3 Zodiac Signs Who (Always) Have The Best Love Life During Libra Season

It's a lovely time to be in love!

3 Zodiac Signs Who (Always) Have The Best Love Life During Libra Season

Libra season takes place each year from September 23rd - October 21st. 

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The winter months will soon be here and it's getting colder, so find yourself a cuddle buddy! 

It's always nice to have somebody to hold and love during the winter months.

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Happy couples tend to be even more in love as the holidays approach.

It's a great time for love! 

Here are the zodiac signs who will be lucky in love this Libra season! 


Libra season will be a fun time for you, Gemini! You'll have tons of dates lined up and you'll be getting your flirt on all season long.


If you're into exiting nights and cool dates then this is the season for you.

Your personality will click with a lot of amazing people, but don't expect anything long-term right now. Save that for Sagittarius season. 

The Libra season for you is all about getting to know new people and just seeing where it leads.

You may even catch up with past lovers. Don't be surprised if you discover that a spark is still there. 

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Libra, it's your time to shine! This season is all about you, so make it a great one. A season of love is in your future.

For your birthday season, all you want is a good time and you're going to get it.


This is a time to explore relationships and learn to take them less seriously sometimes.

For example, try date ideas that you've never done before and let go of all the normal relationship pressures. 

You'll be swept off your feet by a hopeless romantic, and I mean super romantic! There's many dinner dates and expensive wine in your future. 

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Your next lover is going to wow you with his brain this Libra season! You'll have a lot in common, but also many differences that allow you to learn new things.


Your new love will have the ability to teach you a lot and you'll feel like he's made you more cultured. 

You're most likely to meet this person somewhere more intellectual like a library or museum. It's also likely you'll meet while traveling, so take a vacation this season!

A foreign lover just might just catch your eye while abroad! 

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