Super New Moon In Scorpio 2020: How The November New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

November reveals its theme in waves to us this year. It’s not just about being deep within our feelings during Scorpio Season, but also about the choices that present themselves.

While October was all about awakenings and realizations, November is asking us to make a choice. This becomes apparent with the Super New Moon in Scorpio on November 14th or 15th, depending upon your location.

New Moons are a time for beginnings, for creating intentions that you hope to grow during the next six-month lunar cycle. It's so that when we celebrate the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27th, we can reap the rewards of our manifestations.

Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign

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Scorpio is a dark water sign that wants to make us feel and remember who we are. And to not only live our truth, but to step into the fires of transformation, not back away.

This is all the more evident as we approach the New Moon, and the aspects between Jupiter and Pluto that will make us feel like we’re at a fork in the road. This time, we choose which path to take.


You’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks, more so than normal, mainly because you’ve been open to it, Aries.

You’ve allowed yourself to see possibilities where you once only saw limitations. You now see that even if you choose to not do anything differently, there are always infinite amounts of options for you; you are never stuck.

Part of this wave is the effect Mars retrograde had on your sign. This is all about who you are, what you really want from life, and what it means to be your authentic self. These are ideas you sometimes try to play off, but you’ve settled into a new truth about yourself.

And now, this New Moon in Scorpio will bring up everything the old you was uncomfortable with. You’ll be able to sit with those feelings and decide which self you want to move forward as, because that is the one choice that affects the rest of your life.

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You’re still coming off of that Full Blue Halloween Moon we just had a few weeks ago and you’re struggling to decide if what came up was real or not. This is something that comes up for you often, though, Taurus, whether what you’re seeing is the truth or just something here to distract you.

But there are so many layers to this. The most pressing is why it’s hard to accept it when something good is happening to you. Why is it easier to believe that there are difficulties or challenges coming up than to believe things are falling into place?

You're an earth sign that is so connected to Venus, you have within you a well of love. A deep reserve of trust, of naturally aligning with what makes you feel good; the problem is when you unconsciously try to make those wounds feel good instead of your soul.

This New Moon will bring everyone to a crossroads, but for you it’s on what you want to believe in. What do you want to claim as truth? What will you decide to choose to plant for the coming cycle? Anything is possible, but first you have to believe it is.

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Gemini, moreso than other zodiac signs you will feel more at home with the theme of this month, but that also means the pressure will be turned up for you.

November is all about choices, as emphasized by the Jupiter and Pluto aspects around the New Moon and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month in your sign. So, you’re giving everyone a little taste of that Gemini duality during the next few weeks.

This is an energy you’re used to living in, just like you often live in your head or try to avoid it depending on the day. But even in that there are polarities, and it’s exhausting.

October for you was about getting comfortable in all that you usually try to avoid. While part of that is those vulnerable emotions, another is those wounds you try to skirt dealing with or pretend you already have.

There is no glory in pretending  if you haven’t actually gotten there. This goes for your personal work, healing or success. You can’t fake the real thing, so remember that. For you, the path that opens up is one of genuineness versus one superficiality.

To go genuine is to let down your walls, to admit what scares you, to actually take that step to do things differently. Of course, the choice is yours, but it’s like the saying goes: If you want different results, you need to start doing things differently. So, the question is: are you ready for that and the life changes it will bring?

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This has been your year, Cancer. This year has been ruled by you, even if you don’t quite understand it or accept it. This whole year has been screaming the Cancer vibe.

But it’s not over yet; we have our final (in a series of four this year) Cancer Moon at the end of December. For you, it’s about the finishing up a theme that first began back in January. Reflect on what has been the central focus on your life in the arenas of home, family, relationships, healing, and any interactions with important women in your life. This might also include your mother wound.

Even if you had an amazing mother, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a mother wound, a piece of your femininity that isn’t asking to be healed. To find the particular crossroads this month brings you to, you need to reflect on what has kept coming up this year, or maybe what hasn’t gone away.

Part of the vibe for everyone is how we need that Cancer energy to heal the collective wound of the feminine so we can rise and help heal the rest of the world. But first, we have to heal ourselves.

What have you been avoiding surrendering to? Or, even dealing with? This Scorpio New Moon will have you choosing between facing the work you need to do, versus living in denial. And while the choice is yours, only one will bring you freedom.

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The past few weeks have been really intense for you, Leo, and there are truths you’re just beginning to step into.

As a fire sign, you’ve been activated by Mars retrograde and have been exploring the themes of what defines who you are. But, most importantly, it’s the realization that you get to decide the self you reveal to others.

Sometimes, you get caught up in wanting to only show your best, most beautiful self. While you tend to dominate the energy in the room, you aren’t often comfortable showing your real and flawed self.

