Choose These 4 Zodiac Signs For Your Next Road Trip Crew

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Are we there yet?

It’s summertime and all you and your girlfriends want to do is hit the open road to escape life for a little while. There is nothing better to test your relationship than with a cross country road trip with your besties. (TRUST me.)

So, ask your dad for the blue convertible (or if you're a big girl, rent one yourself), let your hair down and hit the road for a trip of a lifetime.

To stay sane, everyone should take on specific roles during the trip to successfully get to each destination (and to ensure no one bites anyone’s heads off).

You’ve got the guide, the bringer-of-snacks, the driver, and the adventurous one.

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The guide will always make sure that we know where we are and where we are going. They may even bring along a map to document the journey (CLASSIC).

The bringer-of-snacks may be the most important role on a trip like this.

This person is dedicated to making sure everyone is properly nourished with Dr. Pepper and puffy cheetos.

The driver is the leader of the pack. They tend to be very serious and focused (and will yell at you if you change the song in the middle of her jam session again!

And then you’ve got the adventurous one.

All I've got to say is bring the first aid kit and get her a bright orange vest so she won’t go missing. You're welcome in advance. 

A road trip is not a one person job. You go on a road trip to experience America with your friends, and to do that you need to enlist the right crew. And you can choose said crew according to their zodiac sign.

According to the stars, we are all born with certain traits that make us who we are, so why not use those things to your advantage when building the best road trip crew ever?

As the great and wonderful Brittany Spears said in her iconic movie Crossroads,

“All we have is now, and right now we have each other.”

When the trip seems like it will never end and you’ve all had one too many fights, remember that you have each other and you can get through anything!

Before you hit the asphalt take a look at this list of best zodiac signs for road trips: 

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The Aries sign is the first sign in the zodiac, which means your Aries friend is a natural-born leader. So, lucky for you, she's the perfect driver for your adventure.

But beware: she has ZERO patience. But hey, it could come in handy for you. She will make sure your time on the road is less than the time you're going to spend hiking or jumping into waterfalls.

Driving is BORING, so she wants to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

She also likes having alone time, so when everyone's passed out, Aries will put on her podcast and drive into the wee hours of the night, happy as can be.

She is a “big picture” person. The only thing keeping her going, other than Libra’s snacks, is the sparkling Californian beach on the other side.

Her goal is to get to the final destination no matter what happens.

Aries gets bored easily and HATES just sitting there - or worse ... being delayed. So instead of popping her in the back seat, let your friend take the wheel and lead the way.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

A Virgo woman always pays attention to small details. On your road trip, SHE is your guide.

She'll memorize the map front and back and always make sure that you NEVER get lost (could you IMAGINE?!).

Being that Virgo is also known for her hard work, no play kind of attitude, she'll prep the next day’s route to the hotel the night before.

Where would you be without her by your side? Probably in a ditch somewhere or on the side of the road because you overestimated the amount of gas you had left.

You should be very thankful to have a loyal friend like Virgo who does all the hard work while everyone else lounges. (I am looking at you, LIBRA.)

Your Virgo friend hates feeling dependent on other people, so you're always going to know the job is going to be done well.

Yeah, she’s a bad bitch like that.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

A Libra lady is peaceful and fair. On your road trip, she is the bringer-of-snacks! I know you have been waiting for this one.

How is a road trip complete without snacks? Well, obviously, it’s not. But have no fear — Libra just bought gummy snacks in bulk from Costco.

The all-important snack-giver just wants some peace within the small, confined car you call home for the next couple of weeks.

She also has a hard time saying no. So when you eye the last Twizzler in the pack, she will graciously hand it over. BEST FRIEND EVER.

She mostly appreciates a good selection of snacks because she is social. And we all know the best conversations happen over a jumbo bag of peanut butter cups.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

A Sagittarius girl is curious and energetic and LOVES to travel and be outdoors. Your road trip wouldn't be complete without this adventurous friend by your side every step of the way!

She will ensure that everyone does the crazy things that no one other than a Sagittarius would do.

Jump off a cliff into the ocean? She’s got you covered. Climb up a tall mountain to see the sunset? Please don’t get hurt. But she'll be there with you.

What about peeing on the side of the road? She'll hold your towel for you. SUCH a good friend!

She is so concerned about roaming the great outdoors that when things go wrong or if you get lost, she will bring her optimism and sense of humor to extinguish the tension.

She will remind you all of why you are there. To experience a trip of a lifetime with the people you love the most.

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