What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Eclipse Season?

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Eclipse Season? getty

Each year there is an eclipse season where the Sun or Moon's light is interrupted, and each takes place during a seasonal change typically around theNew or Full Moon phase.

Solar and lunar eclipses are celestial events that take place along the ecliptic plane when the Sun and Moon are in perfect alignment but the light is blocked from visibility to planet Earth.

What is the spiritual meaning of eclipse season?

Spiritually, solar and lunar eclipses are times of reflection. You can look at your life and decide what's bothering you about yourself.


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Depending on what phase the Moon is in, it can imply letting go of what you want or taking a new direction in your personal life, romantic life or career.


Everything will be a lot clearer and you will be able to see things as they are during the time when the Moon shines the brightest.

So, if you don't like something you see, it's a great time to make changes and motivate yourself to try new things.

Sometimes you really need to pay attention to the eclipses of both the Moon and the Sun because it can indicate that your emotions may fluctuate or you may experience better than normal times or difficult situations.

It's kind of shocking how the Moon and the Sun can hold such power over our lives.

If you don't know what's going on with the Moon, and life is chaos, and then you find out about the position of the Moon and Sun, it probably will start to make a lot more sense.


Your emotions can get thrown off and things happen that just seem to be crazy.

But, the Sun and the Moon are very real reasons as to why things may be happening.

Spiritually, during eclipses, it's a great time for you to really be aware of your internal emotions and be a bit more aware of the situation.

Accept your past for what it was and start to let things go so you can move forward into the next lunar/solar phase without any past baggage.

So, take each moment as they come so that you can find a better sense of happiness in life.

Life may throw you curveballs, but it will be OK in the long run.

You just have to believe in yourself and that there is a reason you are feeling the way you are right now.


All you can do is go with the flow and remember that there are going to be good times to come soon for you.

Let your heightened emotions help you see the world, situations, and experiences in a whole new light.

Because sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective for you to feel better as a whole and then you can see things better than before.

Never be afraid to see where life may lead you because soon the Moon, stars, planets, and the Sun will align in the best way to bring you the greatest form of happiness that you could ever find.

Here's what eclipse season means spiritually:

1. Solar eclipses promote our true will and our greatest qualities.

We are able to organize our energies internally and externally during this eclipse.


The Sun promotes consciousness of ourselves and our motivation to really work on ourselves.

This type of eclipse usually brings to light the consequences of our past actions.

2. Eclipse season is about heightened awareness.

How we have responded to certain situations is also brought to awareness during this time because of how we manage our emotions is being looked at.

Everything we do has consequences, which realizing these consequences during a solar eclipse can bring great relief.

So, instead of being blindsided by the consequences of your actions, a solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to consciously look at your past experiences and make corrections to your actions.


3. It's time to plan and begin something new.

Both a solar and lunar eclipse spiritually means that it's time to start over or try new things.

When you see an eclipse, it's a signal to pay attention.

Some say it's a spiritual bell going off that reminds you how important it is to get out and really think about what you need out of life.

4. What's hidden comes to light during eclipse season.

What is the spiritual meaning of a lunar eclipse?

The Moon also brings hidden feelings to the surface and the Moon makes you acknowledge them because it shines a brighter light on those emotions.

Eclipses are the point where an emotional cycle comes to an end and you are about to enter a whole new emotional period.


What should you do spiritually during each eclipse season?

This is a great time to emotionally cleanse.

It's a powerful time and you will feel rejuvenated.

The shadows created by this eclipse will shine a light on what we keep buried deep down within.


It's a way of resetting yourself and this use of the Moon helps point you to where you need to be.

At the time of a lunar eclipse, it may even be a great time to move away from what's comfortable and safe so that you can really grow into yourself.

It's important for you to stay present in your everyday life during this eclipse so that you can stay present and adaptable to any situation that comes your way.

Also, letting go of the past, you can open yourself up to new forms of inspiration.

It's a great time to dream big and see where you can go in life.

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