But what you’ve been coming into slow awareness of is that when you’re your real self, you don’t have to work so hard to keep up appearances. When you surround yourself with people who see both your flaws and your beauty, you release the pressure you put on yourself to only ever come across as perfect.

As much as you tend to push ahead into what calls your name, you’ve been slowing down the past few months, which has enabled you to explore a whole different side of yourself. Now, you get to decide what to do with that knowledge in terms of how you relate to others and how you live your life out loud.

This Scorpio New Moon will have you facing the choice between letting this new self out of your cage, or swallowing your truth and silencing all that you’ve recently learned. This will come up in your personal dynamics and interactions with others, including romantic relationships.

You may be stressing over what to do or what path to choose, but take a deep breath and remember who you are. You’ve already chosen, now you just have to take that step to continue on.

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Virgo, there is no hiding the transformation and changes you’ve been going through. While it may be an ongoing battle, the past month has revealed a deeper connection between your need to control and allowing things (and people) to just be.

Maybe it even hurts to say it out loud, but the only reason we control is because we don’t trust. Sometimes it's hard to trust others, but when we control them, we don’t really allow them to be themselves; we also don’t allow ourselves to be fully loved, seen, or appreciated.

It’s important to make sense of your environment — your physical, mental and emotional world; to have people and relationships make sense. But the deeper part of this is trusting that you don’t need to control the situation in order to find success or be happy.

You can let go of any belief, any outcome, but also any fear that you may be hanging onto. You want peace and clarity, but to receive that, the easiest way is just to allow others to do what comes naturally to them. It may not always be what you want or what you hoped for, but it will always be easier than spending your valuable energy trying to get someone to take a path they don’t want to.

This is what this New Moon in Scorpio is all about for you. Can you trust people to do what they need for themselves? Can you trust that everything and everyone will come to you if they are meant to? Can you trust that if you breath and let go, you’ll receive all that you want and need?

Virgo, it all comes down to whether or not you can simply trust.

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We’re just coming off of your season, and with Libra and Mercury just having left your sign a few days ago, you have balance on your mind. This isn’t anything new to Libra, who likes to feel that everything in life is fair, but the way you’re thinking about it now is.

You’re realizing that to have balance means having things be out of balance. We can’t divide our time up equally between self, work, family and romance, and press "done." Sometimes, we need to give more to ourselves, sometimes to work and sometimes to that romantic relationship we want to create.

This is normal, which is part of the lesson. You’ve had some challenges with this new way of thinking, but you’re there. You can feel the truth of it; now, it’s just a matter of recognizing what that means to you, and allowing those old beliefs to learn from your new awareness.

This is also the difference between how you think things should be versus how it feels the best for you personally, because as you’ve learned in the past month, just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.

In many ways, you’re realizing that you can also have greater success the more you allow yourself to feel off balance — not necessarily in terms of what you receive from others, but instead, in the time you give to different parts of your life. This is a more flexible flow of approaching what we want to get done and manifest, versus sticking to a plan we know in our hearts doesn’t work.

For you, there is a career or financial success on the horizon with this Scorpio New Moon. But instead of choosing the path, allow the path to reveal itself to you.

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This is your Moon, Scorpio! Your chance to have that new beginning you’ve been feeling was on the horizon for the past few months; even if you couldn’t quite figure out where in your life it was going to show up, you still knew it was coming.

This is also the last Super New Moon of the year, so that means it will be even more powerful and far-reaching in your life. But right now you’re still trying to decide what that means for you.

Mercury went retrograde in your sign last month before slipping into Libra, and then just a few days ago moved back into your sign. This means you will likely reflect on some themes from the beginning of October.

What were you feeling around that time? Where were you feeling called to act? What was coming up to deal with? You’ve had time to reflect on what feels best for you, and what feels most balanced and reciprocal.

You’re a deep sign, but sometimes you choose the path that isn’t in your best interest, because there’s a part of you that thrives off the chaos of emotionally exhausting situations. But at a certain point in your journey, you get tired of being in those situations where you try figuring out what’s next without fulfilling your needs.

In the past few weeks, you’ve reached that point of exhaustion, realizing that you deserve peace and can have it both ways. To step into healthiness in our interactions with others doesn’t equate boredom or giving up of who you are. You’re slowly realizing this.

With this New Moon, you will be asked to focus on a crossroads in a romantic relationship, asking if you believe you deserve the peace of having your needs met. Lean into what’s most uncomfortable, because that will always be the way to the lesson.

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There’s always a quiet waiting energy to you around this time of year, Sagittarius, especially this during this month, as part of you knows that December will bring huge sweeping changes to your life. In part, this is because of the Solar Eclipse occurring within your sign next month, which is why this New Moon will affect you so strongly.

This New Moon in Scorpio is the beginning of the lunar cycle that will include your Solar Eclipse next month. New Moons are beginnings, and this one is not only all about how you feel, but what you choose to do because of it.

