Video Of Justin Bieber ‘Yelling’ At Wife Hailey Circulates — A Look At What Actually Happened

What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

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Social media is divided over a viral video that appears to show Justin Bieber yelling at Hailey Baldwin during a recent trip to Las Vegas. 

The video shows Bieber and his wife flanked by security guards as they weave their way through fans and photographers. 

In the clip, Bieber looks impassioned as he points his finger towards Baldwin. As the video circulated, some fans accused the singer of yelling at his wife while others passed off the accusation as an overreaction. 


Did Justin Bieber yell at Hailey in public? 

A look inside the couple’s Las Vegas weekend and reports from fans claiming to have witnessed the interaction may give us some clues as to what exactly is going on in the controversial video. 


The video has divided fans.

The clip was originally posted to TikTok by user Yangeric23 where it amassed over 1.2 million views before the video and the account was deleted. 

Some fans were concerned that Baldwin’s husband was acting aggressively while others believed Bieber was simply excited and speaking expressively to his wife.

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What happened in Vegas between the Biebers? 

The couple was in Las Vegas celebrating Kendall Jenner’s “818 Tequila” brand at an event where tequila shots were flowing, according to reports

Bieber also gave a surprise and rare performance for the crowd at the Las Vegas nightclub where partygoers were celebrating UFC weekend. 


All that is to say that the singer and his wife had plenty to be amped up about which may explain Bieber’s energetic display in the video. 

A look at the video shows that the pair are holding hands during the exchange and Baldwin appears to be smiling. 


Equally, Bieber cannot be heard yelling, though the background noise makes it difficult to hear what exactly he is saying. 

Baldwin also shared a series of Instagram snaps from the weekend including one of her and Bieber kissing, implying that the pair are on happy terms. 

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Why fans think Justin Bieber is rude to Hailey.

Like all celebrity relationships, the Biebers experience their share of scrutiny however, the young couple seem to deal with some particularly harsh rumors. 

Baldwin has consistently had to defend herself against Selena Gomez fans who resent her marriage to Bieber. 


However, fans have also raised concerns about the model’s relationship with Bieber by pointing out some concerning clips of the singer appearing to mock Baldwin, close a car door in her face, and more. 

That said, the couple has remained together through all the scrutiny and it’s possible these out-of-context clips don’t tell the full picture of their seemingly happy marriage. 

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