What Saturn Turning Direct In Capricorn Means For Your Relationships & Life Changes In 2020

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What Saturn Turning Direct In Capricorn Means For Your Relationships & Life Changes In 2020

Since turning retrograde on May 11th, Saturn has asked us to review the changes we want to create in our lives. So, with Saturn direct occurring on September 29th, we will take some very definitive steps forward.

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of boundaries, karmic lessons and divine timing.

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Since May, we’ve likely felt that many of our plans were delayed or challenged. It’s been frustrating, but it’s also part of the plan to realize that it all happened for a reason, even if it was only to ensure we tied up loose ends.

What Saturn Direct Means

The really interesting thing about Saturn is that he actually began his cycle in Aquarius already last March, including when he first turned retrograde in May.

But on July 1st, as part of this current cycle of review, he dipped back into Capricorn, which may also be the time that many of us began to notice those delays in the plans we had created.

Saturn has been in Capricorn since December 19th, 2017 — almost three years by the time we see him completely end his cycle this year. But this also means this is the final cycle in Capricorn for this planet until 2050, so this is the major Saturnian cycle of most adult lives.

Because this is the last retrograde of this cycle, it means that this is when class is called into session.


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This past retrograde, in particular, was when we were asked to really learn some of those major karmic lessons that are part of our soul contracts.

As this planet is now turning direct and we’re moving into about three months of action-orientated energy before this planet leaves Capricorn, this is the time for us to make sense of the past three years.

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How Saturn Direct in Capricorn Affects Life Choices

Saturn is the second planet to turn direct after Jupiter did on September 12th, and with the Lord of Time and Karma now direct, it means we have to actually make some big decisions and choices.

As much as we likely complained in the past few months about the delays we were feeling, they also provided us with an extension. We had some really good reasons to not act and allow ourselves to sit, process and reflect, because we quite literally couldn’t move.

But all that is changing with Saturn turning direct, which means we no longer have any excuses as to why we shouldn’t.

Saturn direct and in Capricorn is still going to feel heavy because now is the time when we are asked to make choices based on what we’ve learned over the last three years.

These are decisions based in healing instead of wounding. But to do that, we have to let go of our identity that was wrapped up in our wounding. We have to be ready to let go of whatever we’re holding onto that is hurting us, trusting that something else will come in.

Part of this is due to the bigger mission behind this transit that we’re now seeing come to fruition.

Saturn in Capricorn has asked us to review the foundations of our lives since 2017. Not just personally — think career, relationship, and life direction, but also collectively.

Capricorn is an earth sign and one that is wonderful for helping root us deeply so we can take our time building strong connections that withstand anything.

But there is a dark side to this zodiac sign. Capricorn can sometimes get so sidetracked with completing or accomplishing something that he doesn’t stop to consider if it’s something he should still put effort into.

For many of us, we’ve been evaluating what we’re putting our energy into over the last three years, and if the structures we’ve been building are those that will support us in the coming years.

The biggest challenge with Saturn turning direct is to have faith in the decisions we’re making, not just to trust the universe but to trust our own growth.

While there are still four planets retrograde right now — and we're also prepping for a Blue Moon in October (which means there will be two full moons), and another Eclipse Season beginning in November — we’re still being called to act.

Saturn teaches us that the biggest changes happen slowly, but they still do happen.

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How Saturn Direct in Capricorn Affects Relationships & Success

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to take that first step. This is the message and the gift of Saturn turning direct.

We already know we’re in the astrology of 2020 for the long haul, and that we’re only beginning many of the actual path changes coming our way, especially in our romantic relationships.

But with Saturn turning direct, we’re being given the green light to move forward.

It’s likely we’ve become very clear on what supports our purpose and chosen direction in our lives, and what doesn’t.


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Part of this past three-year cycle was us realizing that just because we want something to be true, doesn’t make it actually so. Instead, we’ve been asked to trust, to stop fighting so hard, and instead allow the universe to show us where we need to go, making sure we’re not the one getting in the way of our own happiness.

Now that Saturn is turning direct, it’s go time.

It doesn’t matter that the astrology will throw some punches these last few months; it doesn’t matter if we have it all figured out; it only matters that we allow ourselves to be the people we’ve grown into over the past few years.

Most of all, we must realize that when a lesson is learned, we don’t hang around wishing it was different. We accept it, we act upon it, and we move on to set ourselves free.

With Saturn turning direct on September 29th, and the first Full Moon of October (Aries) on the 1st, expect a marked change in energy for next month.

This is ushering in a phase of an entirely new way of living. One where we accept the lessons learned with gratitude, and instead of avoiding or ignoring situations, we face them head-on.

Trust that if we receive the best we deserve, it begins with showing up as our best self.

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