Halloween Blue Moon 2020: How This Rare Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

This is your once in a Blue Moon opportunity. Are you going to take it?

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This Halloween, we might be more scared of the changes right around the corner than anything related to this haunted holiday! We celebrate the Full Blue Moon in Taurus on October 31st at 10:49 AM EST time.

What makes this Moon really unique and powerful is that it is the second Full Moon of the month, which makes it a "Blue Moon" month. Ever hear of the expression “Once in a Blue Moon” in terms of rare opportunities and chances? Well, this is it.


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What a Halloween Blue Full Moon Means

Showing up on the scene along side this unique Full Moon are two big planets, Uranus and Saturn, and they mean business. Even one of these planets would mean surprises and changes, but two? Take a deep breath because, ready or not, change is on the way.


Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change, which can be good, but it can also mean our hand is being forced before we feel ready. Saturn is the father of the Zodiac, meaning the lessons he serves up have the same kind of sting we experienced as kids.

Saturn is also the lord of time and karma. So, there will be a full circle feel to this Moon, with a "what goes around comes around" feel, as well as that vibe that a certain cycle in our life is complete and it is time to move on.

Mercury, the ruler of communication, will still be retrograde and ready to turn direct on November 3rd, so he is moving slow around the time of this Full Moon. Get ready to have deep, honest, stumbling real conversations.

Venus, planet of love, beauty and romance (which rules Taurus) will have just moved into Libra a few days before this Full Blue Moon. Libra is also ruled by Venus, and it is all about dynamic duo partnerships and balance. So, no more pouring out attention into men that do not return it!


But Taurus is the main deal here. This zodiac sign is all about those feel good vibes. They want that "let's grow together" energy, and enjoy the simple things in life, believing love matters most.

Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that anything occurring around this time will be strong and stable; no more impulsive decisions we come to regret. Taurus is rooted, grounded, and helps us remember who we are.

Taurus is here to help us see what matters most and have the determination to go after it.

Your Zodiac Sign's Full Blue Moon Horoscope

What word of advice should your zodiac sign follow when we are graced with this Halloween Full Blue Moon? Pay close attention, because this energy is set to provide points of completion and release.


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A reality check is coming, Aries, and it is going to ask you to do what you normally try to avoid. So, take your time. You may be spontaneous, but well thought-out decisions are not always your forte, especially in terms of love.

What you have been doing has been wearing on you. With Mars still moving through your sign, expect to feel a deep desire to speak your authentic truth, but you will still encounter hold-ups. Be patient.

It won’t kill you, but it just might teach you the lesson you have needed to learn. And remember: if they are the one for you, they will wait for you.



This is your Moon, Taurus, so enjoy it! You need to understand that what you think you want, changes as you do. So, do not fault yourself for it. Do not blame yourself if that relationship, job, friend, or style does not fit you anymore.

You can be stubborn, but do you really want to let your pride ruin your growth? Let yourself outgrow what does not fit.

And do not be afraid of making a mistake; if that relationship is really meant for you, it will grow with you and not hold you back.


Now is the time to come down to earth a bit, Gemini. Dig deep and ask yourself what you are so afraid of. Why do you use your attitude and walls to pretend that you do not care? Why do you feel the need to play it safe?


Even though you may act like none of it bothers you, it does. This Full Moon will be that moment when you end up in your feelings, whether you want to or not.

But just give it a minute, because until you are honest with yourself about what you want, you will never get it. As for love, there is no quick fix to finding your forever.


Cancer, you are all in the thick of it, with big feelings, big changes and big moments.

Changes in your home and relationships are the most difficult because that is where you retreat when the rest of the world seems like too much. But now, that is where the changes are occurring.

Remember that even if you are afraid that you are losing something good, it does not mean you won’t receive something better in the future. Life is aligning right now to meet you where you are, and all you have to do is let it.



