Why Is Libra So Powerful?

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Why Is Libra So Powerful?

Libras are known for their charming, loveable energy and their undeniable power.

Some of the most powerful and influential celebrities are Libras, including Kim Kardashian West, Eminem, and Simon Cowell.

But, why is Libra so powerful?

Born during Libra season and the Fall Solstice, these zodiac signs have flexible personalities. As a Cardinal air sign, their strengths include open-mindedness, collaboration, and consideration of others.

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This is no coincidence; Libras are considered to be one of the most powerful sun signs in the zodiac.

Read on to see more reasons why Libras are so powerful, per astrology:

Libras think objectively.

Libra is the only zodiac sign who is not an animal or a human symbol. As the Scales, they have the ability to think objectively and fairly.

Their power comes from their ability to make strong decisions in a tactful manner, whether for themselves or in the interest of others. Libras can put an end to a feud between friends or decide where to eat when no one else can agree.

Libras are fair.

Although some people may think of Libras as vain or manipulative, they are actually the epitome of balance and fairness. The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice, meaning that they always consider both sides of an argument or situation.

A Libra can settle even the messiest arguments and do so with grace and ease. (Note to self, always make sure your lawyer is Libra!) Their determination to create interpersonal relationships with others helps them to bring balance to disagreements between friends and family.

Libras are catalysts.

When Libra’s planetary cycle comes around, we all experience a more positive yet subtle change in our lives, regardless of your Sun sign.

During this time, you can expect to feel more grounded and open to new, healthy relationships.

Libras are self-starters.

Libras are also considered a Cardinal sign because it is the first zodiac sign of the fall season. Cardinal signs are considered to be elite in comparison to the other signs and hold more power. This helps Libras to exert their power through natural leadership.

Libras are leaders.

They set strong examples for others and have a heavy influence on those around them, contributing to their power. Libras are extremely social and love to be surrounded by both strangers and friends. They often use their charm and wit to push things in their favor if given the chance.

Libras are smart.

Libras are also known for their enhanced intelligence, giving them an edge over others and adding to the list personality traits that make them such a powerful Sun sign. A part of having objectivity means that they know to be crystal clear with their emotions.

This helps them to avoid drama at all costs and maintain relationships in a truthful and healthy manner. Because of their maturity and ability to stay grounded, they tend to demand respect.

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Libras are respectful.

Libras practice mutual respect. They offer respect in return and have a no-nonsense take on life.

They are equipped to stay focused on their goals and know exactly what they want in life. While they will make small sacrifices for friends and family, they ultimately will not let anything derail them from a successful future.

This is one of the many reasons why a Libra will be first in line for a promotion and will quickly become the person in charge. It comes as no surprise that Libras typically have a higher net worth than other Sun signs.

Libras add value.

Libras are notorious for having a taste for the finer things in life. Basically, when you picture a Libra, you should picture a CEO driving a Cadillac and effortlessly asserting power everywhere they go.

Libras are kind.

While it’s easy to be intimidated by Libra’s powerful traits, other signs should take the opportunity to learn from them. Outside of being immensely powerful, Libras are actually very kind and generous. The Libra in your life would be more than happy to help you harness your power as well.

Libras are character-driven.

We can all learn from Libra’s exhibits of power regardless of if we have a Libra in our life or not.

The biggest take away is that we should all strive to be the main character in our own lives. Libras didn’t get their power by always playing the role of a sidekick, they do everything they can to ensure that they are the number one priority in their own lives.

This is how we should all be manifesting our energy and creating our own power. We can also follow Libra’s lead and start to assert power while also remaining fair and balanced.

More often than not we tend to think of power in alignment with superiority. Libras know that although they are mighty and powerful, they are still equal to others around them.

This is a huge reason why they are able to maintain such power and influence. People respect their values and don’t look at Libras as bossy or domineering, but instead see them as guides. It’s important that we balance our power once it is found. We can also learn from Libra’s powerful traits on how to navigate romantic relationships.

Libras make wonderful life partners.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libras are affectionate. Libras are hopeless romantics who are mostly compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius signs.

Romantic relationships are not strong points for every Sun sign, but Libras seem to excel here. This is partly because of their charm but also because of their honesty in regard to their intentions and needs.

Libras have no problem explaining to their partner what they are looking for in a relationship and what it will take to be an important person in their life. We could all use more clarity in our relationships and can easily learn this from Libras.

Now that you’ve seen why Libra is the most powerful Sun sign you can take steps to be more powerful yourself. Be like a Libra and lay down the line, in all aspects of your life, and then you too can harness the power.

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