15 Best Leo Memes & Quotes That All Leo Zodiac Signs (And People Who Love One) Can Relate To

15 Best Leo Memes & Quotes That Perfectly Describe The Leo Zodiac Sign

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you are one hundred percent a Leo.

Being a fire sign, Leos are fierce, natural-born leaders who never back down from a challenge. Having the Sun be their ruling planet means they are full of energy and light up any room they walk into.

If you have a Leo in your life, you know how special and unique they are, and the collection of the best Leo memes below prove just that.

Full of fire that bursts from within, Leo's are dramatic, yet creative in nature. They expect everything in life to be spectacular – how could life not be spectacular with a Leo around?

The lion is the symbol for Leos, which makes sense due to their determination to solve the most difficult problems and protect those around them.

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Leo also has plenty of faults – don't let them fool you into thinking they're perfect angels! Being dramatic has its faults, as Leo's tend to be a little extra at times. Any little inconvenience that is thrown their way makes them very unhappy.

They like to be in control and never allow anyone else to be the leader of the pack. Their stubborn nature makes communicating and leveling with them quite difficult. If they are not doing exactly what they want to do, they will lazily roam around until a better opportunity arises.

They think they are better than most and that arrogance can get in the way of their meaningful relationships. If you are falling for a Leo, protect your heart and never let them walk all over you.

However, you should also be thankful for knowing a Leo, as they will guide you through the confusing rough patches of life. It is all about finding a balance with Leos, even though that is easier said than done.

Who is the perfect match for a Leo? Sagittarius, it is your time to shine!

A Sagittarius can help bring out the fun-loving side of a Leo. They will be there during the good and bad times, trying to break that insecurity that all Leos secretly have. Leo's need the perfect blend of freedom and companionship, and a Sagittarius can give them exactly that.

The perfect fling for a Leo? Easily a Gemini.

Geminis and Leos can have a great laugh together and poke fun at each other's flaws. Neither one wants anything too serious, so going with the flow and going on adventures together seems like a match made in Heaven. They are both on the same page when it comes to not getting into a serious relationship right away.

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You may be able to tell someone is a Leo by how they carry themselves. Always put together and dressed in confidence, Leos have great style and know-how to dress to impress. After all, they want to be the center of attention and love when people just assume they are important when they walk into a room.

With all that being said, Leos have positive and negative traits that ultimately make them a unique sign within the zodiac. They have quirks and flaws, but will always have your back.

Here are of the best Leo memes this sun sign (and people who know a Leo) can relate to.

Hopefully, you'll laugh about these Leo we still love and appreciate you. Remember to not take yourself too seriously!

1. Leos can't keep calm, like ever.

"Leos don't need anger management, they just need people to stop pissing them off."

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2. Leo season is every season.

Photo Credit: Astrotraits

Leos be like they really think our season ends?

3. Leos will carry every single grocery bag in at one time because they can't make two trips.

Photo Credit: Scoopwhoop

Leos be like, "I don't need you help."

4. Did someone say selfie to a Leo?

Photo Credit: Sweetyhigh.com

Leo - everyone else.

5. Leos could stare at themselves all-day.

Photo Credit: Astrotraits

Leos on FaceTime ignoring everything the person is saying and staring at themselves.

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6. Leos just burst with a little too much energy.

"Leo is a combination of tender, loving soul and a ready to snap firecracker."

7. Leos never give you too many chances, so don't screw up!

"A Leo will give your butt just enough chances to show they care (their forgiving nature) but don't push it."

8. So don't annoy a Leo, simple!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Leos be like "I'm actually really nice, until you annoy me!"

9. Leos have the most heartfelt apologies.

Photo Credit: Twitter

This is how Leos apologize: "I apologize for hurting your feelings bit I told the truth soooo I said what I said."

10. Haters gonna hate.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

"Dad, what's a hater?" "I don't know son, we're Leos."

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11. The only motto that matters to a Leo.

"A Leo's motto: I'm not gonna change who I am, so you're just going to have to deal with it." — Unknown

12. Have you ever gotten into bed with a Leo?

"Having sex with a Leo is a unique experience. Correction: Having sex with a Leo is a mind-blowing experience." —​ Unknown

13. If you hear a Leo crying in the bathroom, mind your business.

"Sometimes Leos sit in the bathroom and cry, but then walk out like nothing ever happened."

14. You mean, you actually thought a Leo liked you because they flirted with you? Rooky mistake.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

"Leos when the person they flirted with for attention asks them out."

15. Nobody shines brighter than a Leo, and that's a fact.

Photo Credit: Publicinsta

"Leo mood: Mom, I broke the lamp. Why? Because nobody shines brighter than me."

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