Numerology Compatibility: The Best Love Matches For Each Life Path Number

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Ideal love is something many of us strive for.

While we may look at common interests, values, or even our zodiac signs to determine whether or not we'll match well with someone, numerology can be an invaluable component of love compatibility to consider.

Numerology can help you understand which personalities would best match yours in a relationships, as our Life Path Numbers reveal quite a lot about our wants, needs, challenges, and necessary life lessons.

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Your Life Path Number is based on your date of birth. So, before you learn about numerology compatibility, you first have to calculate your own Life Path Number.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

Since your Life Path Number depends on your exact date of birth, you can find yours by reducing that date to a single digit using math. Sometimes, your Life Path Number may be a Master Number (11, 22 or 33) that cannot be broken down into a single digit. Here’s how.

You can find your Life Path Number by following the steps in this example for someone whose birthday is May 11, 1985.

1. First, Convert your birth month to one digit.

May = 5

2. Then, convert your day of birth to one digit.

11 = 1 + 1 = 2

3. Convert your birth year to one digit.

1985 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 23

2 + 3 = 5

4. Finally, add the total numbers from each group.

5 + 2 + 5 = 12

1 + 2 = 3 Life Path

Numerology Compatibility By Life Path Number

Life Path Number 1

Best Matches: 3, 5, 7

Life Path Number 1 is known for being focused but stubborn, and they match best with 3, 5 and 7.

Life Path 3 is creative and can help 1 feel more confident in their goals. Life Path 5 is independent and social, bringing excitement to a relationship. Life Path 7 is spiritual and intellectual, and gives 1 respect and good conversation.

Life Path Number 2

Best Matches: 4, 6

For sensitive and intuitive Life Path Number 2, their best matches see these traits and complement them.

Life Path 4 is patient and can handle 2’s reserved emotions, creating a stronger bond by just listening. Life Path 6 matches 2 with how deeply they feel, and together are a gentle couple.

Life Path Number 3

Best Matches: 1, 5, 9

A social and optimistic artist, Life Path Number 3 has an ideal match in those who share their values and interests.

Life Path 1 is adventurous and responsible, making for plenty of excitement. Life Path 5 is social and communicative, and bring out 3’s competitive nature. Life Path 9’s imagination and spirituality draw these two even closer together in a partnership.

Life Path Number 4

Best Matches: 2, 7, 8

For a relationship to work with hardworking, patient Life Path Number 4, they need someone who brings stability and harmony.

Life Path 2’s sensitivity balances 4’s grounded nature, and their bond is strengthened by their differences. While Life Path 7 is spiritual, their relationship with 4 is based on freedom and leads to lasting love. Life Path 8 is notoriously resilient and hardworking like 4, and they can appreciate the other’s diligence.

Life Path Number 5

Best Matches: 3, 7

Because Life Path Number 5 is so independent and social, yet adaptable to any situation, they mesh well with 3s and 7s.

Life Path 3 complements 5’s outgoing personality, and if they can overcome communication problems, they are a great match. Life Path 7’s spirituality brings growth and positivity to their relationship with 5.

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Life Path Number 6

Best Matches: 1, 6, 9

Life Path Number 6s are the caretakers and teachers of numerology, and need someone who can accept their abundance of love.

Life Path 1’s loyalty is unmatched and steers clear of conflict in a relationship. Life Path 6 is a good match for another 6 because of their high level of commitment and ability to allow the other to express themselves freely. Life Path 9 feels emotions deeply and truly cares about others, which is exactly what 6 wants in a relationship.

Life Path Number 7

Best Matches: 2, 4, 5, 7

Relationships can be difficult for Life Path Number 7 because they can be a bit reclusive and aloof, but they have many compatible matches if they can be vulnerable and trusting.

Life Path 2 is emotional, but can balance 7 out if they put in effort to make things work. Life Path 4 matches 7’s intellect and spirituality, and they simply inspire each other in life. Life Path 5 helps 7 let loose and they connect on an intellectual level. Two Life Path 7s go well together because they have a shared respect and understanding of each other’s needs.

Life Path Number 8

Best Matches: 2, 4, 6

Life Path Number 8 is passionate, confident, and trustworthy, so they really need a partner who is similar in these ways.

Life Path 2 is creative and intuitive, and can bring balance to 8’s life, who is less emotional. Life Path 4 respects 8’s passion, and 8 respects 4’s persistence, creating a relationship built on compromise. Life Path 6 is equally as driven as 8, taking on responsibilities without pushback, which can lead to a life together built on unity, family, and success.

Life Path Number 9

Best Matches: 3, 6, 9

Empathetic Life Path Number 9 is selfless, so they must be careful not to get taken advantage of; luckily, their matches embrace this nature.

Life Path 3 has a strong imagination, just like 9, and are a great match if each doesn’t let their ego get the best of them. Life Path 6 is just as selfless as 9, making for one of the best combinations in numerology. Two 9s together makes for a relationship built on a soulful connection, as long as they don’t become too entranced with their causes.


Your Life Path Number is only one aspect of numerology. To get a more in depth look at both your number compatibility and personality traits, consider getting a numerology chart reading for an overview of your core numbers.

A numerology chart includes other important components of numerology: Life Path Number, Expression Number, Personality Number, Birth Day Number, and Soul Urge Number (or Heart’s Desire Number).

An Expression Number reveals your talents and weaknesses, and is calculated by assigning single-digit numbers to the letters in your name.

A Personality Number reveals how others perceive you, and is calculated by assigning a single-digit number to the consonants in your birth name.

A Birth Day Number reveals any gifts you have, and is calculated simply by the number of the day you were born, and is not always reduced to a single digit.

A Soul Urge Number reveals your deepest dreams and motivations, and is calculated by assigning single-digit numbers to the vowels in your name.

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