What You're Like In Bed, According To Your Mars Sign

Your Sun sign isn't the only important piece of your astrological makeup.

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By Sara Kloepfer

You already know that your astrological sign is a major indicator of your personality and approach to life — but did you know that your sex life is also written in the stars?

Your zodiac sign, or Sun sign, only tells one part of your story (a large part, yes, but not all of it). While your Sun sign indicates your character traits, motivations, and values, other planets in your birth chart signify specific aspects of your personality.


Your Mars sign reveals how you channel passion and aggression.

Mars is known as the Roman god of war and is typically associated with the body, lust, and competition. Understanding the sexual astrology of your Mars sign can help you decode your approach to sex — what you like, how you like it, and why. 

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Every Mars sign has different needs when it comes to sex. If you have ever had great sexual chemistry with someone who you are not necessarily supposed to connect with according to your sun signs, your Mars signs may be the reason why.

If your Mars sign is the same as your partner’s Sun sign, this could indicate real sexual compatibility. Alternatively, a partner with the same Mars sign or a Mars sign with the same element (aka fire, earth, air, water) as you can be a good match since you are already on the same page, while someone with their Mars sign exactly opposite yours in the zodiac can be a good balance.

But don’t stress if your signs don’t match perfectly, or if the description of your Mars sign doesn’t sound exactly right — there are a lot of other factors (both astrologically and sexually) at work.  

Don’t know your Mars sign? A Mars sign calculator can help. Input the time, date, and place of your birth into a birth chart calculator. If you don’t know the specific time, try to guess the closest hour you can. Then read on to discover what you crave and how you behave in the bedroom.


What you're like in bed, according to your Mars sign

Mars in Aries sexuality

There is no Mars sign more easily aroused than fiery Aries. Mars is Aries’ ruling planet, resulting in an assertive, driven energy. Partners are attracted to their intensity, confidence, and straightforward communication style.

Symbolized by the charging Ram, Aries is not afraid to tell you how they feel and go after what they want. However, their fleeting attention span means they crush easily and can get caught up in the chase. They are risk-takers, which can be exciting but can also result in hurt feelings when they act without thinking.

Mars in Aries has a strong libido and wants to get down to business immediately and often. They crave excitement, preferring wild and spontaneous sex to long, tender foreplay. Although sincere and enthusiastic, they also tend to rush and can be selfish in bed.

Aries rule the head, so they love it when you pull their hair or touch their face. It may be a challenge for them to find romantic partners who can keep up with their sexual appetite, but a partner who can get them to slow down can be a good balance. 


Mars in Taurus sexuality

Mars in Taurus is the most physical sexual partner. These sensual earth signs are deeply tuned in to material experiences and know how to enjoy every aspect of the body with all five senses.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, these lovers see seduction as an art form. They enjoy the finer things in life and love to treat themselves and their partners — expect scented candles, luxurious lingerie, and gourmet food play. Touch and smell are particularly important, so consider a sensual massage or perfumed bubble bath as foreplay.

Taurean Mars have steady sexual stamina and always finish what they start. They don’t have a reputation for spontaneity or variety, as they crave comfort and prefer a consistent partner. Their stubbornness can sometimes leave them in a rut, so a partner who can challenge their routine will keep things interesting.

Taurus rules the throat, so they love it when you kiss their neck. Physical pleasure is essential to their well-being, so abstaining from sex is especially difficult, and makes finding a regular partner particularly important. 


Mars in Gemini sexuality

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so they get turned on by intellectual chemistry and stimulating conversation. They are charming flirts and love dirty talk, phone sex, sexting, and role-play.

Mars in Gemini is the most likely of the zodiac to be sapiosexual— they are more aroused by intelligence than anything else. They are enthusiastic and curious in the bedroom and have no problem verbalizing their needs to their partner.

However, due to their restless nature, they can quite easily become bored and move on. You can keep them interested by being willing to learn about new positions, toys, etc.

