What The Mercury In Libra Transit Means For Your Love Life & Relationships This Month

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What The Mercury Transit In Libra Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships This Month

As Mercury shifts into the air sign of Libra on September 5th, we will diplomatically express ourselves and help put any lingering conflicts or confusion to rest.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and thought processes. Depending upon what zodiac sign he's transiting through, we end up seeing this difference arise in our own lives.

This is one of the fastest-moving planets in the zodiac, and he can shift signs around every three weeks, but only when he's in his normal orbit and not involved in a retrograde.

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The Mercury transit in Libra is a time to not only find that middle ground with our partners, but also make peace with any lingering situations that have resulted in us not being able to move away from our past and into our future.

This is just one more step in many of the big life changes we’re seeing collectively this year.

Meaning of the Mercury in Libra Transit

This entire transit is all about working on our one-to-one relationships, and being able to effectively communicate our feelings and thoughts.

Mercury is known to affect the way we communicate with others; however, it also affects how we think just as much, which means we’re going to be on an internal journey to find balance in our lives as well. In many ways, this transit is about walking our walk, and being able to not just leave the past behind but make that path forward.

Libra is known as the sign of justice and is represented by the symbol of the scales. The energy associated with this sign is one of fairness, and it holds a great value for balance in all areas of lives — specifically, our romantic relationships.

When we think of balance in terms of our relationships and life, it can differ for many, but there is one strong theme that carries over and fuels this path for all of us. This is the feeling of fulfillment.

When we are in balance, we are fulfilled. This means that we hit upon the major areas of need in our life — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When we are feeling fulfilled in each of those areas without being pulled to put more in one compartment than another, we have achieved balance.

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But the trick that life teaches us is that balance is fluid. Some days we might run a 5k, while others physical fulfillment looks like Ben & Jerry’s and a warm salt bath.

This is what it means to be human, and also what it means to practice self-love, because balance is only achieved when we know that we deserve to have our needs met. We know that it’s not selfish to care for ourselves first because then we end up having more to give, depending upon the situation.

With Mercury in Libra, there will be a strong connection to our romantic relationships because this air sign is one of the rulers of Venus, the planet of love. So even though this will affect any type of one-to-one relationships, it will likely affect those that we are romantically involved with even more, which is something to be aware of.

For many of us, we know that there are conversations to be had, and now will feel like the perfect time to do just that.

Challenges of the Mercury Transit in Libra

First, Mercury isn’t always retrograde as the memes like to say, and right now is one of those times. He’s neither pre-shadow nor post-shadow, so there is no trickery about this planet at the moment.

But that doesn’t mean this transit will be all lovey dovey conversations; in fact, it might be the one transit this year that confirms the relationship we’re in is not the one we’re meant to be in! This is because — while Mercury in Libra is great for creating balance with a partner, or for figuring out how to meet our own needs and those of others — it’s also a transit that is going to painfully make us aware of what is out of balance.

This is going to look like more frustration, especially with the ongoing Mars-Saturn square that is going to be exact for almost three months.

For part of this transit with Mercury, we will see Mars turn retrograde himself, inspiring us to take action and course-correct.

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The major theme this year has been our home and family life, which means that even though this transit might bring some unbalanced truth with it to those relationships we have, it will especially impact those who are living with their partners or are in a more serious, committed relationship.

In all likelihood, this also means it’s going to be infusing long-term relationships, rather than those that just got together over the past few months.

When we feel this truth come in (and it’s a when, not an if), the best thing to do is sit with it for a moment. Pause in it. See if it feels like something that is yours to carry or if it’s your partners, and then bring it up.

But don’t forget that, sometimes, the only way to bring balance back into our lives is to leave some situations and relationships behind.

Opportunities & Benefits of Mercury in Libra

Even though there may be some rough patches ahead, the biggest opportunity that this transit brings is the ability to make the best of the most difficult conversations.

This is an amazing gift for us. So many right now are aware that their lives will be changing in the future; they know that having conversations with important people in their lives includes past or to-be partners.

Even though these conversations are crucially important for living our truth, they are never easy. But the silver lining is this Mercury in Libra transit.

If one transit could make those difficult conversations better, it’s this one. Mercury in Libra helps us not only know what to say, but to do it with grace and love.

This transit lets us speak on our truth and what we need to say, without sounding accusatory or hurtful. Now, bear in mind that we are never responsible for the emotional weight or reaction of another, even someone that we love.

While this transit makes it easier, it doesn’t mean the other person will welcome the new information, regardless.

But this is part of our process for this year. It's part of putting our pasts to rest and bringing peace into our lives so we can move forward in faith, instead of in fear.

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