10 Reassuring Facts About Astrology's Mercury Retrograde Season

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10 Reassuring Facts About Astrology's Mercury Retrograde Season

The next time Mercury goes in retrograde starts July 26th and ends on August 19th.

This year you may have found yourself falling into the astrology rabbit hole and there's so much information to absorb it can be mind-boggling. The area that you probably know relates to your zodiac sign and maybe the astrological symbol that it is associated with. 

So, when you hear that Mercury is in retrograde, chances are that good thoughts don’t come into your mind, especially when you already know that anything going backward, can't be a positive thing. However, there are some reassuring facts that you might want to know about this astrological event that affects your zodiac sign when it takes place in 2018.

First, thing, let's start with the basics. When Mercury goes into "retrograde", this just means that the planet LOOKS as if it is moving backward. Reassuring fact number one to jot down is that it really isn’t.

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Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication and this idea of Mercury Rx influencing your life isn't based on science, it's an astrology phenomenon. So when it goes into retrograde many believe that it causes errors in communication. Mercury in retrograde is blamed for a number of things (bad communication, bad decisions, electronics acting up, etc.) and there definitely is a reason for this.

Sadly, this happens about four times a YEAR! So, lots of opportunities to blame that email for getting sent out a bit late. 

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Preparing for this can be difficult, especially if you don’t keep up with the dates that Mercury is supposed to go into retrograde except that you were told something about it in a horoscope reading. You may not even know how you're supposed to prepare for it, and knowing a bit more about Mercury, the planet itself, according to astrology, may be helpful to you.  


(This year, Mercury goes in retrograde three times. We are only in the first set of dates. At least now you know the next time this event is supposed to occur so you can prepare to the BEST of your ability.)

Just remember that you can’t control everything that happens, but you can try and prepare for it. Allow yourself some flexibility. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. But no, Mercury retrograde will not ruin your life, bad choices can, but of course, you wouldn't do that! 

To help you prepare and feel more comfortable for next Mercury retrograde season, here are 10 comforting facts about Mercury retrograde, according to astrology.

1. Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion.

Mercury retrograde just means that it looks as if Mercury is moving the opposite way than the other planets, but it just moves faster giving it this illusion.

2. Scientists don't acknowledge Mercury Rx, energetically.

Mercury in retrograde is completely centered around astrology. Scientists will agree that the planet appears to be moving in a backward motion, but they do not support the theory that it has a negative impact on your life. 

3. Not all theories about Mercury Rx are the same. 

Some think of it as Mercury “taking a nap” when it goes into retrograde. What it really is meant to do is help you to look over your life in a new way. It's meant to help you.

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4. Poor communication gets blamed on Mercury Rx.

Many people believe this is the reason there is such bad communication during the period that Mercury is in retrograde. Yes, there are some things that energetically happen all the time, and it could happen during Mercury retrograde season.

5. Mercury goes retrograde, often.

Mercury can go into retrograde about 4 times a year, but for 2018 it goes into retrograde 3 times.

6. It does have useful benefits. 

You can make Mercury going in retrograde a good thing for yourself by being careful about the decisions you make.

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7. Gemini rules Mercury. 

Some people sense it when Mercury goes into retrograde more because their zodiac sign may have Mercury influences.

8. It promotes well-though out planning. 

It’s best to plan in advance when it comes to Mercury going in retrograde.

9. Relationships started during Mercury Rx are considered rocky.

Because it's a communication planet, astrologers say that relationships will have a season of misunderstandings. Mercury rules the 3rd House of astrology and that's why there is an association between Mercury, communication, and messages, emails, technology, and all the things people use and do to get a point across. 

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10. Use it to take your time.


It’s not advised to rush into anything when Mercury goes into retrograde. Anything that promotes being cautious or minimizing risks, can't be all that bad, can it?