Which Of The '4 Types Of Pretty' You Are, Based On Your Rising Sign

Your Rising sign's physical traits coincide with one of the four 'types of pretty."

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Astrology can give us physical descriptions that reveal our appearance based on the Rising sign of the natal chart along with any planets that are close to the Ascendant. Not only does the Rising sign denote physical appearance but it also describes the essence of your personality and the way you come across to the world and others.

These traits can be organized into one of the "four types of pretty," as determined by a new trend on TikTok: cat pretty, fox pretty, deer pretty and bunny pretty.


To find your Ascendant, or Rising, sign, you must know your time of birth. From there, you'll enter your day, time, and place of birth into a natal chart calculator.

Let’s take a look at what each Rising sign says about personal appearance and how these four types of pretty fit in with their astrological descriptions. You be the judge.

Which of the four ‘types of pretty’ you are, based on your Rising sign



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Cat pretty: Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces Risings

Those who are said to be "cat pretty" have darker hair, almond- or siren-shaped eyes that are green or hazel in color and sharp features such as high cheekbones and a strong jawline. Model Bella Hadid, who is a Virgo Rising, is a prime example of 'cat pretty' features with her piercing eyes and oval face.

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Virgo Rising


Bright clear eyes and typically a small frame and average height. They generally have curvy lips and an oval face.

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Scorpio Rising

Their eyes are most prominent and can seem piercing. Sharpe features and prominent lips are a Scorpio trademark. They can appear sexy without trying.

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Pisces Rising

Their facial features are generally soft and round with round eyes and very fine hair. They typically appear graceful and have a dreamy look.

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Fox pretty: Aries, Gemini and Capricorn Risings

The "fox pretty" look includes dark hair, sharp features, siren eyes and either light or dark eyes, as portrayed by Aries Rising Rihanna.


fox pretty rihannaPhoto: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

Aries Rising

Since Aries rules the head, most Aries Ascendants have distinct facial features and look younger than they really are. Sometimes they have reddish hair and a pink-toned complexion. They may be accident-prone and have scars. They are known for broad shoulders and slim hips.


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Gemini Rising

They usually have bright eyes and delicate features. They may come across as nervous and use many hand gestures. They often have lithe bodies and are medium to tall in height.

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Capricorn Rising

They generally look better as they age and can look older when young. They typically have distinctive good teeth and often long, straight hair. They are average height to tall and usually have a striking and noticeable physique.

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Deer pretty: Taurus, Cancer and Libra Risings

"Deer pretty" is characterized by dark or medium hair, soft features and doe-shaped brown or green eyes. Despite Miley Cyrus' distinctive blue eyes, the Taurus Rising's big round eyes, naturally medium hair and soft facial features are a great example of deer pretty.

deer pretty miley cyrusPhoto: DFree / Shutterstock

Taurus Rising


They usually have large, round eyes that are dark with darker hair. Taurus rules the neck so they generally have a distinctive and well-shaped neck that stands out. Since they are ruled by Venus, they are generally attractive.

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Cancer Rising

Like the Moon they are ruled by, Cancer Ascendant generally has a round full face with high cheekbones. They have a soft look and often fuller figures.

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Libra Rising

Blessed by Venus, they typically have attractive features, good skin and dimples. They exude a natural charm and often a voluptuous figure or build.


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Bunny pretty: Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius risings

"Bunny pretty" people typically have light hair, soft features and round green or blue eyes, like Leo Rising Emma Stone.

bunny pretty emma stonePhoto: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

Leo Rising

Their hair generally sets them apart because, like the lion they represent, they typically have a full mane of hair. They are often tall with strong, broad shoulders and a golden undertone to their skin.


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Sagittarius Rising

They generally appear cheerful with open faces and broad foreheads. They may appear curious and use many hand gestures when speaking, if not their entire body.

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Aquarius Rising

They often have a cool if not detached appearance and unique faces. They have bright and inquisitive eyes and sometimes appear demure and restless.

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Please read this article and the descriptions of "pretty" in the spirit of light-hearted fun that it was written. Most people would (and should) not take TikTok theories of beauty seriously. Ingrained societal beauty standards can be impossible to meet and are generally wrong, can cause constant dissatisfaction and insecurity concerning your looks, and most people (including men) are not looking for perfection because they aren’t perfect themselves. 


Make the most of yourself and what you have, love yourself and others and your own light will shine through and you will be beautiful regardless of which type of pretty you are or strive to be.

Astrology can tell us about our appearance as mentioned above, but it does not infer one type of beauty is preferable over another. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and the chemistry two people have with each other, which is the most important thing.

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