Everything You Need To Know About The July Zodiac Signs, Cancer & Leo

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July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

Even though these signs share the month of July, they are not similar at all. They are, after all, water and fire signs. And we know those two elements DO NOT complement each other.

Cancer, as the water sign, is emotional. Her ruling planet is the Moon which means she is moody all the damn time.

That seems like a bad trait, but it's really not, because her moods changed based on her friends. She tend to be extremely close with her friends, so when drama ensues (which it ALWAYS does), she can’t help but get involved.

Good friends DO that, you know.

Her moodiness can be a weakness for her but this means that she is highly emotional — which is a pretty amazing trait. Her ability to connect with people on a deep level is a strength she takes a lot of pride in.

Cancer is an amazing friend to have by your side when you need a home cooked meal, some wine, a comfy place to lounge and someone ball your eyes out in front of. She never judges ... ever. You’ve come to the right place for a friend, that's for sure.

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Leo on the other hand, is a great friend like Cancer, but is more warm-hearted and cheerful. If you want some deep emotional connections go to Cancer. But if you want a fun and light-hearted hangout, Leo is your girl!

Leo is just like her symbol the lion. Just without the large canines for tearing an antelope to pieces. Good thing!

That's not to say she's not vicious though. This girl knows how to defend her friends and will do ANYTHING to make sure her squad remains intact, happy and CLOSE as can be.

She is a leader of the pack, confident, and will cuddle for DAYS!

These are just the basics when it comes the July astrological signs. If you want to know more about Cancer and Leo, then the best thing to do is look to astrology and your horoscopes to see if you'll be interacting with either of these two anytime soon. Trust me, they are hard to miss. 

In case you're even more curious, though, we have gathered EVERYTHING you need to know about the July zodiac signs, right here.

When it comes to love, Cancer over-analyzes everything and is emotional as hell.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

Cancer kind of ruins love for herself. When most people would just embrace a new relationship, Cancer freaks the hell out and no one can help her. Not even herself.

Things start off great. She becomes emotionally involved and opens up. She would definitely be AT LEAST top four on The Bachelor.

And then everything goes downhill from there.

Cancer has a tendency to over analyze the relationship before it even gets going and picks apart everything bad about it. That's not a great way to start, and honestly, it costs her some chances at really nice boyfriends.

A Leo LOVES to love. But she also loves to tease! It’s her way of flirting, and I gotta say, it works for her!
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

Leo doesn’t really take a new prospect seriously, ever. When she’s dating she likes to have fun and joke around, mainly because she's focused on herself. I mean, she is a Leo, after all. Conceit is unfortunately in her nature.

It may seem like she doesn’t want to dive in too quickly, and that would be true.

But when falling in love with a Leo you never feel like the love isn’t there. It is and you can feel it with every bear hug you get!

She is passionate about her partner, but don’t expect her to add drama. She’s not into telenovela love. Her speed is more happy go lucky love that isn’t messy. She'd rather be happy and dive into the man she loves then fight for a relationship that isn't going to work out in the end.

Cancer is a loyal friend. She appreciates her SQUAD and would rather have a few close friends than a bunch of "eh" ones.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

First off, Cancer does not like strangers. She likes to feel as comfortable as possible, so you probably wouldn’t see her with a bunch of randos at a party. That’s just not her style.

She prefers to have her crew with her. She only really has CLOSE friends and she is not a social butterfly like other signs.

She prefers staying in and having pizza night with her besties than meeting new people at the club. It's hard to get in to one of her squads, but once you're in, you're in. For life.

Leo is a genuinely caring friend. She is warm-hearted like a lion and gives the BEST hugs known to man.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

If you are friends with a Leo consider yourself extremely lucky. She may have a bit of an ego, but you stick around because as much as she loves herself, she LOVES you!

She’s a great friend because she pushes you to be a better version of herself, while also being the sweetest person ever.

And she’ll definitely sit with you to solve your personal issues. But she won’t act like a therapist ... she ain't got no time for that. 

She’s a pretty lazy person, to be honest, so she’ll make sure that you have the comfiest seat in the house to vent away. But don't expect her to listen to you 100%. She'd much rather talk about that cute guy over a bunch of pizza rolls, honestly.

Cancer is a creative sign. She uses her emotion and imagination to make her work stand out from others.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

You can probably find Cancer finger painting or making pottery on the weekends. Or painting her house. Or doing SOMETHING useful.

She is a hard worker, but what makes her such a great addition to a team is her creativity.

She can think deeper and more originally than others. So when her boss needs something new and refreshing she’s the sign to call. But honestly, she’s rather be painting her favorite beach scene while listening to the waves crash.

She is a water sign after all.

When it comes to success in life, Leo needs no help. She is a natural born leader and is a shining star in everything she does.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

Every Leo I’ve ever met is just killing it at life! It’s plain and simple, she is a SUPERSTAR! But it doesn’t come easy.

She is the hardest worker of all the signs and deserves what she gets in return for working her butt off! But one thing she'll never, EVER do is fail.

It helps that a Leo never takes the backseat in tasks. She is ALWAYS a leader and is never scared to take charge. She has a lot of confidence and dominance in situations and honestly it's fun to watch her do her thing! So inspiring! *tear*

Cancer’s emotions deepen her relationships with others, BUT she can become moody and suspicious as a result.
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

We know Cancer is the queen of having deep and meaningful relationships. She connects to her friends in ways some signs never thought possible.

But she also relies heavily on her relationships and can’t seem to stay out of drama.

If her BFF suddenly stops texting back she immediately thinks the WORST. She gets suspicious and insecure even though her bestie just went to the bathroom.

If you're friends with a Cancer, just know that the communication will have to be happening ALL the time. She isn't one to sit quiet for a day or two until you call or text her back.

Everyone loves Leo for her confidence, but sometimes she can be a DIVA!
July Zodiac Sign Cancer Leo Astrology

I’m not sure if this has to do with her love of theater, but sometimes a Leo can get way too obsessed with the spotlight. But with all that confidence it’s bound to go to her head.

Honestly, of all the signs I’m OK with Leo being a diva. She works hard for her success and no one can deny that.

Just let her twirl around on the stage every so often. And if she asks you to join her in a rendition of Defying Gravity humor her. It’s her favorite!

Just don't let her get too far and steal the attention from you. Because she WILL. So watch your back.