What Justin And Hailey Bieber's Zodiac Compatibility Reveals About Their Relationship

A look at Justin and Hailey Bieber's astrological compatibility, including their zodiac signs and synastry connections.

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In September 2018, Justin Bieber married his long-time friend, Hailey Baldwin, after a two-month engagement. Though the honeymoon phase is over, what makes their marriage work even though their Sun signs aren't compatible with one another? 

Justin is a Pisces while Hailey is a Sagittarius. So even though these two signs have weak compatibility, they could withstand the test of time even though their Sun signs are considered incompatible.


Bieber's date of birth is March 1, 1994, at 12:56 AM, in London, Ontario (Canada).

Justin Bieber isn't any ordinary, emotional Pisces. Sure, the Biebs is a visionary, entrepreneur, and child prodigy, but when it comes right down to it, he breaks lots of rules when it comes down to being judged by his Sun sign. He's a 3-planet Pisces, with two of his planets in Scorpio, which means he has a lot of water in his chart and can be emotionally driven. He also has a Scorpio Rising sign, which means he can be very secretive.

Hailey is a Sagittarius born on November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona. Her birth time is unknown.


Hailey Baldwin is a celebrity who betrays some traits that are often presumed when talking about a Sagittarius Sun sign, too. Hailey's Neptune and Saturn are in Capricorn, which means she can support another person's dreams even when they don't match her own. She's able to compromise and settle down when need be. With her Libra Venus sign, Hailey can empathize well with another person's needs. She's able to help promote well-being and healing because Venus is able to see all sides to a situation, not just her own.

You could say that their relationship isn't a good match, astrologically speaking. She'll be too hot for a water sign to handle. He'll be too hurt when her desire to be her own person seeps in and could trigger abandonment issues in a sensitive Pisces.

However, there are synastry aspects in their charts that contradict that surface-level incompatibility.

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Hailey's Mars sign squares Justin's Sun sign.

Justin's Mars squares Hailey's Sun. This synastry aspect can create some friction and not all of it may be fun. Indeed, this connection indicates an electric soulmate connection with tons of energy and spark.

The risk here is that Justin may have demands on Hailey in the future that could cause her to feel her own individual spark being contained by his desire to keep her corralled. Hailey will be the more free-spirited in the pairing. If Hailey does not have a chance to maintain her independence in the ways she needs, it could lead to feelings of aggravation from Justin and building resentment for Hailey.

They will especially need to work on their communication with each other to avoid some of the darker aspects of their relationship, which would tend to be catalyzed by misunderstanding. When conflicts do happen, they may tend toward fiery displays of ego battles. They would do well to spend extra time listening to each other carefully and thoughtfully to solidify the relationship for long-term happiness.


Of course, we should look much further to see where their success points are strongly placed; that will show how other aspects can counterbalance ones such as the Square between her Mars and his Sun.

Her Saturn Rx in Taurus is connected to his Pluto in Scorpio.

Saturn retrograde is the making for long-lasting love that is expressed privately and quietly. Justin and Hailey may have a public life, but there will always be a private side to their romance that only they will know about.

Intimacy can be strong in this relationship, and where there are fatal flaws, the potential for slow change by positively influencing one another exists.

Hailey and Justin are mentally well-matched.

Hailey's Sun sign is a Sagittarius; however, in astrology time, she's a 0 degree 46 minute Sagittarian, meaning her Sun is starting to communicate what her purpose is in life at that time.


It takes 12 months of being born in a sign before the traits of that personality are established in the person's personality. The day she was born, the Sun was talking to her Moon sign, which was in 1 degree Taurus, and Jupiter Rx in Aries. Being born just at the planetary ingress of the zodiac sign, Sagittarius is like being wide open to the lessons that are taught in that house.

Sagittarius activates the lessons of the ninth house, which is associated with travel, spirituality, higher learning, religion, and politics. Being born when the planet has not yet had a chance to fully communicate or download that information means she won't have the elements of a traditional Sagittarius. So, her Sagittarian personality is grounded in reality and reflective when it comes to making big changes. She may have more patience and persistence when things get tough.

Her Sun sign brings along the traits of both the Moon and Jupiter. Her Taurus Moon would give Justin the peace of mind his Sun sign needs. When he's anxious when starting something new, he needs someone who can be grounded enough to know that every new idea he thinks of may not be something he will want to pursue. Her Jupiter Rx conjoined to her Sun sign would give her the desire to be his biggest supporter in starting new things, but mentally, she won't be disappointed when it doesn't work out, or if it does.

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Hailey's and Justin's Venus signs have sexual chemistry.

