Why Are Sagittarius Zodiac Signs So Brutally Honest

Why Are Sagittarius Zodiac Signs So Brutally Honest getty

Sagittarius are known for their fiery personality and extroversion.

When faced with situations where they must tell the honest truth, they never hold back.

While this is a great trait to have, sometimes it can come off harsh to others (which can backfire).

We know what to expect when it comes to the Sagittarius outgoing and caring nature.

But why are Sagittarius so honest?

This zodiac sign likes to tell it just the way it is.


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Now, when giving others advice, it’s important to be mindful of the way we position our response.

This isn’t to say you should lie or sugar-coat the truth, but understand that when someone asks for advice or needs a second opinion, they are in a place of vulnerability.


This means that responses that lack mindfulness and care can come off like you are causing more harm than help.

It’s not easy to hear things that you don’t want to hear, especially coming from a loved one. Despite this, Sagittarius has completely pure intentions.

One of Sagittarius's major traits include empathy and love for others.

Sagittarius is naturally very caring people who just want to help others in any way they can.

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They have good intentions when they are dealing with those who are close to them.

Their empathy also plays a role in why they are so brutally honest.


Sagittarius appreciates a “say it like it is” type of approach when it comes to asking for advice.

They recognize this tone as more authentic and honest and in return do it for others.

After all, they do say honesty is the best policy.

Here are 5 reasons why Sagittarius are so brutally honest:

1. They’re philosophical

The philosophical aspect of the Sagittarius sign is a major factor in their honesty.

When you are open to looking at a situation through many different perspectives, it helps you understand where someone is coming from.

It’s likely that they will give you advice about situations they were already in (which contributes to being brutally truthful because it’s likely they already know the outcome.)


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2. They’re independent

Sagittarius are naturally independent signs who don’t need much emotional labor from others.

This helps them stay self-efficient when it comes to their personal problems. This attitude helps them gain wisdom about certain scenarios that they then can pass off to others.

3. They have intuition

Intuition is a key factor in Sagittarius’s honesty. Because they are able to see things others can’t, they feel the need to tell their loved ones to give some perspective.

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4. They can’t stand liars

If there’s anything that can rub Sagittarius the wrong way – it's lies or dishonesty. Because this sign is very honest, they have a low tolerance for those who are untruthful.

5. They are protective over their family and friends

Sagittarius is very protective of those who they care about.

When it comes to advising, they have a tendency to let their emotions dictate their tone which can come off harsh.

They just want to make sure their loved one is in a good environment and free from petty drama.

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