What The October Mercury Retrograde & Zodiac Sign Horoscopes Mean For Your Relationships

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What The October Mercury Retrograde & Zodiac Sign Horoscopes Mean For Your Relationships

Mercury, the planet that rules our communications and thoughts, will turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th, lasting until November 3rd.

During this three-week Mercury Retrograde period, we have to be wary of communication, plans changing, exes returning, as well as an opportunity to course-correct so we can finally step off the hamster wheel of lessons we have been on.

Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates

The year 2020 has a total of three Mercury Retrogrades:

While we have already experienced the first two in February and June, the next retrograde occurs on October 13th.

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What Mercury Retrograde Means

When a planet turns retrograde, it means that it slows down so much while beginning a new cycle that it appears to travel backwards, and from our point of view here on Earth it actually does.

This is why, when we are looking at the entirety of a retrograde cycle, we consider the pre-shadow, retrograde, and post-shadow cycle, because each of them holds an important significance and lesson for us.

There are two points of reflection for this retrograde to give us hints of what is to come.

The first is the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from October and November of 2019. The reason this is especially significant is because we will be once again crossing over and reviewing 11 degrees Scorpio.

In the case of 11 degrees Scorpio, it suggests there is something we have struggled with since last year that we may need to remove ourselves from. But as with any rescue, the first step is admitting we need help.

Reflecting back to October 11th to December 7th of last year, we can see where we felt underwater, out of control, or as if we were drowning with no way to escape. While the truth may not be gentle, it is something that is coming up for a reason.

The second point of reflection is September 23rd, which was when this fast-moving planet initially entered the retrograde zone. This means that anything that occurred during this time, including conversations, will likely be a focus for this retrograde period and relate back to last year as well.

Uranus is particularly active with this retrograde, which means this retrograde phase will bring dramatic and likely unexpected change.

There are three times that Uranus makes an exact opposition, meaning they are opposite to one another, to Mercury. These dates could be especially significant in terms of communication, revelations, and decisions.

Dates to watch for: October 7th, October 19th, November 17th

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How Mercury Retrograde Affects Relationships

Mercury retrogrades are famously known for bringing back exes into our lives. Sometimes it is for reunions, while other times it is for greater clarity so we can feel like we have reached the holy grail of breakups: closure.

But there is more to a Mercury retrograde than just bringing back the one that got away.

We have to be mindful of any agreement or contract we entered into during a Mercury retrograde, as it will come back up for review again. Especially this one, as we are revisiting the same degrees as last October/November.

This is a gentle way of saying that relationships or marriages that begin during a Mercury Retrograde will likely not last, at least in the way we think. Sometimes it is a transition to friends, co-parents, or just the realization that the feelings we believed were there never really were.

During this Mercury retrograde, we have to be mindful of a few different things.

The first is that anything that began romance-wise from October 11th to December 7th of last year will be something we are asked to revisit. Whatever we have to reflect on is something we have felt stuck within for some time.

As this year is all about change, karma, and leaving those cycles behind, that also means many of us are asked to leave people behind.

But there is a silver lining.

While Mercury retrograde is not a great time to enter into a brand new relationship or to unexpectedly take things to the next level, it is a great one for revisiting an old love affair that we could not quite get over. Many times, it takes the stars aligning to get it just right.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Career

We are not thinking clearly during a Mercury retrograde, especially if it is a new idea or plan we are hatching, so it is best to go slow around this time.

While we can have many opportunities come up, hold off making a final decision or signing anything until after November 19th.

This is not because anything is going to spell disaster if we do not, but if we do not want to review or reevaluate something, take this time to do as much research as possible to feel confident in making a decision in our careers that resonates with what we want.

Usually, we are cautioned to be wary of signing contracts during a retrograde, but it is especially true for this one. Be mindful of signing anything in particular around the dates of October 16th to November 15th.

If you cannot avoid it, recognize that it only means at some point your contract will come up for review, whether that means negotiating a higher wage and more benefits or terminating it altogether.

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Mercury Retrograde Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign

No matter your zodiac sign, this Mercury Retrograde is set to shake things up in one way or another.

Aries Horoscope

Aries, reflect on what is holding you back. This may be something outside of yourself or even your own beliefs.

Be prepared to do the difficult work of moving past these blocks so you can move forward. 

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus, being so grounded is an asset, except when you are trying to pretend that something (or is it someone?) does not exist. Be prepared to spend time being uncomfortable, because that is the only way through this retrograde.

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini, you can spin it anyway you want, but that does not make it true. Be ready to get into the messy grit of your own truth, including what you may have tried to lie to yourself about

Cancer Horoscope

You love caring for those who are important to you, Cancer, but remember that you do not get to avoid dealing with your own needs in the process.

If you are not happy, no one else will be either. Be prepared to do some deep reflective thinking and care for yourself as deeply as you do those around you. 

Leo Horoscope

All that shines is not gold. That is the saying, right Leo? You tame your bright and sparkly walls that look so good, and what is left?

This retrograde will be a reality check for whether you have gotten so caught up in appearances you forgot substance matters, too. 

Virgo Horoscope

You can think your way through anything, Virgo. You can plan, create lists and use logic, but can you say how you really feel? That takes vulnerability and guts.

Be prepared to embody both, because there is no other way to get what (and who) you want without getting in touch with your heart.

Libra Horoscope

Practicality has its purpose, but have you allowed your life to change along with you, Libra? You have come into your own this year, so do not ruin that by not making the necessary external changes in your life that stick.

Be ready to deal with the muck of living your truth out loud, even if it throw others off. 

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio, you like your secrets, but sometimes you keep things to yourself a little too well. So, be prepared to get real.

This is about you facing the truth of who and what really matters. Not feeling ready? Too bad — the Universe is! You will be happy once you have, even if you kick and scream along the way, because a better life begins with being a better, well... you. 

Sagittarius Horoscope

You can dream, Sagittarius, but can you do? This is a little bit about walking your talk, and a whole lot about allowing yourself to live that life you dream of.

Excuses are so 2019, and this time it feels like you finally know that, so the rest is up to you. It may be challenging, but there is no question about if it is worth it or not.

Capricorn Horoscope

Whether you want it to happen or not does not mean it will not, Capricorn. Do not waste your energy in trying to patch that hole in the dam when others are springing up around it.

A lot is falling apart, breaking away and changing forever. Focus on the building of the new, and why change scares you so much to begin with. 

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius, not dealing with someone can be a way to deal with it; in your case, it is really just going to make the issue bigger. Whatever this issue or problem is, it will not solve itself.

You will not magically wake up and not have to do the really hard thing. So, do it. Face it. Breathe into it and then let go knowing you did the best you could. 

Pisces Horoscope

Maybe fish do not run, but they do swim. You cannot avoid your truth by escaping, Pisces. You cannot avoid growth by turning your back, and you cannot avoid exposing your most sensitive parts by pretending you do not have any.

In order to have that life you want, you need to be prepared to do what scares you the most. Your heart will thank you. 

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