10 Things You MUST Know About Loving A Hopeless Romantic

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romantic cuddle

We're hot then we're cold, we're yes then we're no... But here's how to make it worth your while

Have you fallen in love with a hopeless romantic? Those beautiful, idealistic, sentimental beings that believe in love over all else?

As a hopeless romantic myself, I know it can be a rollercoaster. You may have already noticed that we can either be the easiest person to please, or the most difficult. It can be overwhelming, but it's worth it! But here are a few pointers to help keep that ride smooth! Buckle up!


1. They go nuts for small gestures.

Any little thing. A sweet text, sneaking up on them for a hug, a handwritten note, flowers, all that jazz! Do something special for them out of the blue, and you won’t regret it. It doesn't have to be all the time, but come on, you know you want to see that smile!


2. You have to be careful with surprises.


Whether it’s good because it’s extravagant, good because there was a lot of thought put into it, or good because of the effort, just make sure it’s good. Their imaginations will run wild if you let them know you have a surprise planned for them, so have all your bases covered!

Not only that, but since their imaginations can run wild, don't be surprised if they guess the surprise beforehand, which, I know, can totally take the fun out of it.


3. They can get carried away.


When they plan something, don’t be surprised if they go all out. Handmade gifts, heartfelt letters, extra special dinners, dozens of reminders of how awesome you are and how much you're loved.

4. They will romance you like nobody’s business.

They give as good as they get, and often times better. They get just as much enjoyment from romancing as they do being romanced. Sometimes being with them can be like living out a movie dream. Enjoy the bliss of it!

5. They like creative dates as much as classics.


From dinner and a movie, to paintball and skinny dipping. Having fun with you is what it's all about!

6. If they don’t get some romantic gestures from time to time, it can really bum them out.


For romance to work, it has to go both ways. If one person is doing more than the other, a sense of neglect can arise.

7. They have plenty of fantasies they’ll want to live out.


Hey, let's go to an Italian restaurant and share a plate of spaghetti, huh? :D


8. They know romance is the best part of any movie.


Don't be surprised to hear giggling while they snuggle up during a rom-com. That's what happens when you let your heart take the lead!

9. If there isn’t blatant romance, we can get creative ...


So no, you don't ALWAYS have to watch romantic movies. Hopeless romantics know how to make their own movie magic!


10. Take special care of their hearts. They’re just as emotional about heartbreak as they are about love.

Being a hopeless romantic means you love openly with an open heart. So be careful with it. Even if they love you, if they have to leave you, they will. And trust me, you'll miss that beautiful, silly romantic.