What Zodiac Sign Is Hailey Baldwin?

Hailey is a belieber.

What Zodiac Sign Is Hailey Baldwin? Getty Images

Hailey Baldwin was born on November 22, 1996. Hailey Baldwin is a 23-year-old model who is married to Justin Bieber.

Hailey has a stellium, which is three planets in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

What is Hailey Baldwin's zodiac sign?

According to Hailey Baldwin's natal chart, her Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are all in the same zodiac sign. Her Moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

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Her father is actor Stephen Baldwin, known for his roles in The Usual Suspects and Born on the Fourth of July.

She is the niece of William Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin, and Alec Baldwin.

As a person with a stellium in Sagittarius, she is born to travel, learn and experience adventure.

To learn more about Hailey Baldwin and her zodiac sign, let's look at her natal chart using astrology:

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun gives you insight into your identity, ego, and path in life.

With Hailey’s Sun in Sagittarius, she tends to be very happy, kind, and cheerful.

Sun in Sagittarius people loves being social and making friends.


They also are very adventurous and always want to keep busy.

Sagittarius women are naturally fit and beautiful.

Hailey started modeling professionally in 2014.

She made her modeling debut in a campaign for French Connection.

Later that year, she signed with Ford Models. She then did a popular advertisement for Guess in 2017.

She also did campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

She is also great friends with Kendall Jenner, a fellow model in the Kardashian family.

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Hailey and Kendall often do campaigns and fashion shows together.

They are very optimistic and enjoy the lighter side of life.


They love to have fun, laugh, and get to know others.

They also tend to see the best in everyone and everything since they are so positive.

Sun in Sagittarius people are very curious and love to learn as much as possible about the topics that pique their interest.

It takes a lot to get them angry but they are very quick to forgive and forget. They value their freedom and love to explore.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Moon in Taurus

The Moon rules your emotions, feelings, and moods.

With Hailey’s Moon in Taurus, she likes to know what is going on around her and be in control of situations.

Moon in Taurus people enjoy structure and order.

They like to have a home that makes them feel safe and comfortable and surround themselves with comforting people.


However, they do not like being told what to do but once they have their mindset on something they are stubborn and will work towards their goals.

They tend to be very traditional and that can sometimes bother more spontaneous and free-spirited people.

They don’t like to be taken by surprise or be in situations that they do not have control over. Simply put, they don’t like change.

When it comes to relationships for Moon in Taurus people, they are very romantic and affectionate.

They have a tender side to them and can be very gentle in love.

Although, they sometimes keep their walls up because they are afraid to get hurt.

They also tend to get nervous to make the first move and show interest in someone if they do not know if it will be reciprocated.


However, when they are in love they will support their partner through thick and thin. They are incredibly loyal.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury rules how you communicate, talk, think, understand, and express yourself.

With Hailey’s Mercury in Sagittarius, she tends to dream big and be a very visionary individual.

Mercury in Sagittarius loves to share the ideas of others and take it to the world. Hailey Baldwin has also become a revision host.

She co-hosts James Corden’s late-night show Drop the Mic alongside Method Man.

People, like Hailey with their Mercury in Sagittarius plan for the future and have a pretty positive outlook.


They don’t always pay attention to the small details and instead look at the big picture.

They love to learn about things that pique their curiosity and love to ponder big philosophical questions.

They are at their best when they are making their own decisions and in control of their own thoughts. They do not like being told what to do or how to think.

Mercury in Sagittarius people values freedom and justice.

They generally want the best for everyone and want people to be treated fairly.

They are very inspirational, optimistic, and open-minded. Although, sometimes their optimism can get the best of them and cloud their judgment.

They tend to be honest and upfront with what they are thinking instead of being wishy-washy.


They like to have fun and are very adventurous. In their home, they enjoy a lot of open space to dance, workout, or just do whatever makes them happy.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Venus in Libra

Venus rules what and how you love. Libra zodiac signs are dedicated and committed to family, often marrying their childhood sweethearts.

Hailey is now known as Hailey Bieber because she is currently married to Justin Bieber.

Sagittarius zodiac signs are often attracted to Pisces, and this was the case for Hailey.

She first met Justin Bieber at a fan event in 2009.

Her and Justin then dated from December 2015 to January 2016.

They broke up in 2016 but then got back together years later, in May 2018.


They got engaged in July 2018 and announced that they were married in November of that year.

They got married in a New York courthouse in September 2018 and had a second wedding ceremony in North Carolina a year later.

Hailey and Justin now live together in Ontario, Canada. Hailey and Justin have been known to talk publicly about their relationship.

According to a source from Us Weekly, “Justin and Hailey have been talking more and more about wanting to start a family together.

Having kids in the near future has become a very real conversation between them.”

With Hailey’s Venus in Libra, she likely is very sweet, fair, and committed in her romantic relationships.