Gemini rules the hands, so expect some magical fingers. Mars in Gemini needs someone flexible who can keep up with their ever-shifting personality, so an exciting fire sign in Mars could keep them on their toes. 


Mars in Cancer sexuality

Mars in Cancer is an emotional lover with an intuitive and sensual nature. The ultimate caretakers are devoted to pleasing their partners.

They are the most sentimental of Mars signs, and often need an emotional connection in order to fully enjoy sex. They need their partners to make them feel comfortable in order to truly lose themselves, but once they trust you, they are all yours.

The fiery, aggressive energy of Mars is at odds with this nurturing, sensitive water sign, so mixed signals are likely.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so their moods — and libido — tend to wax and wane. They are one of the least assertive Mars signs and don’t always let you know what turns them on. Just like their symbolic crab, Cancers’ seemingly tough or mysterious exterior is protecting a tender inside, but a little sensitivity and patience is all it takes to break through.


Cancer rules the chest, so they appreciate a little extra attention on their breasts and nipples. An earth sign like Taurus in Mars can offer them the safety and security they crave.  

Mars in Leo sexuality

Mars in Leo is a born performer with the confidence to take charge in the bedroom. Partners are attracted by their charisma and effusive energy, as well as their playful approach to pleasure. Leo rules love and romance, so combined with their need to put on a show, they can be a bit over the top when it comes to expressing their desires. Expect big romantic gestures and lots of PDA.

Mars in Leo wants to be worshipped by their partner, and they give as good as they get. Just like their symbolic lion, their pride compels them to try to be the best in bed. These exhibitionists love hearing you moan and scream their name — even better if someone hears.

Their desire to impress can also mean that they are more concerned with performing than with actually pleasing their partners. They need someone who can take charge every once in a while and remind them to share the spotlight.


Leo rules the heart and upper back, so mixing romance and sex is the best way to turn them on — a back massage wouldn't hurt either. 

Mars in Virgo sexuality

It’s the little things that matter to this detail-oriented sign. These perfectionists have high standards and sophisticated tastes. Clean sheets, nice lingerie, and a well-groomed partner are especially attractive to this sensual earth sign.

Don’t mistake them for fussy though; their ability to hyperfocus translates to luxurious attentiveness to their partners. The most selfless of Mars signs, Virgo is obsessed with serving their lover and satisfying their every need.

This private and anxious sign may need a clearly defined relationship status in order to get intimate — they don’t go for meaningless or flashy sex. Although Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, they actually have quite a healthy attitude towards sex and approach it as necessary for their well-being and for releasing tension. Their need to please makes them incredibly curious about sex, and they find voyeurism especially appealing. Virgo Mars is the classic placement of working out repressed emotions through kink.


Virgo rules the nervous system, so this sign might need some extra help relaxing before sex — try incorporating extra foreplay or even meditation into the bedroom. 

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Mars in Libra sexuality

Mars, the planet of combat, in Libra, the sign of peace, makes for the essence of harmony when it comes to sex. They are romantic and charming during courtship and wild and enthusiastic in the bedroom.

Symbolized by the scales, Libras are concerned with equality — they are givers, and fully expect to get in return. Libra is also relationship-oriented, a hopeless romantic obsessed with finding The One.


They expect fairytale dates as a precursor to sex, and love to be treated. Aesthetics are essential, and they can be a little picky when it comes to setting the mood (think scented candles and rose petals).

Their need for balance and perfection can make it difficult for them to choose a partner, and they thrive in power couples. They expect their partner to know how to satisfy them and can be passive-aggressive if their needs are ignored, so engaging them in open communication is a must.

Libra rules the lower back and butt, so anal play could be especially exciting for them.  

Mars in Scorpio sexuality

Intense Mars feels right at home in passionate Scorpio. This sign is notoriously magnetic and sexual, with a powerful drive and high libido.


