What Pluto Turning Direct In Capricorn Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 2020

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 How Pluto Will Out Any Secrets Or Lies We’ve Been Holding Onto This Week
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It only takes one step to move from the darkness to the light.

This will be a month of transformation as Pluto turns direct on October 3rd. This transit in astrology is setting our zodiac signs up for an intense time of honesty and unveiling of whatever we’ve been hiding from.

Pluto is the planet that is known as the Lord of the Underworld, the secret keeper of the zodiac and the alchemist. The smallest planet can often end up affecting our lives in some pretty big ways, including those we could never imagine. Ruled by Scorpio, this is about phases, changes and the movement from one form to another.

The navigator of birth, death and everything in between, Pluto is often this planet that tends to push us from our comfort zones because we’re meant to grow beyond them. 

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Pluto first turned retrograde in April 2019 and asked us to go within and consider our deepest desires, and that is likely where many of us have spent the past five months. A few weeks ago, we experienced Saturn turning direct, which has been roughly in retrograde for the same amount of time, and with it many were learning and absorbing lessons about important familial patterns, especially those related to the role of the masculine present in their lives.

Yet where Saturn can bring the realization of lessons or cycles acting as the ever-divine father in our lives, Pluto brings the truth. To think that we can have our lives so upended by truth is to also understand that many of us build our lives on assumptions or judgements. We have certain expectations for our lives, whether it’s regarding a job, a relationship or a life path. We tend to not like to deviate from these ideals, yet this is also what conflicts with our inner truth as well.  

Pluto rules the underworld, which means it’s also over all of that which is not seen, which is below the surface, and is shrouded within darkness. But he doesn’t stay there. Pluto works by taking what is in the dark and bringing it to the light; what is buried below the surface and making it bloom above.

For us, Pluto usually hits us hardest in the relationship department because there’s nowhere else we like to lie to ourselves more than in matters of the heart. When we think of what truths are the hardest to acknowledge, it’s usually those about accepting that a certain relationship is over, or that we have feelings for someone we’ve been trying to deny because it’s inconvenient or goes against plans we previously made.

In this way, the past five months of Pluto’s retrograde were spent thinking over this and rationalizing what to do now. We may have decided to not say anything or keep quiet, or maybe we even found we were quite good at denying it.

However, all of that changes once we really start to move into Pluto direct. In terms of relationships, nothing is truly a secret, nothing is safe, so as we see Pluto move more into the light once again, we’re going to face everything we’ve been hiding from.

Expect to have sudden realizations and understandings around this time that likely will grow more strongly as Pluto leaves behind his retrograde.  

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This will mean that the time from October-November will be one of intense transformations regarding relationships. While this will affect those who are on the brink of breakup, it more so will trigger the buried romantic feelings for those we are not with in this current moment.

This is because, on October 11th, Mercury once again enters his shadow zone before his next retrograde begins in early November, which means only one thing: somebody's ex is coming back.  

Mercury retrogrades always ask us to review things that had previously happened, which is why they often are responsible for bringing past loves back into our lives. While we’re skeptical of this, given the lessons we learned around Saturn and the truth that Pluto will bring in, whatever does start developing in the romance department is something very real.

It is always our own choice as to what we participate within, but we also need to make some conscious choices that we’re not blocking our own happiness out of stubbornness.  

Pluto direct means that feelings, truth and even desires are going to come bubbling up to the surface. Everything we’ve been denying or even quietly contemplating over the past few months is going to need to be spoken or addressed because we’ve come to learn that the only way to live a life of truth is to speak it.

And this is where we should all take a deep breath. As many great possibilities exist for love with Pluto turning direct, it's also just as likely that some of us are going to be taken by surprise, and now every secret that comes to light is one we wanted to hear. Affairs, secret feelings for a third party, or even our own awareness may be coming out. Because this is the life we’re living, but it doesn’t mean it’s the one that’s meant for us.  

Try to approach any difficult situation with peace around this time. Looking at everything that occurs as a way to not just grow but to help us further along this path of light.

Sometimes we want to live in the dark at different times so we don’t have to acknowledge the truth or take action. But we also can’t keep growing if we only ever stay where we are.

This is when we need to look up from our denials, our beliefs and expectations, and let ourselves see the truth of a situation, knowing that while it may seem impossible to move forward, all it takes is just one step to move from the darkness to the light.

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