Daily Tarot Card Horoscopes For Saturday, October 28, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign

Daily Tarot Card Horoscope For Sat., October 28, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign
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It's the weekend!

Your daily tarot horoscopes for each zodiac sign are here! When the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, individuals with Aquarius in any of their 12 houses will feel the impact.

Aquarians love to think and they apply their mental power to anything and everything that they do. They are often introverts who love to be at the center of everything. Saturn is in Sagittarius, which means that zodiac signs get big boosts of maturity and growth at this time. When an experience takes place, or a situation arises that intuition nudges to avoid, rather than ignore the signals, some will heed the warnings. 

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The Sun is in Scorpio. Zodiac signs with Scorpio influences in their houses will also turn inward to see what aspects of their lives they need to improve or change. 

Who knows, maybe these two powerful energies have something to reveal about current situations. 

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When you're looking for a little more insight into your daily horoscope, the tarot cards can help. 

There's specific advice that the tarot can provide to gain insight when things are unclear. Check out your zodiac sign for Saturday, October 28, 2017, daily tarot reading and astrology predictions.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Past, Queen of Swords

Present, Knight of Wands

Future, The World

Aries, when it comes to thoughtful and guarded determination you are a powerhouse with a force to be reckoned with. You've been keeping your guards up as you pursue a goal refusing to allow things to stand in the way of you getting what you want. This may have come with some sacrifice. To be so steadfast, you've had to put your emotions on hold and use your mind more. The task could have been slightly more exhausting than you realize, but the outcome is revealing it was worth the effort. 

Now you're ready to see things through more than ever. With knowledge gained from experience, you're positioned to be a greater influence than before. It's your turn to make decisions that not only put you into the conversation but make things happen. Your greatest weakness is a strength: impatience. While it takes force to do what you're doing, the Ram isn't one who likes to wait. Being patient is necessary or else you may find yourself in a situation that's no fun to get out of, not to mention, time-consuming.

You may be traveling soon or perhaps going to business trips nearby to different offices. A part of this journey is coming to a close and you need to remember that even though there are things necessary to start a project, that doesn't mean that same part of the journey remains until the finish line is crossed. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the season of growth and maturation is here. Perhaps the lesson from Scorpio is to look inward at what parts of self no longer benefit you when creativity will be the better resource?

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Past, Four of Pentacles, Reversed

Present, Four of Wands, Reversed

Future, The Empress

Taurus, because of your zodiac sign's life lesson, you can be a little bit materialistic in your focus. It's what makes you a good provider. When you love someone, you like to provide a place of comfort. You appreciate good food and the finer things that life offers. You're not afraid of hard work, and you don't mind spending money, but when things get extreme, you can become a little bit protective over your money, even when no one is trying to take it. This can be negative when you are trying to get close to others. A part of you may not trust their intentions toward you even when they aren't interested in borrowing or spending your hard earned cash.

The Four of Wands indicates that you may be concerned about someone else. Perhaps you're worried that this person isn't as committed to you as you are to them, or your relationship is imbalanced. Your worries are coming out in ways that cause you to react. You might be more guarded about your material possessions because you feel threatened in your area of security. There may be signs at your home life that reveal things aren't as bad as you think they are, but you can't see it. Your feelings are preventing you from realizing things are actually not the way you think.

The Empress wants you to know that you can relax. Things are going to be okay. Your situation will improve and you will get to enjoy what you have and your relationships. There may also be an added benefit coming that will give you a happy distraction. 

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Past, Knight of Cups, Reversed

Present, Queen of Cups

Future, The Fool

Gemini, a relationship or situation didn't turn out the way that you wanted. You might still be dealing with the impact of the fall out on an emotional level and the feelings have gotten the best of you. As the sign of the Twins, this can be a troublesome experience since you tend to see things come from miles away, so the situation caught you off guard and stirred up your trust issues. 

In part, the Queen of Cups reveals that the problem is your kindness and how you handle others. There's a side of you that wants to help others get ahead. You don't like to see people suffer. You try to be understanding and then you get taken advantage of. The problem isn't that you are kind, the trouble is found when you ignore your instincts and the signals that someone or something needs more time to develop. 