Hailey's Venus is in Libra and Justin's Venus is in Pisces, making them astrologically compatible for a deep even-tempered romantic connection. Venus rules your relationship life and your values. If they have conflicts in their actual personalities, compatible Venus signs can help soften those edges.

Libra is looking to be pleasing to her partner, so creating romantic harmony will be important to Hailey with this aspect in her favor. Justin's Pisces will want to likewise create peace in his romantic relationship with Hailey. Both Libra and Pisces are feminine energy signs and will definitely complement one another with those energies in harmony.

Justin's Sun (his outward personality) squares Hailey's Mercury (her mental space).

This combination can create communication troubles. The two may struggle at times to understand where the other is coming from. Justin will need to be aware of his tendency to overpower Hailey, but if he can keep his pride in check when dealing with Hailey, that will go a long way toward helping them develop healthy communication.

They may have different ideas about what life needs to be for them to achieve happiness, but discussing these topics openly, in the beginning, is the best way to handle issues like the ones present in a square between Sun and Mercury.


Hailey and Justin's communication problems can be resolved with supportive people around them, offering sound advice.

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Their Mars trine Venus synastry match indicates strong physical attraction.

For the couple, they have a lovely trine connection. This is a wonderful placement for sexual attraction chemistry.


They will need to continue to build trust and deep respect for each other; if they can do that, a combination like this can beautifully counterbalance some of the communication issues they are up against. This is the type of connection that can help them to get through more troubled times with more ease. They will enjoy spending time together, exploring their adventurous natures for years to come.

Perfectly, of course, it also indicates a coupling that will take advantage of creative projects together. This aspect gives Justin the upper hand in confident self-assertion, and Hailey is likely to really enjoy Justin taking the lead!

His Ascendant sign matches her Moon sign and is connected to her Saturn and Neptune.

Justin gets what he needs emotionally, mentally, and physically from Hailey. She makes him feel safe in public and in private, all at the same time.

In turn, she needs to dream within safe borders, and this is found in a relationship with him. He gives her the foundation she needs to be creative and free of judgment.


Her Saturn and Neptune signs in Capricorn bring strong financial accountability to the table.

Hailey gives Justin a sense that he can trust her with his money. She may tend to be financially wise and generous with her spending. This could be why it's been reported that there isn't a prenuptial agreement between Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin. If anything, he may be the one who will overspend in their marriage.

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Their life path numbers are in harmony.

Hailey's life path number is 4 and Justin's life path number is 9. As far as numerology is concerned, this isn't often considered an indicator of a successful pairing. Luckily, a lot more goes into compatibility than a single indicator.

A number 4 signifies a person that is grounded in forming a stable life without a lot of ups and downs. Hailey is a Sagittarius, and they are known for their love of excitement that will give her a duality of wanting to experience what life has to offer. The number 4 will give her the ability to be grounded enough to grow a healthy family and be together long-term. Justin's number 9 gives him a strong humanitarian bend, which also loves to experience different cultures and is curious about new perspectives. This will feed her Sagittarian need for adventure.


Their karmic numbers are mutually beneficial.

Justin's karmic lesson numbers are 6, 7 and 8, while Hailey's carries the number 6 alone. This would indicate that together they can work to learn the lessons of the number 6, and Hailey may be able to assist him in his work on resolving the lessons of 7 and 8.

As far as their karmic debt number, they both carry the number 13, meaning they did not use their talents appropriately in a past incarnation and now have a chance together to resolve the karma they created. The number 13 karmic debt would indicate they had misused their talents and forwent spiritual growth for monetary growth in the past. They as a couple are now in a position to use their talents to give back and also deepen their spiritual selves together for the benefit of all.

With both a 6 karmic lesson and specifically a 13 karmic debt, they certainly have lessons in common in this life. Encouraging each other will be a vital ingredient to the relationship's long-term success.


Their expression/destiny numbers are the same.

Justin Drew Bieber has an expression number of 4, and Hailey's expression is also the number 4. This is a great indicator of their mutual destiny and personal expressions.

With a number 4 placement in common, they are likely to want to settle down into married life. Perhaps as time goes by they may find they enjoy having friends and family in their own home for get-togethers. They may find as they mature that they want to spend more time working toward mutual goals.

Number 4 shows that they can both be self-disciplined individuals with a knack for creating systems. Number 4 is a slower number (think more turtle than hare), which is especially helpful to ground Hailey with her Sagittarian Sun sign. This placement puts Justin and Hailey on "solid" ground together.

They may both be a bit stubborn with their own systems of doing things. They should work to develop respect for each other, and the level of perseverance and focus that they can both bring to any project, on their own or together.


They are destined to build something solid — including a marriage.

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