What The Shape Of Your Face Says About Your Personality

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Emma Stone, Rihanna and Lady Gaga

You can learn a whole lot about a person just by looking at their face. Communicating face-to-face is a valuable tool for getting to know someone, and/or deciding the best course of action when dealing with a problem relating to a partner or loved one.

According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, there tends to be a consistent set of characteristics belonging to people who have specific facial shapes. Jean Haner, the author of "The Wisdom of Your Face," believes that just by studying the face, you can tell how people think, feel, and act.

You may have a straight-up diamond or rectangle-shaped face, or you might be a combination of two types, but no matter what face shape you have, you can bet it's telling the world all kinds of secrets about you.

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Here are 7 types of face shapes and what yours reveals about you.

1. Heart-shaped face

Celebrity example of a heart-shaped face: Cate Blanchette

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You have a heart-shaped face if you have a large forehead and your face tapers towards the chin, forming an inverted triangle. People with heart-shaped faces are intelligent, deep thinkers who love to learn new things as often as possible.

They are very intuitive, creative, and have an inner strength. They are stubborn, pushy, and tend to have financial difficulties in tough financial times.

People with heart-shaped faces are often creative, intuitive, passionate, and strong. They use their strong mind and kind heart to take on the world. This can sometimes cause you to be very stubborn because you feel that you are almost always right.

They can be described as pushy sometimes, but it's only because of how passionate they become. Boredom is their worst nightmare and they will always reach their goals, no matter what. Though they can be stubborn, they have high emotional intelligence and can sense when things are off.

2. Rectangle-shaped face

Celebrity example of a rectangle-shaped face: Angelina Jolie

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If you have a strong forehead, a wide jawline, and a broad chin, you have a rectangular-shaped face. People with a rectangular face are really good thinkers and planners.

People with this type of face are pensive and deep thinkers. They value logic, but this often leads them down the rabbit hole of disaster: overthinking. They get rid of all that pent-up emotional energy and overthinking by going to the gym a lot.

They are strategic, efficient, and analytical people. They aren't very big on talking about their feelings. In fact, they usually run away from their emotions saying they will deal with it later.

3. Triangle-shaped face

Celebrity example of a triangle-shaped face: Reese Witherspoon

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A face is triangle-shaped is narrower at the forehead and wide (or flames out) at the jawline. People with a triangular face are extroverted, assertive, social, and enjoy being in charge.

They may also have control or anger issues and lean toward impatience. But their drive and people skills will lead them to success. People with triangular faces are usually very creative, artistic, and sensitive.

However, if someone gets on their bad side, they have a tongue that can cut through stone. They can become fiery ferocious people when crossed. They are determined people who have their eyes on their goals.

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4. Diamond-shaped face

Celebrity example of a diamond-shaped face: Jennifer Lopez

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If the widest part of your face is in the middle with a pointed chin, you have a diamond-shaped face.

Diamond-shaped people are often perfectionists and are confident, strong-willed individuals who make great leaders. But they can be quick to anger and are often unpredictable. They seem to achieve success later in life, but sometimes never find success in relationships.

They like to be in control and when they don't have it, watch out. Though they can be control freaks, they have a charm that makes everything they touch seem to sparkle. Due to their detail-oriented minds, they often produce stellar work and do well on their own terms.

People with a diamond-shaped face are eloquent, communicate well, are intellectual, and know how to use precise language to get what they want without being manipulators. Yet, they can sometimes be blunt with their words since they never beat around the bush.

5. Square-shaped face

Celebrity example of a square-shaped face: Rihanna

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You have a square face shape if you have both a wide hairline and jawline.

Square-faced people are also known as "earth-faced" because they are down to earth and in tune with nature. They are also humble, good decision-makers, trustworthy, and very competitive.

They aren't easily influenced by others and have a tendency to be too conservative at times. They are highly energetic, analytical, and quick-witted and, because of this, are calm, cool, and collected even in high-stress environments.

People with a square face are ambitious go-getters who enjoy big projects because of the big rewards. They enjoy being the leader in a group and take charge naturally.

They are also great with finances and like being proactive. However, they can be a bit too headstrong at times, despite always getting things done.

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6. Round-shaped face

Celebrity example of a round-shaped face: Emma Stone

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You can tell if you have a round face shape if you have a wide hairline with nearly equal fullness below your cheekbones.

People with round-shaped faces are typically generous and think of others before thinking of themselves. Unfortunately, this can turn them into people-pleasers.

This may mean they are sometimes not careful with their boundaries and give far more than they receive in return. They must make a conscious effort to remember that they are worth the same love and kindness they give.

Round-face shapes are kind, giving, helpful, trustworthy, soft-spoken, and nurturing. They are quite simply some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

7. Oval-shaped face

Celebrity example of an oval-shaped face: Lady Gaga

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Some people refer to oval as the perfect face shape, and it certainly is the most versatile when it comes to hairstyles. You have an oval face if your face is three parts long to two parts wide, and the width of your face is about one-third less than the length, with no corners to your face.

People with an oval-shaped face know the right thing to say and can always make someone feel welcome and comfortable. They have generally high IQs, have a lot of ideas, and are very diplomatic.

However, they may become too focused on saying the right things and telling people what they think they want to hear.

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