The Astrology Match That Creates A Magnetic (But Often Volatile) Connection

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There are certain synastry aspects that point to a soulmate connection, while others can be signs of potential red flags.

When two planets square off in synastry, unfortunately, that may mean there's cause for concern. 

With Mars square Sun synastry in particular, the attraction is usually off the charts — even if it is with a tense aspect such as the square. 

Mars square Sun synastry

Mars is what fuels and ignites the passion within us. Meanwhile, the Sun teaches us about who we are and how to step into our light.

Mars square Sun has the potential to bring growth between both parties. It can be a driving force in a relationship because it brings out the competitive spirit between two people in a synastry connection.

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While the sextile and trine encourage one another to go forth and discover themselves, the Square is more abrupt and fearless.

In this dynamic, Mars will push that Sun and if the Sun feels that they are not equipped or prepared, Mars serves as an unwanted wake-up call. Both parties can root for one another without the diplomacy of the trine and sextile.

In this connection, Mars will be loud, bold, and energetic. At times, they can feel like the enemy of the Sun. The Sun can either be repulsed or inspired by Mars’ tactic. Nevertheless, the Sun will feel strengthened and empowered enough to prove Mars wrong.

What makes this connection insatiable is the physical aspect of it.

Mars cannot get enough of the Sun because the Sun represents everything that they desire physically in a partner. Even if there is conflict in other areas, this is what makes the connection magnetic.

For the Sun, Mars is someone that they can respect, admire and look up to. Sun can strive to be a little more like Mars and they will feel very much mesmerized by their qualities including Mars’ strength and bravery.

Both parties need to learn a lot about balance and have mutual respect for this connection to continue in the long term.

Mars and Sun have the potential to bring out the best and the worst in each other. This is why it is important to communicate and establish necessary boundaries when either planet tends to get a little too bold. Although Mars will want to display their control, the Sun does not shy away. After all, both of these placements have their power and will want to establish their control in the relationship.

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This partnership feels timeless and encouraging, especially when there is respect and love. It is a connection that intensified with time because of their attraction, they just simply cannot get enough of each other.

When both parties are evolved and mature, this synastry aspect can make the relationship feel stronger. It is a bond that helps to expound on a solid foundation in a relationship, especially if Venus or Saturn is also involved in the mix, adding a supportive aspect.

Although this connection may not be as romantic as Moon and/or Venus, it can still help a relationship last in the long run. The Sun will know how to shine brightly and Mars will respect them for being themselves as they continue to learn about each other through their years together.

What may begin as an exciting competition, evolves into a bond with teammates that want the best for one another.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.