Mysterious by nature, each Mars in Scorpio varies in sexual expression, but they generally share a common intensity and depth in their desires. They are very private and view sex as intimate and personal. They crave a deep connection with their partner and are most erotic and kinky in a committed relationship.

That said, they can tend towards the possessive and obsessive side and are known for being vindictive towards exes. They need a partner who is not intimidated by their energy and can roll with their emotions.

Unsurprisingly, Scorpio rules the sexual organs, making their orgasms incredibly important to them.  

Mars in Sagittarius sexuality

Fiery Sagittarius is the life of the party and the ultimate flirt. Not one to intellectualize or romanticize things, they approach sex with a direct and playful attitude. They love to have fun and be spontaneous, so they need variety and a little silliness in the bedroom. Laughter is great foreplay for them and they prefer partners as free-spirited and adventurous as they are.


Symbolized by the bold archer, they also appreciate someone who can challenge them. They need a lot of independence, so monogamy may not always be their thing and they won’t tolerate a clingy or controlling partner. As a sign of honesty, they are very open about their desires and have little patience for people playing hard to get. They are thrill-seeking and outdoorsy, so they might be into getting it on in semi-public places.

However, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of excess, so sometimes they can take things too far or take unnecessary risks.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, so pay extra attention to these erogenous zones. 

Mars in Capricorn sexuality

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning its energy flows best in this placement. When this ambitious sign channels its drive towards sexual pleasure, they can be intense lovers with never-ending appetites. But they can also control their sex drive like no other sign — Mars in Capricorn is capable of denying pleasure altogether and pouring their energy into work.


This sign values security, consistency, and wisdom from their partner, and are most attracted to experienced, even older, lovers. After taking charge all day, they love being dominated and told what to do in bed. They enjoy experimenting with BDSM and are down to switch between top and sub.

This earth sign has a straightforward approach to sex and is often quite private. They may seem composed but can be very passionate and fiery in bed. As a goal-oriented sign, sometimes their desires can come from a place of ego and they will approach sexual conquests as a challenge, so be wary of manipulation.

Capricorn rules bones and teeth, so biting can be a big turn-on. 

Mars in Aquarius sexuality

Aquarius is the most mysterious Mars sign. Known for their eccentricity, they are unpredictable and have a taste for the unusual. They come across as aloof and secretive, which can drive you crazy in a good or bad way.


Mars in Aquarius is prone to over-intellectualize and often needs a mental spark to be physically aroused. They are super open-minded in bed and willing to experiment with your wildest fantasies. Toys and costumes are playful and fun ways for them to bond with their partners.

Aquarius is the sign of groups, and they often prefer open or polyamorous relationships. They can also be difficult to tie down since they are very good at separating sex from emotions — some might call them detached. For this reason, they are especially attracted to sex from a distance (i.e. cyber or phone sex). Sometimes the idea of sex is more exciting to them than the actual act. This sign needs adventurous partners who can go with the flow and won’t get jealous.

Aquarius rules calves and ankles, so they love a sexy pair of legs.

Mars in Pisces sexuality

Pisces is the most spiritually developed Mars sign. They are deeply intuitive to their partners’ needs and their empathetic nature makes them tender lovers. Generous to a fault, they are self-sacrificing in bed, often setting aside their own needs to please their partners.


Even though they are sensitive, they are also very forgiving. The quintessential romantic, they crave intimacy and emotional connection.

However, Pisces is the planet of pursuit, and they can become so focused on finding love that other areas of their life can suffer if they aren’t mindful.

Pisces is also the sign of fantasy, so they have rich imaginations when it comes to sex — they are generally open-minded and the taboo can be a turn-on. These dreamers can also sometimes use sex as an escape. Their desire for a deep spiritual connection can lead to an interest in Tantra or other mystical sexual practices.

Pisces rules the feet, so they may have a slight foot fetish or at least enjoy footsies.


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