How The Winter Solstice On December 21 Will Affect Your Life In The Next Few Weeks

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All it takes is one moment to change your entire life.

We have already heard about how big this week is astrologically: we have planets changing signs, planets turning direct after a retrograde, the galactic alignment, and to top it all off, we will celebrate the polarity of the solstices across the world on Thursday, December 21st with the Winter Solstice.

The solstices have a completely different energy than the equinoxes, which affects us, how we feel about our lives and how we see the world.

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During this time of the year, we will naturally become more aware of the idea of balance and how it translates into our everyday lives. Within each of us we have our own center in which we process and feel the world, and we all have individual needs in order to keep this system balanced and operating so we don’t feel overwhelmed.

But depending upon our location, we’re either celebrating the longest day of the year or the shortest, which also affects how we will be operating within our lives in the coming weeks.

For those of us celebrating the Winter Solstice within the Northern Hemisphere, it's a time to go within; a time for reflection, for quiet and for beginning those projects or ideas that need tender nurturing. This means that we will all be drawn more toward home, especially with Venus entering into Capricorn the very next day.

The idea of being the social butterfly bouncing all over town will not be the theme this year with the solstice because we’re really only going to draw toward that which can last longer than the incoming season. Because of the theme of Venus, this coming solstice is to settle down with the one that we truly love.

First in this week, we will have Saturn moving out of Sagittarius and into ambitious and pragmatic Capricorn which will completely change the energy on what we are looking for and how we plan to go about achieving it. But this is just one moment, just one occurrence in a week that likely many of us will remember for the rest of our lives.

Those who are in the Southern Hemisphere will celebrate the longest day of the year and with it the beginning of summer; the energy, while more extroverted, will still be similar because of the influence of Capricorn.

Regardless of where we live, the point of this Winter Solstice is to look at where we still feel unbalanced and to make a concerted effort to not only observe, but also take those steps to correct it. There is also an aspect of self-reflection around this time of the year that will be inviting us to see if we have been limiting ourselves because of our viewpoints and expectations, or if we have been part of the solution and active construction of the life we want to live.

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One important aspect to consider is how the past and future can interact and connect in the present. It seems that sometimes when we move forward or make important changes to our lives, we feel pressured to leave behind who we were in order to become who we want to be. Yet, with this solstice there is a component of not necessarily leaving the past behind but merging it together with the future.

It’s about realizing that sometimes we don’t have to choose between our past and our present; that in the best of situations, we can carry both with us always.

This underlying component and feeling is going to be making it easier for all of us to make these hard choices because it’s going to feel like we no longer have to choose. Within all of us we are made up of stories or puzzle pieces, and regardless of how painful or hard a lesson a particular piece is, it’s still a part of who we are.

We can’t erase our history and expect to know where we want to go. We can’t overlook or forget everything we’ve been through, and there's no clearing the slate. Whether it was a beautiful or a painful moment, each one still brought us exactly to where we were supposed to be.

And right now, we are here, on the verge of something big, something different, a new chapter. For the first time, we don’t have to feel as if we have to change or to leave out important pieces. For once, we are exactly where we are meant to be and because of that, our choices will be different. They won’t be so temporary and we will gravitate toward that which we know will last. It’s a time to commit in whatever fashion or area we are drawn to.

Perhaps the commitment will be to ourselves and our dreams, or maybe it will be toward a dream or goal. It might also be that we need to commit to a particular relationship in our lives as well. The first thing many think of are engagements, but the aspect of commitment runs much deeper than just a ring.

True commitment happens on a soul level; it occurs without a ring, a fancy dress or a piece of paper. It happens because it comes naturally, not just as the next step but as the evolution of two people. Because of the current astrology with Saturn, Capricorn, and Venus, it will feel very natural to move toward that aspect of commitment; it will be what we are craving.

But Mercury doesn’t turn direct until the 22nd, one day after the solstice, which means that even though we are feeling this energy of moving forward, of committing to what matters to us, and for this new and beautiful next chapter, we still have to wait.

However, none of it is in vain, as it all serves a purpose remembering that all it takes is one moment to change the rest of our lives. 

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