How Your November 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Relationships All Month

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The November horoscope has quite a very different feel than October. And even though it is the end of the year, we are ready to look ahead.

We have several planets turning direct this month, as well as the start of our last eclipse season of 2020, which is sure to bring final adjustments for every zodiac sign.

As we head into uncharted waters, it is important to remember that we do not need to control everything in order to feel at peace; instead, we have to trust that everything that happens does so for a reason, and we can decide to walk away and begin again at any time

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Sometimes, we have to realize that we are the one we have been waiting for. And that is exactly what to expect with your November 2020 horoscope.

November 2020 Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign


With Mars still retrograding in your sign until November 13th, you are feeling impatient knowing what direction you want to move in, still feeling like you are being blocked.

Aries, trying to slow down and appreciate the slowness you still have to work through is giving you time to plan, which is something you do not always do.

You will get where you are going, and you are not missing out on anything by taking this break to focus on yourself, because this time, you are playing for keeps.

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Just coming off this Full Blue Moon, Taurus, you are in your feelings, so do not be afraid to be in them.

Even though you have a huge heart, sometimes you do not like to be vulnerable or show that soft spot, but that is what those who love you need to see. Let yourself trust that it is safe to feel.

You do not need your walls and, yes, this time can really be different.

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Gemini, it is time to choose yourself.

The reason you have been feeling the way you have is because you keep second-guessing yourself. It is not anyone else’s job to prove themselves to you, and if you do not feel like you are ever happy with anyone else, have you asked yourself if you are happy with yourself?

Focus on the person you see in the mirror every day and make sure you are being your authentic self in any relationship. Live it up, date yourself, and do not be afraid to believe in happy endings.

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You are feeling the energy, aren’t you, Cancer? You have your final Cancer Moon at the end of December, and it is as if you know how all this will end already.

Do not let this ruin the process. Even if you have a feeling of how everything will play out, that does not mean you can skip the process to get there. You might have to do all those things you are not too excited about and take a risk.

Change happens slowly, and the benefit of having a feeling of how all this will turn out means you should feel more confident in allowing it to happen.

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Leo, the past month has been a little rough because so many situations have asked you to go deep, to really get down to how you feel, how others feel, and what the truth is.

This is not how you want things to look — this is about truth.

Leos get a little funny when it comes to the truth, but that is only because it is hard to imagine it can compare to what you have dreamed about. But it can be.

First, though, you have to look at why it is better to live in your fantasies than the real world. You are the Queen of the jungle, and it is about time to start acting like it.

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Even in the midst of Scorpio season, you are feeling like you are ready to start something new, Virgo, thanks to that big Taurus Full Blue Moon on October 31st.

This is giving you some much-needed earth energy, so it is almost like your own little island in the midst of water season. But it is also almost Sagittarius season, which means you usually take off in big ways around this time, relieved to finally get out of Scorpio’s dark waters of which you are not a big fan.

November will feel like a release, like a break, letting yourself believe it is the end of the hard times. You do not always have to struggle to feel like you are living, but that is up to you.

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Take a deep breath, Libra.

You can feel the energy that is coming in, and with Venus and Mercury in your sign, you are super-focused on the balance (or lack thereof) in your life.

Usually a pretty patient sign, this energy could push you over the edge, especially in the areas where it feels like you are painfully aware the balance is off, feeling powerless to correct it.

This is a lesson to you that you cannot always fix everyone or everything. Focus on you, on what you can control, and act where you can remember that you cannot drag someone along with you just because you wish they could keep up.

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You are finally at home, Scorpio. Everyone is bringing that introspective depth you exist within all the time. Feels kind of good, right?

This means you will likely feel more understood, and that any situation you have been wanting to get the bottom of will be worked through. Let yourself be you this month. Enjoy what makes you unique and take this season as the chance to seize that new beginning.

Between your New Moon on November 15th, and Venus moving into your sign on November 21st, could be prime time for love and big changes. Do not worry, Scorpio — you are ready.

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Sagittarius, the theme for this year is "almost but not quite." But do not worry because not only is it almost your season, it is almost time for you to take those steps you have been preparing for all year.

You know now that things do not change unless we change. You know that life only responds to what you send, so you have gotten straight with yourself.

Use these last few weeks to clearly speak your truth, embody your real authentic self, and have that new beginning you want so deeply; otherwise, you will be the only one left at the starting line.

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Enjoy these last few weeks of Saturn moving through your sign, Capricorn, because it will not happen again for a long time.

This is the time for you to finish anything that is part of you building the foundations of your life, and establishing new patterns and cycles you hope to enjoy in the years to come.

