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What The Planets Your Horoscope Always Mentions Actually Mean

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What The Planets In Your Zodiac Sign's Horoscope Mean In Astrology

By Sarah Weingarten

Zodiac signs have become huge these past few years. The basic 12 astrological signs are what people know. But there is more to your personal astrology outside of your basic sign. 

If you map out your birth chart, which you can do by hand or easily fill out this form and it’ll be done for you. It shows a bunch of planets, numbers and other signs. At first, it may seem overwhelming but this quick guide will tell you what each planet, sun, and moon mean.

It’s important to note that there are two groups of planets, inner and outer. Inner planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are personal planets and influence your day-to-day life. While the outer planters (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) move much slower and influence larger trends in your life. 

Whatever sign each planet is in will have a great affect on your daily life and trends in your life.

Sun: The Ego

Your sun is your basic zodiac sign that correlates with your birth date. The sun represents the ego, inner self, willpower and life force. It’s like a broad generalized understanding of your personality that is rooted in our actions and responses. The sun is the ruling planet over Leo.

Moon: The Emotions

The moon moves into a new sign every two or three days and represents your emotional nature. The moon governs our subconscious and our emotional reactions, so it has a huge impact on yourself. 

The moon also is said to influence your relationship with your mother and childhood wounds. This is because fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth are also governed by the moon. The moon controls more than tides! The moon is the ruling planet over Cancer.

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Mercury: Intelligence & Communication

Mercury is the opposite of the Moon because it controls our rational mind. Mercury moves into a new sign every three to four weeks. It rules our capacity to communicate information to others and to analyze situations with a rational outlook. It governs how you act quickly, you’re quick wit and quick thinking.

This planter promotes movement and getting shit done on your daily to-do list. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: Love & Beauty

This should be a no brainer, hello ‘The Birth Of Venus’ painting! The planet is all about pleasure and sharing pleasure. It influences love, romance, beauty, and money. This planet is centered around being tender and spreading the love. 

The sense of aesthetic and looking pleasing also come from this sign, so if your aesthetic has been lacking blame Venus sweetie. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

Mars: Conflict & Aggression

Venus may be the loving planet but Mars is all about sexual drive, initiative, and passion. It is the ‘red planet’ after all! Mars is what influences your confidence and power in social and sexual interactions. 

Mars also aides the competitive nature you have. It wants you to take that risk and be fearless. But the planet’s energy can either be constructive or destructive depending on what you do. Mercury is the ruling planet over Aries and Scorpio.

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Jupiter: Luck & Wisdom

If your year is all about “realizing things” then you need to be analyzing your Jupiter. This planet controls higher learning and exploring abstract ideas. You may be searching for answers in a book or spending a semester abroad to experience the world.

 Jupiter also aids to your moral values. Jupiter is all about growing your ideas and your wallet. But sometimes that can lead to overindulgence so be careful. If finals are around the corner check your Jupiter on how you should be studying. Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn: Karma & Change

Saturn is basically the planet that causes all your problems, sorry Saturn sucks. It’s the task maker planet and makes sure you get all your work done. It’s in charge of discipline and responsibility. Learning life’s lessons is key for this planet and your discipline.

It’s a very traditional, old and wise planet. So when you step out of line and don’t learn from your mistakes prepare for Saturn to deliver some karma. Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius.

Uranus: Change & Rebellion

Uranus is a slow-moving planet. Just taking it’s sweet old time. Because of that Uranus effect isn’t individual but rather generational, it is an outer planet so that makes sense.

 Uranus makes you look at things different and breaks tradition. The tradition’s from previous generations are not safe when Uranus changes because it’s influence will make the next rebel and revolt. This planet isn’t subtle and prefers freedom and creativity over order, it’s energy is abrupt and shocking. Uranus rules over Aquarius.

Neptune: Illusions & Healing

Neptune is centered around being fluid. A lot of things are governed by Neptune like dreams, illusions, abstract thought and anything mysterious. Neptune is inviting and can be deceiving. Neptune can create an illusion that is enchanting and doesn’t reveal its true intentions until later. Which lets people be posers or actually charming. 

Neptune is all about escape and being fluid in your mind so it’s heavily associated with drugs and alcohol. It takes Neptune 14 years to go from sign to sign so when it moves it’s a big deal. Neptune rules over Pisces.

Pluto: Power & Transformation

Pluto is small but mighty. Its energy is subtle but impactful. Pluto is all about new beginnings, transforming, changing and rebirth. The renaissance of planets. 

Pluto’s changes don’t wait when you’re ready for them though, they’ll just happen no matter what so be prepared to grow. But with new beginnings there are ends and whatever was old must be destroyed in Pluto’s eyes. That’s why the planet is also connected to death and destruction, which leads to its power hungriness.

Either way, Pluto promotes great upheaval that can be positive or negative. Pluto rules over Scorpio, so be aware.

This article was originally published at College Candy. Reprinted with permission from the author.