Venus in Libra people are very eloquent and mannered in love so sometimes it can seem like they aren’t sincere or emotional.

Although, they are very tender and dislike being insulted, hurt, or embarrassed by their partner.

They value good manners and someone who can express their feelings but doesn’t come on too strong.

They tend to treat their partner justly and are very supportive of their partner.

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Venus in Libra people also have an idealistic view of relationships.

Although, they can become very angry and sad if they feel like their partner is using them and not valuing them.

At times, they allow more controlling and dominating people to push them around.


If you want a Venus in Libra person to like you, it is important that you treat them with kindness.

They also value communication in their relationship, so it is important that they are on the same page as their partner.

They look for equality in their relationships and will treat their partner how they want to be treated.

A person with Venus in Libra’s least favorite quality in their partner is someone who is hostile.

However, they don’t get hot-headed easily and if they are upset with their partner, they may turn their charm on to get the response they want.

However, they tend to be creative types and enjoy a partner who appreciates art, creativity, and beauty in the same way they do.


Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Mars in Virgo

Mars rules aggression and determines how you take action, assert yourself, and how you act when you are angry.

With Hailey’s Mars in Virgo, she likely tends to keep busy and is always working on her goals.

Although they have lofty goals, they are very practical and approach tackling their goals in a very methodological way.

People with Mars in Virgo are excellent multi-taskers because they do not enjoy being bored.

However, they sometimes have too much on their plate. Although, they are very organized and tend to have a specific way they like doing things.

They like having a schedule and to-do lists that help them work towards their goals.


It may take them a while to finish a project though because they like to bounce around from task to task.

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They always have to be busy and don’t give themselves too much downtime because they despise boredom.

They strive to be successful so they are usually perfectionists when it comes to their work.

They also tend to be very kind people and care about others. It actually takes a lot to anger a Mars in Virgo person.

However, when they do get mad they tend to throw a small hissy fit and complain but this stage doesn’t last very long.

Although, they often get very nervous and anxious if they feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed. They need a nice balance to find peace and calm.


When it comes to their sex life, they are very curious and enjoy trying new things with their partner.

They could also be a little shy and reserved at the same time but that is outweighed by their desire to satisfy and please their partner.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter rules optimism, growth, and romanticism.

With Hailey’s Jupiter in Capricorn, things tend to go her way when she is orderly and straightforward.

It is best when she is in touch with her morals and practical side.

People with their Jupiter in Capricorn tend to appreciate responsibility, accomplishment, and stability.

They are usually very resourceful and do not like to waste energy or time. They also value reputation and prestige.


Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Saturn in Aries

Saturn rules restrictions, limits, responsibility, fears, boundaries, and self-discipline.

With Hailey’s Saturn in Aries, she is pretty imaginative and inventive.

Saturn in Aries people are also great at new beginnings and putting their best foot forward when it comes to accomplishing their goals.

However, they are not the best at advocating for themselves or commanding attention to themselves.

They also prefer to stay out of conflict and are sometimes scared to take control of situations.

They often are scared to make bold choices because they are scared it will lead to failure.

They are very strong individuals and do not like to show off their more vulnerable side.


In order for them to gain success, it is important that they embrace making choices and learn from their mistakes.

They must also learn to open up and let their walls down to let others in.

They tend to be very independent because they think that asking for help is a weakness, it is important that they learn to rely on others.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus remains in each sign for seven years, so it rules a generation. It rules innovation, progress, and rebellion.

With Hailey’s Uranus in Aquarius, it is likely that she is innovative and wants to make a difference in the world.

She wants to be a leader and walks to the beat of her own drum, especially when it comes to family, friendship, and community.


Uranus in Aquarius people want to build lasting connections with those around them and interact with people from all walks of life.

They also tend to be very open-minded especially when it comes to connecting and communicating with others.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune remains in each sign for fourteen years, so it rules a generation. It rules imagination and dreams.

With Hailey’s Neptune in Capricorn, she is part of a generation that generally abides by the rules and respects structure and discipline.

They usually have big goals and dreams but their aspirations have to be practical for them to follow through.

Neptune in Capricorn people has to genuinely enjoy what they are doing for them to continue doing it.


They could be very optimistic people but their optimism isn’t what pushes them forward, instead, their practicality motivates them.

If they believe that their goals are worth pursuing then they will pursue it with gusto.

Hailey Baldwin zodiac sign — Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto remains in one sign for up to thirty years, so it rules a generation.

With Hailey’s Pluto in Sagittarius, she belongs to a generation that values and stands by what they believe in.

Pluto in Sagittarius people tends to trust freedom, patience, and peace. They really want to do the right thing and they value honesty.

However, they rebel against beliefs if they do not serve them or those around them.


They also have a very optimistic view of the world and others and believe that most often people will do the right thing.

Although, they could bounce around from one passion to another if they feel like it is not fulfilling for them.

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