Why Libras Are So Easy Going

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Why Libras Are So Easy Going

I can’t even remember the last time I encountered an infuriated Libra.

Trust me, I've seen upset Leos, Scorpios, and Aries.

Even when a Libra is so upset it doesn't compare to the strong personality traits found in other zodiac signs.

Every Libra I know is pretty much easy going and not that difficult to be around.

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Their anger still seems more manageable. That’s because Libras are easy-going zodiac signs.

Drama and conflict have no appeal to Librans.

I think Libra is the best zodiac sign in astrology! No other sign can compete with a Libra.

I say this because of how harmonious they are and the fact that I’m a Libra too.

Are you a Libra?

To know where or not you belong to the seventh zodiac sign is all based on your birthday.

People born between September 23 - October 22 are Librans.

Why is it important to have a basic of who a Libra is?

Before we can uncover why Libras are so easygoing, we need a basic understanding of the sign.

Understanding the sign as a whole will allow us to know what makes a Libra a Libra.

They aren't the only easygoing sign in astrology, so it's important to be aware of their distinguishing features.

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What do Libras symbolize?

The symbol for Libra is the scales.

The scale symbolizes balance and equality in aspects of life.

It speaks to the Libras' need for balance.

What’s a Libra’s cardinal sign?

Libras are cardinal air signs. Air signs are ever-changing intellectuals with a strong social presence.

They are free spirits that can’t be contained and have no desire to be.

In the true nature of air, these signs like to fit in wherever they please and leave just as easily too.

Compared to the other air signs, Libras are like a calming breeze of fresh air.

They use their qualities for keeping harmony.

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What are Libras like?

Libras are social butterflies that love peace and all things beautiful.

They always aim to keep harmony at all costs.

This easy-going zodiac sign isn’t scared to speak their mind even though they hate confrontation.

The main reasons why Libras are so easygoing are:

1. Libras live for balance.

Their love of balance is what allows them to be so easygoing.

They don’t feel like they need to be the center of attention all the time.

Libras are more than willing to move over, so someone else can enjoy the spotlight.

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2. Librans are very cooperative.

Libras are always willing to compromise.

Their willingness to compromise comes from how uncomfortable conflict makes them.

Libras want to find a solution with little to no conflict because of their easy-going nature.

3. Libras are diplomatic.

Fairness and truth are very important to Librans.

Sometimes they have to say things that aren’t easily said.

The way they go about expressing unpopular opinions is very diplomatic in nature.

Libras do so without stirring up tension because they are easygoing.

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4. Libras know when to be introverted or extroverted.

Libras are very extraverted zodiac signs.

They love social interactions, but Libras can be alone too for a little while to recharge.

Whether a Libra is extraverted or not is based on the situation,

5. Libras have a desire to understand.

Instead of being judgemental and critical, Libras try to put themselves in your shows.

They want to understand the perspective of others. In obtaining a better understanding of others, Libras are able to be so easy going.

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6. Libras value communication.

Libras communicate to avoid conflict. Communication brings clarity.

The clarity is how they stay so unbothered and easygoing.

7. Libras are patient.

Libras are very indecisive and take forever to make a decision on big things, and sometimes even small things.

They understand people needing their time to make decisions because of their indecision.

This is what allows them to be so easy going when things feel like they’re taking forever.

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8. Libras are laidback.

Since Libras tend to be emotionally unattached, they don’t let little things bother them.

Things don’t bother them as much because their emotional investment is low. Libras are very easy going.

9. Libras are great listeners.

When Libras aren’t talking, they’re listening.

They listen to understand.

Whatever you tell them will be handled in a tolerable manner.

Libras aren’t ones to have over the top dramatic reactions.

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10. Librans are effortlessly charming.

They don’t try hard to be crowd-pleasers, they just are.

Since Libras are ruled by the planet of love, Venus.

This makes it easy for them to get others to fall in love with them.

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