The Fool is warning you to stay on your guard. Something new will take you by surprised and you could be set up for another disappointment but not if you plan. Evaluate your situations and interactions with people. Is there someone that you gave an opportunity to where you shouldn't have? Are you opening up yourself to someone who has already proven to be unsafe with your secrets? With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may be ready for some growth in this area of your life. 

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Past, Three of Cups, Reversed

Present, Ten of Cups

Future, Queen of Pentacles

Cancer, your family is important to you. When you do things, you're often thinking about how they will impact others. You love spending time with people who are close to you. You might have done so recently, perhaps you had a family reunion or just had company. This was a period of renewal for you and you created happy memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Ten of Cups says that you feel like all your needs are met. You're happy. Your hard work has paid off and you not only enjoy what you do but you have earned what you needed and then some. 

The Queen of Pentacles shows that there's a part of you that loves to get the job done. You gain significant satisfaction with work. You may even be a workaholic at times. Perhaps you use work to numb out your feelings about other things. Maybe you just do something that you love so work feels like play, but things are starting to be imbalanced. You're not enjoying things in life like you used to do. It's time to break out and start expanding your life in other areas, too.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Past, Ten of Pentacles

Present, Six of Wands

Future, The Hierophant

Leo, when the Ten of Pentacles comes up, it means that you have accomplished a goal and should celebrate. You might have had the pleasure of a minor or major success, but something you wanted to do got accomplished. There may be long-term impact to this journey and you have set the stage for a future advancement. 

Right now, people admire and respect you. There's a good sense of who you are and what you are capable of doing and being. You might notice this, as the Leo does when his ego gets stroked, and this, unfortunately, can turn into a little bit of vanity. You might struggle with becoming a bit egotistical, but if you are aware this doesn't have to happen.

There's an opportunity that will come to you. Perhaps it's associated with what you've just done. Whatever happens, you need to take full responsibility for your actions as you will be reaping the rewards or the duty of what you are about to do. The point of this part of your life experience is to learn and grow into a stronger person. There could be a life purpose being fulfilled on this path as well.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Past, Five of Wands

Present, Knight of Wands

Future, Death

Virgo, often you struggle to do the right thing, not because you are trying to avoid it, but because you want the best outcome possible. You are a person open to suggestions but usually, it's to gather up the facts. The Five of Wands indicates that you may have just worked through a struggling time where you had to gather lots of facts and information, opinions of others may have been more than needed. This was a bit of a crazy and chaotic time, but in the end, things worked themselves out. Perhaps you had to learn how to do things in a new way and then reached a compromise that worked. 

Now, you're ready to move on to the next phase of your journey. You might be feeling confident that you have what you need but there's a chance that your overconfidence can create waste or cause you to make a mistake. It's important to be mindful at this stage. Rather than jump to conclusions, think things out. Before making a hasty decision, wait and see. 

You might be afraid of the outcome because you don't want to be disappointed and you don't want to disappoint others when all is said and done. The good news is that nothing is written in stone. You can always try again and improve. With experience comes wisdom. You won't have an experience that goes to waste.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Past, Two of Cups

Present, The Death, Reversed

Future, Temperance

Libra, for you, it's always about harmony. You internally just need for everyone to be happy and get along. Your desire in a relationship is relating. You listen to understand. You create a house as a home so that people can enjoy it. Even to the negative extreme, your deepest yearning is for fellowship. Often your controlling side is to protect the ones you love. The Two of Cups is a happy card. There's been a time of fellowship and collaboration. You might have a solid marriage, just met someone you really like, or could be opening up a business, or doing something in partnership with a friend. 

Right now, a part of you that needs to change and you're uncomfortable with it. You might not like that you have to do things in a new way. You may be closed to ideas out of fear. There's an internal war going on for you and it is holding you back from what you want to accomplish. Perhaps you have done something one way that's always worked for you but you now need to do it another way that seems uncertain, and it's going against your instincts. 

The Temperance card says that change will be part of helping you grow, but first, you need to exercise patience in the process. It's one thing to have a relationship with others, but there are times when a Libra needs a relationship with herself, too. Learn to apply the same level of gentleness and understanding to yourself during your own transformation journey will make this time one of happy self-reflection and personal growth.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Past, Nine of Cups

Present, Queen of Cups

Future, Two of Wands

Scorpio, when you are happy, you feel it all the way to your bones. There's something about seeing things work out just the way you wanted them to. Now you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. This time period may have also been one of fulfilling a lifelong dream. You might have taken wishful thinking and translate it into reality.