Saturn is all about taking care of business, and you are ready to let go of those safety nets and take a chance. Just in case you are not feeling it yet, though, the eclipse season we are moving into now will push any of those lingering doubts out of mind, and have you realizing there is no perfect time but now.

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It still feels like you are flying under the radar a bit, but sometimes with Aquarians, that is okay.

You always seem to create such a splash by being yourself, and it is part of the journey to learn that you can be quiet. You can be unseen. You can do your own thing and enjoy the peace.

All this is in preparation for Saturn moving into your sign in just a few weeks, which will dramatically change the landscape of your life.

So, for now, just rest. Dream and know that you will have your time for action for now, enjoying the quiet and knowing that a season of action is right around the corner.

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Even if Scorpio is a little darker, you enjoy that everyone is in their feelings right now, Pisces, making you feel right at home.

You are quieter lately, less into talking and more into just observing. Seeing what comes in, what leaves, what grows and what does not.

That might just be a lesson you have learned the past year: if we allow everyone to do their own thing, we will see the truth of who is meant to be in your life and who is not.

Enjoy the growth, and enjoy the peace and the fact that it really can be this easy. Life and love are only difficult when you make them that way, but if you have learned to receive, you also paved the way for being in that sweet flow.

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November 2020 Planetary Overview & Major Astrological Transits

Mercury Turns Direct on November 3rd

After three long weeks, the planet of communication, Mercury, finally ends his retrograde phase. This means we are better able to express ourselves.

Mercury began his retrograde in Scorpio and is ending it in Libra, inviting us to bring more balance and depth into our lives. This will allow us to express ourselves more authentically, but also more productively, because we will have those hard conversations we put off during retrograde season.

Mercury Enters Scorpio on November 10th

Even though this planet backtracked into Libra during his retrograde, allowing us to reflect on the themes of balance in our lives, he is now moving back into Scorpio.

This is because we have a lot of deep truths we need to express, to own, and to integrate into our lives that we cannot do under any other sign. Trust what comes out, be prepared for hard moments, but deep down know that everything that has happened has led to this moment.

Do not doubt for a minute that you are not ready. Do not worry about the feelings of others, either; that is their weight to carry, not yours.

Mars Turns Direct on November 13th

Expect fireworks when Mars turns direct.

This is especially true for those situations in which we were not able to be our true selves, and have been figuring out exactly what that means for us. Be prepared to fight to live your truth, to create the life you want, and to be able to be you.

Balance the fight with also realizing where it is pointless to do so. You do not have to fight every battle because you do not actually have to prove yourself to anyone. Own this new you and celebrate how far you have come.

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New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th

This is that fresh start we have all been waiting for.

We are ready to speak our truth, ready to move forward, and now we are able to get in touch with what we want so we can feel confident moving in the direction of our dreams.

There is an eclipse in two weeks, so this New Moon is technically the start of that. Watch for fated events and the start of a bigger story that will not be clear until the end of the month.

As long as you let yourself wade into the depths and stay open to what you find, you will know when the time is right to take that first step.

Venus Enters Scorpio on November 21st

Love gets deeper, darker, and more meaningful in this zodiac sign.

Passions flare and we want a once in a lifetime kind of love. We shrug off one-night stands and those situationships that are only good for compan.

We want to have our lives rocked by love. So, be prepared to love hard and true in the next month, and to also speak your truth. Scorpio does not do secrets well, and everything eventually comes to light, whether we have prepared for it or not.

Sagittarius Season Begins on November 21st

When Sagittarius Season stars, it is a brand new day, a brand new season, and that fire energy helps us move forward through the darkness and into the light.

This is cause for celebration, for relief, and to take that breath we have been holding onto, wondering if it is safe to let our walls down. Life is about to get more exciting, and all you have to do is allow yourself to enjoy it.

Neptune Turns Direct on November 28th

Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and dreams, and while retrograding we are forced to see things as they are, not as we wish they were.

Hope can be in short supply, but when this planet turns direct, our ability to believe in life, love and in the good parts of life returns. This means that making decisions and moving forward will become easier, because we will believe in things turning out well, just different than before.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th

Full Moons are completion, and this cycle began back in May regarding the decisions and choices we make in our life. Lunar eclipses represent emotional changes.

Together, this is a big decision point. Something has reached fruition and clarity. We are ready, we know what we want, and we are ready to take that leap towards creation, no longer holding ourselves back.

This begins the two-week window in which anything can happen, and likely will. The more we let go of how we think everything will play out, the more we leave room for what is meant to happen to grow. Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

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