The 8 Types Of Compatibility In Astrology

There are many different types of zodiac compatibility in astrology that go beyond Sun signs.

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Synastry allows us to see the many elements of a relationship. There is a lot of value in seeing our planets (and Rising sign) interact with our partner's, allowing us to see the role they play in our lives.

Mercury and Jupiter can show how they inspire us and whether we have similar values. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) can activate our confidence and emotional needs. Mars and Venus can teach us how to value ourselves and how receptive we are to love. Overall, every planet in synastry tells a story and should be looked at with importance since these connections and aspects show how our partner's planets activate and shift our story and destiny.


Types of compatibility in astrology

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1. Social compatibility

Rising sign compatibility shows that the individuals are here to share a similar journey and support one another, especially when it's in the same element or they have sister signs (signs that oppose one another in the zodiac). Sparks fly with a good Rising sign connection because your partner becomes more relatable since they activate the engaging parts of your chart. You can have a lot in common and there will be a sense of loyalty emanating from each other. The partners will be each other's support system and confidant, helping and loving each other unconditionally.


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2. Personality compatibility

Sun sign compatibility, which is what we typically think of when we refer to overall zodiac compatibility, shows that your partner can bring out the best in you and help you feel more confident in yourself. A flowing Sun sign aspect between both parties can catapult each other's self-esteem to new heights. These placements help us fall in love with ourselves, which can bring a lot of grounding energy to the relationship. There is mutual respect for Sun sign compatibility as well as understanding.

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3. Emotional compatibility

One of the powerful indicators of a lasting relationship is the Moon. How we can open up and relate to each other is essential for any relationship to survive. Compatible Moon sign compatibility shows a partnership willing to do the work to grow and evolve because they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone work. Both parties will find refuge in each other because a positive Moon synastry connection helps to create a potent and otherworldly bond.


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4. Intellectual compatibility

The way a couple can share and express themselves comes with excellent Mercury compatibility. When Mercury is in a positive flowing aspect, the uncomfortable topics will not be avoided, instead, there will be much cooperation and discussion. A good synastry connection with Mercury signs shows a couple ready to discuss and tackle challenges together. They will not avoid them. Mercury shows how both parties can go with the flow with each other intellectually. There is also much inspiration and motivation with good Mercury aspects in a synastry chart.

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5. Romantic compatibility

Venus represents our love language. Strong Venus sign compatibility can bring out our romantic and nurturing qualities. This placement is what can keep the spark alive in any relationship. Venus is how we love and when there are quarrels, this placement helps us to go back and forgive. Romance can always be summoned with this placement because it's a road map to our hearts.


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6. Sexual compatibility

Mars is bold, passionate and represents our chemistry. It is the physical connection that elevates a relationship from platonic to sexual. Mars sign compatibility is potent because it is carnal. Martian placements can help us become one with our partner and develop a physical bond. Of course, with Mercury, Venus, and the Moon synastry mixed with the warrior planet, it can help have a great relationship that is there for the long term.

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7. Compatibility with values

Jupiter represents our philosophy, ethics, and value system. Having good Jupiter compatibility denotes that your partner is usually aligned with your philosophy. Positive aspects with natal Jupiter show a mentor relationship. Both parties constantly learn from each other and they encourage one another. Jupiter in synastry shows that there is a potential for trust. This connection is not superficial because both partners will have immense pride in each other. After all, you get each other at the core level.


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8. Long-term relationship compatibility

Saturn binds and holds tightly, so we need benefics (Jupiter and Venus) to remind us that there are still sunny days when the Saturnian hold becomes overwhelming. Saturn brings us back to reality while Neptune shields us from the truth. Commitments are made through Saturn after the long struggle of building and growing. We see the flaws, learn the truth and do the work with Saturn's aspects. Of course, Saturn rewards us when we put in the effort, and prosperity and longevity of the relationship depend on how much work both parties put in since Saturn will test whether our love is true.

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