The Queen of Cups reveals that there's a soft side of you that others often see but can take advantage of when you're not setting clear boundaries. You may show kindness in areas where you've struggled, so you want to make things easier for people are you. There's a sense of giving to you that can become extreme and it could cause you to feel like you are taken advantage of when you aren't appreciated. 

You might have some things to still work on and the journey is not just over yet. In fact, it's just getting started. Don't get caught up in situations that you can avoid at this time. The efforts you make are building into a brighter future. Stay the course and continue to build. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Past, Four of Cups

Present, Seven of Wands

Future, King of Wands

Sagittarius, sometimes you are too busy to notice when an opportunity comes your way. You might actually notice it but don't want to be taken up by things that might have a hidden hook or rob you of your need for personal freedom or power of decision making. It seems as though you may be realizing that there was an open door that you wished you had walked through. This opportunity could have been one that you wanted, but at the same time, just weren't ready to take on. 

The reason you're looking at the past is because right now you might be experiencing a little setback. A situation is either not going as planned or taking longer than you think it should. Perhaps, you feel like you often have to defend your position or put someone in their place because you're being challenged. There's a power struggle but it's important that you stand your ground and see things through. 

There may be someone in your life who is taking things for granted. Perhaps they don't understand the situation or the struggle but they are coming across strongly without thinking about the consequences. This could also be a side of you that you're working on at this time. Consider the decisions you will need to be making and watch for impulsive or wreckless behavior that could sabotage your efforts. 

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Past, Ten of Cups

Present, Eight of Pentacles, Reversed

Future, King of Swords

Capricorn, although you're the sign of the goat, you are also a worker bee. You have an impeccable determination and it's rare that you're not on the hunt for a new opportunity when the chance arrives. Your hard work and determination often make reap what you sow come off like an understatement. The Ten of Cups card means that you not only completed a goal, you've got evidence to show for it, and you're proud of your accomplishments.

Hard work and no play can have its negative effects on even the most determined work oriented person. There's a chance that your focus can make you inflexible to new opportunities. Perhaps you're missing out on something that you could be gaining if you stopped to smell the roses from time to time. 

While the King of Swords could be symbolize someone else in your life, it's an invitation for counsel. Perhaps it's time to get with a friend and just talk about ideas and get insight into your life. It's a time to learn and grow. If you notice someone is losing their temper more than usual and under a lot of pressure, perhaps this is an invite for you to give advice on what works and what doesn't work in that area. It's okay to look for opportunities to grow but there's always a time for fellowship with others.  

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Past, Three of Wands, Reversed

Present, Knight of Wands

Future, High Priestess, Reversed

Aquarius, when you plan to do something, you get into the details. You like to learn as you grow, and you often take your life lessons and share them with others. Sometimes this can cause a lag in the process. The Three of Wands indicates that plans you've made are taking longer than you'd like, and it's become a struggle for you. There could be a partner or person who is not cooperating, or there's simply an issue with communication and you can't reach a compromise.

You might be trying too hard on to solve an issue. Perhaps you are trying different ways to trigger a reaction but you haven't given things enough thought before you try again. There could be an impatience rising in you that makes you act this way. If so, curb that for a better outcome. 

The High Priestess when inverted warns that acting too quickly could lead to problems for you. Are you listening to advice or following your own? Are you thinking outside the box but not testing things out first? Perhaps now is a great time to reevaluate what you're doing to avoid making new mistakes. 

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Past, Two of Cups

Present, Nine of Cups

Future, Eight of Swords

Pisces, you met someone and things hit it off well. There was lots of giving and sharing of your personal situations and you felt that you found a friend, a soulmate that you could trust. This brought out a side of you that you enjoyed experiencing and now you're looking forward to more of the same. 

Things are working for you and you see the fruit of your labor not only benefitting you but also helping others. With both feet on the ground, you're able to rest your mind and be at ease during this stage. 

Although it's wonderful to have had such a powerful experience, dreamy Pisces, sometimes you can get lost in day dreams. Remember to keep things into perspective as you may become overly dependent on others without realizing it. 

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