The Personality Traits Of The Libra Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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Eminent personality traits: LIBRA

As it goes, Libra is associated with balance, and the symbol of the Libra zodiac sign is the Scales. This air element in astrology is one to get along famously with Gemini and Aquarius.

Libra has a humorous approach to life as they are always trying to see the bright side. Similar to Virgo, this sign also carries the trait of perfectionism, and you can see this show up in their homes and in their personal style.

Libra is the Marie Kondo of the signs, always looking to find the right place for everything in their lives, including emotion and mental state. They crave balance and do whatever they can to maintain the peace amongst friends and family. They are the go-to "referee" when a judge is needed.

While every sign in the zodiac has negative traits, they are balanced with positive personality traits. And for those born between September 23 and October 22, these traits describe Libra perfectly.

  • Fair, level-headed, balanced
  • Neat, stylish, clean
  • Daring, nervy, nervous
  • Charming, thoughtful, easy-going
  • Funny, intelligent, clever
  • Fearful, untrustworthy, inconsiderate
  • Liars, fear mongers, gaslights
  • Posessive, snotty, snobbish
  • Cold, inattentive, passive
  • Unoriginal, thieving, fraudulent 
  • Self-hating, neurotic, uptight
  • Sexy, attractive, elusive
  • Non-commital, solo, diplomatic

But what about the other aspects of Libra's personality and life? From zodiac compatibility to career to physical ailments, there's more than meets the eye with this zodiac sign.

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What is Libra like in love?

Libra is more interested in the beauty a love relationship can bring, more than the person themselves. Libra cannot commit to any kind of monogamous partnership, and when they do, tears will flow.

They are great in the beginning but cannot stick to the program. Libra has a "wandering eye" and it's very hard for them to maintain loyalty in a love relationship.

What is the best business/career/work for Libra?

Naturally lazy, Libra prefers to be his or her own boss. They do not take well to being demanded of, and they will outright reject an idea they cannot be part of. And in a work situation, that's not very good.

Libra wants to be the boss, and often times that's the only kind of career they choose. You will find Libra in the arts, where they can enjoy the beauty they so adore, and deal less with the people they hate so much, which is everyone.

How does the Libra zodiac sign raise a family?

They will do their part and hold the family together if need be, but Libra is not born to start families, only to participate in what's needed, family-wise. Yes, they fall in love and start families, but family life is only an obligation to Libra.

If they must participate, they will, but their preference is to be rid of family life so they can go about their day doing what they want, rather than feeling obligated to take care of some family they never asked for.

What health issues or ailments plague Libra?

You could say that Libra is the nervous wreck of the zodiac — they tend to break out, have skin irritations, and high blood pressure. Many Libras find themselves on medications to deal with depression and anxiety. They tend to have severe stomach problems that all revolve around stress and anxiety.

Known for balance, they are radically imbalanced in their self-care, and tend to overeat, smoke and drink, causing further health problems. They are always in some kind of trouble when it comes to stress.

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How creative is the Libra personality?

They are extremely artistic and creative, and you can find Libra living happily within the context of the arts. Left alone to their own device, Libra will spend hours on a painting — whether it's on a canvas or on a wall — talking to themselves and basically enjoying the alone time.

They spend much of their down time creating little things, and crafting is big with Libra. They rarely finish their creations, however, because they cannot commit to completing a project, in the same way they can't commit to a person.

What kind of lover is Libra?

It's a lot of talk and promise with Libra, as they are still part of that group that believes telling people your good in bed is... cool? Once in the sack, Libra is average — just as good as any other human being, but still somewhat of a letdown as they build themselves up as the world's greatest and most caring lover before you go to bed together.

They like sex with everything that walks, and they rarely say no. They love variety and all body types, and they cannot resist sex if its offered to them — by anybody. This is why they do not commit to one person only; they will cheat, it's a guarantee.

How does Libra handle their finances?

Stingy and selfish, Libra keeps all the toys to themselves. They are hugely into buying themselves expensive gifts, and if they are pushed to work for the money it takes, then they'll grab a part time job to suit their purpose.

However, they have such a thirst for rare and beautiful "things" that they need to continuously raise money to get these things. They love to hoard products and buy frivolously.

How spiritual is the Libra sign?

You'll find Libra into anything if there's a pretty picture involved. They aren't just into religion or spirituality; they love the spirit of beauty and art. They find spirituality in music, in nature, in great books. If there is a spiritual path that shows up in gorgeous art or beautiful statues and relics, Libra is more interested.

Whether they believe in a god or not is irrelevant; their spirituality must rise above, and they must know that whatever path they choose to be on, it must contain pretty visuals.

How does Libra act in everyday life?

They are loners and hard to know. This tends to act like a magnet for those looking for a mystery. Libra is the mystery everyone wants to unravel... except for Libra, who wants no one to know who they really are. They are kind, sweet, gentle... and vicious.

Libra is not the sign to be trusted, especially with love and matters of the heart. They are people-pleasers, and this means they will tell you anything to shut you up. Day to day life with Libra is about showing off what they just bought and the shutting down the conversation when they tire of it... or you.

What conflicts does Libra involve themselves in?

Having Libra as your enemy feels terrible at first, until you realize you've just dodged a bullet. Libra is a nasty foe, and they do it all in silence. Libra is the sign that shuts you down permanently; they are big on ghosting friends and lovers, never to be heard from again. They do not care, and once they've decided you're on the "outs" to them, you are gone with the wind.

Libra fights with the silent treatment. You'll never get a fight out of them; they will simply drive you to drinking by agreeing with you to death and then shutting down all communication. Remember, this is the sign of the liar — and no one lies harder than Libra.

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