7 Best Synastry Aspects For Marriage

The best synastry aspects for marriage reveal compatibility on many levels.

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Synastry connections that promote growth and love are magical since they can bring two people together in ways they never imagined.

For a connection to be long-lasting, especially in a marriage, the luminaries must play an active role in the synastry chart. The luminaries are the Sun and Moon and they are the ones tied closest to our identity and our emotional expression. Having a partner that activates our luminaries in a positive and harmonious flow through the trine or sextile, can contribute to a successful marriage.


Best synastry aspects for marriage

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1. Moon trine Moon

Most astrologers agree this is a potent placement since the Moon is the driving force behind any lasting relationships. When both parties can seamlessly connect, it can help create a magnetic bond that can help overcome those pesky harsher placements. Moon in synastry unlocks a lot of aspects of ourselves and our partner can help us overcome and grow.


2. Sun conjunct Moon

A classic placement that is also popular with astrologers. Sun and Moon come together in this synastry match to expose us and reveal our true selves to our partners. The impact works both ways because they see us too. The mirror connection is similar to Moon trine Moon, this placement promotes growth and unconditional love between both parties.

3. Mars trine Venus

With this placement, the couple can experience good chemistry. Sparks fly when this match is in a synastry chart because Mars and Venus are opposites that attract. Venus represents our core values and Mars is synonymous with our drive. Having a partner with their planets in the same element as ours helps us feel much more connected to them. This is a placement that makes things interesting and keeps the attraction consistent over time.

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4. Sun in the 7th house

A place where the Sun can shine freely without it being judged. Sun in the seventh can help both parties feel understood. It builds camaraderie and trust. The Sun person represents everything the seventh house person may have desired in a relationship. It could feel like a placement that is too good to be true.


5. Moon in the 1st house

The Moon brings calm, serenity, and clarity. When it's located in the first house, it can help create a powerful emotional bond between both parties. Moon becomes the confidant of the first house native. Communicating is easy for them and gets better with time. Communicating is essential for a successful marriage. They can feel warped in their little world, protected and cared for. It could be a healing and prosperous energy for both parties.

6. Venus in the 8th house

A wildcard and quite the controversial placement but Venus in the 8th can help bring healing to a couple in a relationship. However, both parties need to learn not to be possessive of each other. It is undeniable that their love is limitless. Venus here is radiant and compassionate and brings a new spark to the native. If the native was hurt before, this placement can feel like they have found the one. With this connection, there is loyalty, understanding, and unconditional love when both parties have evolved.

7. Mercury trine Mercury

A wonderful aspect of a synastry connection and a marriage. It serves as a foundation for marriage because having the comfort to communicate with someone is essential to building trust. Mercury adds a supportive connection that can help them reach an understanding and will motivate them to be more diplomatic when they have conflicting views. Mercury helps them both see a common goal. Mercury does not want to harm, instead it wants to help and ease when it is in a positive aspect.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.