It feels like you are tired heading into this Moon, Leo. You are tired of trying so hard, tired of keeping everything up in the air, tired of feeling like you have to be something in order to be loved.

You do not need to always shine bright to be worthy. You do not need to be the best or look the best to deserve someone showing up for you. But this is not the work for anyone else to prove to you. This is yours.

If you are tired, rest. If you are confused, just stop. If you are not feeling it anymore, sit this one out. It is okay to just be sometimes. 

With this Full Moon, you are likely going to feel different about a lot, so give yourself time to take it all in, and do not use people as distractions from dealing with it.



This Moon has you really feeling yourself, Virgo. Your vibe, your energy, your confidence — all of it.

Maybe you need to let go of toxic friends, or maybe your relationship has reached its end point but you are not focusing on what is ending. Worries are sliding off your back with smiles as you keep moving forward through the fires and smoke, unconcerned of the challenges.

You can see that light at the end of the tunnel. You can see the reason why you are being challenged now, and you have made the decision to be happy. And now, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Remember: you do not need to be anyone other than yourself for the right one.


This may not be your Moon, but with Venus in your sign, Libra, it will have you feeling like it is. Even though you are an air sign, because you have a connection with Taurus, you will feel stronger this time. Which is good, because you have big decisions to make.


For you, it is all about your relationships, dating and love life. This is where it gets real.

Be honest with yourself about what is working and, more importantly, what is not. Balance and reciprocity — these are the keywords for you for the next two weeks. Do not hold onto someone weighing you down, and do not think you can change them.

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Scorpio, it may be your season, but it does not mean you are gliding through it easily. Everything looks good from the outside, right? You look like the same deep, slightly reactive, intense self, but everything on the inside is changing.

You do change better than most signs, but you do not always choose what is best for you. You are not always comfortable receiving the best or the healthy stable option.


This Moon will ask you why you need the drama. Why do you need the angst in life to feel alive? If you want healthy, strong, real love, you are the obstacle you need to work through to get there.


Sagittarius, pace yourself. You are watching the whole world with eyes wide open right now. You feel change on the horizon almost coursing through your own veins, and you know that life is not something that can be controlled.

You do not want to keep doing the same old thing, but there is that space between knowing all of it and what to do about it. You are often your own worst enemy because you mentally overthink every option until you paralyze yourself with what ifs. But you are here for a reason.

You have made it this far. You are strong. You are ready. And that new love you are dreaming of? Do not think for one moment that you do not deserve it.



As an earth sign, you will feel this Full Moon deeply. You like to ground yourself, root yourself, and feel stable. But your downfall is that you often make these feelings a priority, not as a consequence of creating the life you want to live.

Stability does not matter at all if you are not happy. Even though you will like the solid feeling of this Moon, you won’t be comfortable with the changes that Uranus will shock your system with.

But Capricorn, you need this. Sometimes you do not always face big decisions head-on, but that is exactly what you are in need of. Do not give yourself too much time to think and just say yes.


Aquarius, you are feeding into this new space of growth. Maybe you were known for being flighty and non-committal, but now things have been changing.


You are seeing the value in being with someone who makes your life better. You are seeing how it feels to allow yourself to rely on someone, to trust someone, and to not have to be so independent.

You have already changed your story, and now is the time when you see what that looks like. This is completely uncharted territory, so allow yourself to feel it all — the fear, the excitement, the bigness of the unknown. Feel it all and remember that you are not who you used to be.


Pisces, you have been quiet lately, have not you? Thinking and feeling your way through Scorpio season and Mercury retrograde in the same sign? You have been watching and seeing what people do naturally because you are tired of trying so hard.

As the fish of the Zodiac, you tend to like to show your heart all the time, radiate love, and be love. But you do not always give people the chance to do the same for you. That is changing now.


Get ready for changes ahead, especially in your romantic relationships. This means that being in your feelings will have paid off, because getting what you want is as simple as saying what it is.

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