What The October 16th Super New Moon In Libra Means For Your Relationships, Family Life & Emotions

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What The October 16th Super New Moon In Libra Means For Your Relationships And Love Horoscope

The Super New Moon in Libra will occur on October 16th, bringing with it a chance for a fated new beginning.

A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are both aligned, which is why we see the New Moon happen within the same zodiac season. In this case, it is Libra Season.

While a New Moon occurs on average one or two times a month, a Super New Moon only happens once or twice a year. 

What is a Super Moon?

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is at its closest to Earth during its regular orbit, resulting in it appearing up to 14 percent bigger. Even though it will not be lighting up the night sky like a Full Super Moon often does, we can still check it out with the sunrise.

The spirtual significance of a Super New Moon is a powerful and potent new beginning — the kind of moment that doesn't happen every day. When it does, we are called to not just take notice, but to make the most of it.

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Spiritually, New Moons represent a time for new beginnings and a time when we can plant the seeds for what we hope will grow during the new lunar cycle, which lasts six months until the Full Moon occurs in the same zodiac sign.

This lunar cycle beginning on October 16th will come to fruition on March 28th, 2021.

What a Super New Moon in Libra Means

Libra is an air sign represented by the scales, and signifies a sense of balance and justice. It is also the sign that rules divine partnerships and reciprocal romantic relationships, as it is one of the two rulers of Venus, the planet of love.

Libra is more than just love and dating, though. This air sign truly represents balance in relationships, but also balance in all areas of life.

When we see the New Moon occur within Libra, expect new beginnings and fresh starts that will create more balance. But to get there, we first have to see just how much imbalance exists within our lives.

As we approach the New Moon in Libra, expect to feel like things are coming to a head and becoming increasingly impossible to ignore.

This is one of two back-to-back Super Moons occurring this year, with the next happening during the New Moon in November.

When we see one Super New Moon, we are automatically gifted with a larger than life beginning. But to have two in a row signifies that we are on the cusp of some major life changes we have worked for.

Now, it is time to take that last first step into a brand new chapter.

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How the Super New Moon Affects Relationships, Love & Family

With this New Moon in the sign of Libra, we know that relationships will be the center focus, especially because of the Cancer Moon theme we have seen through all of 2020. This is just asking us to focus on one particular sector of a much bigger picture.

This year has had the running theme of focusing on home, family and intimate relationships due to the four Cancer Moons, with the last one occurring on December 29th.

Because of this, many have seen big changes already occur in these areas. Moving, new relationships ending or beginning, careers taking a different direction — it has all been part of a greater purpose to live more aligned with our truth and authenticity.

Now, we are being asked to hone in on one very important part of these new lives: Divine Partnerships.

A Divine Partnership is a connection that far exceeds a relationship, at least how we would classically define it. This type of partnership is orchestrated through soul contracts before coming to this life, in which we plan to be part of a bigger purpose.

Divine Partnerships are also deeply connected to spiritual growth and healing, and these types of connections thrive and exist on balance.

Balance though does not mean equal or even 50/50 all the time, but an organic complementary reciprocity between two people who are even stronger together. This is what Libra brings emphasis to. 

Not only will we be drawn to align to what balance means in our own lives, we will also be painstakingly aware of those relationships that lack balance.

While this New Moon in Libra heralds a time of beginnings for those in Divine Partnerships, it also represents a significant time for everyone in terms of our romantic relationships. We will see just how connected our own lives and sense of abundance are to who we chosoe to align with in this life.

Because New Moon energy lasts until the next Full Moon, which will be the second one of October and also a Blue Moon, expect this theme of balance in love to last until then, if not until the next Super New Moon on November 15th.

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How the Super New Moon Affects Emotions

We do not often think of New Moons being as cataclysmic as a Full Moon, but because of other astrology involved, as well as the energy we are experiencing, we have a few hotspots to watch out for.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all creating aspects with this Moon, which means tempers can be high, frustrations peaking, and the presence of the abuse of control.

Mars is currently still retrograding through his home sign of Aries, while Saturn direct is now wrapping up his major lessons from Capricorn, breaking through the outdated structures that previously held us back.

Pluto is always an alchemist but, in this scheme, he brings about potential control and manipulation issues that arise out of fear, which is connected to the ego. This is the sense of feeling like we need to be seen as important or in control; if that is not being validated, we are likely to see the situation turn volatile.

While this plays a part in the current political stakes of the United States, it also can factor in heavily with relationships, especially those who are incredibly off-balance and are based in ego rather than heart.

This can come across as a “How dare you leave me?” type of energy from a jilted lover who is feeling an ego hit instead of an actual loss of love.

While these dangers are not guaranteed, it is something to be aware of. Of course, the more truthful and honest we are, the more we can prevent these types of buried emotions coming out to wreak havoc as we move into our future.

Super New Moon in Libra Overview

This New Moon is a big beginning for love, partnership, and in achieving greater balance in our lives.

There is a risk of frustration or anger, especially from those who are controlling and operating from a fear-based mindset. But honoring ourselves and believing in what we deserve are key in creating that new beginning.

Believe that anything is possible, including that synchronous magic of things falling into place. It is necessary to create the life we have dreamed of.

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