How Venus Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Venus moves into Capricorn
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There is no wrong way to begin; the point is just to start.

As an end to the most important week in astrology that we’ve seen all year, Venus moves into Capricorn. This transit also follows the time of the solstice — the time of the year where we celebrate the longest or shortest day of the year depending upon location.

To say that this last full week of December has a lot of important astrology is to put it mildly. Not to venture on the side of the extremist, but in all reality, even astrologers can’t truly predict the short- and long-term effects of all of these transits happening in such close proximity to one another.

But we can look at what is happening and try to see what the planets truly have in store for us during this momentous week in astrology.

What really separates the coming week and this transit is a shift from Sagittarian energy to a Capricorn one by the end of the week. As we begin, five planets including our moon are all hanging out in Sagittarius; this can feel like our foot on the gas pedal but the emergency brake still pulled. We are going to be raring to go, to begin, to start to just go somewhere already.

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But Mercury is still in retrograde until the 22nd as well, which is our metaphorical emergency brake not quite letting us go anywhere just yet. This means that this week, instead of becoming frustrated about why you’re not able to move ahead as quickly as you would like, pause and go over any details or plans that you can.

It also is a time for reflecting and spending the coming days truly looking at what has brought us to this moment in our lives. Perhaps we feel as if we are at the starting line or on a runway awaiting take off, but in truth, even as frustrating as this current pause is, it is necessary.

All of this energy is just setting the stage for when Venus moves into Capricorn at the end of the week. Nothing is a part of anything else, and just like in nature, there is a cause and effect, so too is there one in the heavens. While each planetary movement is important unto itself, it’s about the bigger picture and how all of the happenings work together.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and Capricorn is seen as an ambitious, hardworking sign. After all, its symbol is the mountain goat who never gives up, no matter how high the peak may be.

Sometimes we don’t like to see love as something we have to work towards or on; that in many instances it should just come, and perhaps if it doesn’t, then we begin to wonder if it’s really love. So many times I hear sentiments from people about an easy love, yet what comes to mind is our fascination with love stories on the silver screen.

What romance movie ever has an easy storyline? Which great story doesn’t have first a great obstacle that has to be overcome in order to enjoy the sweetness of love?

The reality is that sometimes those really amazing great loves also require a great amount of work. But it’s not the work of the love itself; rather, setting up the external factors or environment so that the love can work for itself.

This means that we have been struggling on how to make a long-distance relationship work, maybe there are cultural differences that have made us take pause, or maybe it’s just the reality of life making it known in what feels like a fairytale kind of love.

Just because the love is easy doesn’t mean the circumstances always will be.

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Venus in Capricorn likes to remind us why the hard work is always worth it because this transit, more than any others, is about the long game in love. This transit doesn’t care for flirty distractions, one-night stands, or even the one that always provides a good time.

What this movement is all about is commitment and the love that will last a lifetime.

For those born with their Venus in Capricorn, this transit will be felt more strongly that others because of its placement after the new moon, the galactic center being activated, and Mercury just turning direct. It’s like everything in the preceding days is clearing the slate and wiping down the lens that we view life through so that when Venus moves into Capricorn, we will not only see the work we’ve already put in, but will also be prepared to go the remaining distance.

Those with Venus in Capricorn take love seriously and can seem aloof or stand-offish in relationships at times, but only because they don’t go around giving their heart away to just anyone. They only give their heart and effort to those relationships they are in for the long haul, because if anything, this transit’s motto is "Forever isn’t long enough."

Not everyone is on the threshold of amazing love, an engagement or moving in; some are still single and wondering when it’s finally going to be their turn. This transit affects everyone and regardless of whether you’re attached or not, we are going to be drawn toward those deeper, more meaningful connections than the fast and fleeting. This will also be the energy around New Year’s Eve as well, which means those one-night stands just aren’t going to be doing it this year.

This year it’s all about the love, the commitment, and the hard work to actually make it happen.

Love should always just flow, but that doesn’t mean we won’t ever need to actually put in the work to keep it going or help it continue to grow because the truth is, love can last forever... but only if we’re able to believe that it can. 

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