Moon as a day of rest, to fully reflect and manifest their intentions.

During the New Moon, it is important to throw away limitations. Since it is the beginning, you and the Moon itself should not be concerned with what seems realistic, more what you want to be achieved.

The New Moon is a favorite phase then, of dreamers, because it's dark absence doesn’t mean an absence of hope, it represents a yawning vast of what can be accomplished. The Moon rests so then you can find a refreshing clarity from the near-empty night sky.

What is a New Moon in astrology?

Each month brings a New Moon. The New Moon marks the start of a new lunar phase.

That means the New Moon will rise in a particular zodiac sign conjunct with the Sun.

People use the clarity of the New Moon to reflect long and hard on your goals. Are there any problems you are not dealing with?

Are there any resentments you are not addressing?

The New Moon is a chance to start all over again. Especially during trying times. When you see a New Moon, take a moment to reflect on your relationships with people.

Use the New Moon to understand what is worth prioritizing. Then as the Moon begins to wane, you can continue to work on what's worth fixing before moving into the new lunar next month.

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What is the New Moon when it comes to lunar rituals?

To better manifest the New Moon’s energy into your life, there are a number of small rituals you can do.

To promise success and luck in your goals and your future endeavors, there are ways you can physically send these desires out into the world.

The rituals themselves are not overly complicated: some people like to tie their wishes and goals for the month at the end of a balloon and let it float into the New Moon.

Some people enjoy making paper lanterns and setting them afloat across a body of water under the watchful gaze of the absent Moon.

Others like to take their wishes and burn them at the end of a stick, releasing them into the air.

However, if you simply want to light a candle, take a bath, and manifest your hopes in a moment of quiet reflection, that is okay too!

All that matters is the space itself is sacred to you: no negativity, naysayers, or burdens from the past can affect you, or your potential.

A good practice is to clean off a surface, whether it be a table or a counter, and bring in photos or lists of what you want in this coming lunar month.

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