Sagittarius often come across as being unemotional, which couldn’t be further from the truth! You’re just selective about what you share and who you share with. But the reason your feelings matter is because you're an incredibly emotional decision-maker, meaning that while other signs are more logical, every choice you make comes from the heart.

You don’t need to hide your heart. You don’t need to always feel like you need to have a logical explanation for everything. But you’re getting used to your emotions being the gateway to success, rather than the burdens you carry.

Over the past month you’ve come to see the power of what you feel and how that can create the life you desire. Making decisions and choices from an emotional place can be a huge strength, as long as you trust what you feel. Part of this is the belief that you have to be more logical, but that isn’t your superpower.

Whether it’s from your heart or soul, you just seem to know, so that is the crossroads this New Moon will bring you to. Do you trust your feelings enough to no longer have to explain yourself? Can you allow yourself to just be and exist in your knowing?

Sagittarius see an entirely different dimension of life, and the more you try to explain, the less you end up feeling like you know.

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This is the moment to pause, Capricorn, and to breathe. Reflect on how life has been and prepare yourself for what no longer will be.

While the theme for you this year can feel like loss, it’s also about the rebuilding; the possibilities that do exist even if their hard to see right now. A lot in your life wasn’t really working, even if you tried to pretend it was, or even if you did all you could to try.

It wasn’t working, which is why it was and is being removed from your life. No one said that to figure out what to do next would be easy or that it’s not hard to have these detours thrown up unexpectedly in your life, but you know this deep down.

The problem is that you don’t often like when things are different. You don’t like the risk associated with change; your weakness is that you’d rather keep things the same and be unhappy than risk that they could be better, because deep down you fear they’d be worse.

But this is clinging to the belief that things can be messed up, that those things and people meant for you can be taken away, and that’s simply not true. But it doesn’t matter how often you hear that because that’s a lesson only you can learn for yourself.

Pluto in Capricorn is heavily aspecting this Moon, creating the opportunity for death. But with death, comes rebirth. With this Moon, you have a new beginning on your hands, but it may not be the one you had hoped for.

Can you take it anyway? Can you let life be different that you had imagined? Can you be brave enough to start over (again), trusting that success can be right around the corner?

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Jupiter is finishing up his spin through your sign, Aquarius; because of that, this Moon will hugely affect you and the life path you end up choosing.

Although this New Moon is in Scorpio, Jupiter is one of two other planets (the other being Pluto) heavily influencing the energy around this time. And while Pluto is about the darker side of life, Jupiter is all about the light, the truth and the beauty that surrounds us.

Jupiter rules abundance, so even though it’s been a rough year for most signs, for you, there has been growth, even in the most unexpected of places. And you know what? That’s okay. The past few months have been about realizing that you end up attracting greater abundance when you let yourself grow in all the places and ways you never thought you would.

Sometimes, you can want to keep your freedom so much that you end up not giving yourself everything else you crave. Yes, this is about balance, but it’s more than that. This is about giving up. Waving the white flag in the fight that, to be you, you have to be a certain way, maintain a certain image, or live a particular kind of life.

The truth is, the only way to be you is to do what comes naturally. You don’t have to fit anyone else’s idea of who you should be. You don’t have carry the weight of letting others down by being yourself. This is exactly what this New Moon in Scorpio will deliver to you: a choice between the success of self-acceptance versus the pain of trying to be someone you’re just not.

Most likely, this will hit your personal life more than career, and it’s something that’s been building for some time. To truly harness the power of Jupiter’s abundance, you have to release the idea that, somehow, you're wrong for being true to yourself.

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Pisces, not swimming away from something or someone you’re meant to deal with has been a lesson this year for you. As emotional as you are, there are those situations and people that feel like kryptonite.

But they only feel like that because they make it impossible for you to pretend to have it all together. And, usually, Pisces love love, this means it usually happens in romantic relationships.

Pisces is famous for choosing the wrong partner. Sometimes it seems that the more toxic and emotionally unavailable someone is, the faster it is you run towards them, but that’s not really the full or complete story.

Because, first of all, if we’re attracted to toxic people, it means we’re still working through our own toxicity wrapped up in our wounds; if we’re chasing emotionally unavailable partners, it’s because we still fear being vulnerable. Nobody is all bad; everyone has their light, their positives, and sometimes we put off the lessons that lead to abundance.

You do swim in opposite directions, but what happens then? You don’t actually go anywhere, right? That’s why, this year, you’ve been directed to focus your energy on one path. Last month, you had some major breakthroughs in that quest to be vulnerable, without fearing the other person would leave or not receive what you had to share.

Now is the time to build on that. To take chances, to believe that this time can be different, and not let the fear of getting hurt be what ends up hurting you. For this New Moon, success is on the horizon, but only if you don’t swim away from the path that has already chosen you.

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