The Way You Love Others (And Yourself), According To Your Venus Sign

There are six different love styles and they can be seen in each Venus sign.

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We all have special ways of showing love to others, and the way you show affection is represented by your Venus sign.

Not only does each Venus sign have a specific love language, but also its own love style.

Developed by Canadian psychologist John Alan Lee, the six love styles (Eros, Ludus, Storge, Mania, Pragma, and Agape) reflect some elements of how each Venus sign behaves in relationships.

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Each Venus sign's love style

Aries Venus love style: Ludus

They are in it to win, not to focus on the long term unless they have matured.

An underdeveloped Aries Venus will play games, enjoy the thrill of the moment and then move on when they think they have found a new love elsewhere.

Taurus Venus love style: Eros

Venus in Taurus a sign that enjoys connecting and physical touch can be their love language.

Venus-ruled Taurus appreciates a beautiful partner, which is one of the key things about Eros's love: it can be shallow.

However, their partner is someone they need to admire and respect; who makes them feel secure for the romantic sparks to fly.


Gemini Venus love style: Ludus

Connecting and engaging with new people sparks the Gemini Venus' curiosity. The more people they meet at once, the more mental stimulation they get.

When dating, it could become a game filled with excitement and a thrill to win a new conquest that will keep them entertained until someone new captivates them.

Cancer Venus love style: Mania

Those with a Cancer Venus sign are all-or-nothing when they enter a relationship and if things are not going the way they want them to, it could become ugly.

They are fiercely committed and devoted to their partner but when they get jealous it can crush their self-esteem.

Leo Venus love style: Eros

Leo Venus does not like to play games when they are interested in someone. They will shower people they are interested in with words of devotion and gifts.


Having a partner they are proud of and respect is essential for them. It is a sign that values themselves and wants someone who is at their level since they do not settle for anything less.

Virgo Venus love style: Agape

Virgo Venus is a selfless sign that will put themselves second and their partners first. They will get lost in love, even if they might want to play the role of fixer.

Overall, they will abandon their needs to serve their partners. Their relationship can become their identity if they let it get too far. Learning to value themselves will have them break from this type of love.

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Libra Venus love style: Eros

Another Venus-ruled sign that enjoys the thrill of romance and love. Libra Venus wants a connection that makes them experience new heights.


Since Libra is the sign of love and partnership, it makes sense that they can fall fast and end the relationship quickly if their partner ends up disappointing them. They're always looking for the special one who will satiate their romantic desires.

Scorpio Venus love style: Mania

Scorpio Venus does not play games and they will be very possessive of their partners. Mania as a love style will make the natives feel insecure in themselves and their relationships.

Scorpio is also notorious for holding grudges. If they cannot establish a solid foundation or their partner is not dependable, it will only aggravate their jealous nature.

Sagittarius Venus love style: Ludus

The Sagittarius Venus is adventurous and does not want to be tied down. They appreciate living in the moment and experiencing different connections but to get them to commit, they must first mature.


When they are not interested in the long term, dating can feel like a game to them. They want to experience a life-changing connection, if not, they move on to the next.

Capricorn Venus love style: Pragma

Although they can be romantic and will appreciate a deep connection, Capricorn Venus wants to see the long term. So while it could be easy for them to date someone they are attracted to, if they do not see a future, they will opt to leave and find someone else who can fit their long-term plan.

They are logical when it comes to love, but their love style can become passionate over time.


Aquarius Venus love style: Storge

Aquarius Venus falls in love with their friends and end up having some of the most long-lasting relationships when they commit.

Aquarius likes to be with someone they are familiar with, someone they know for many years and who understands their mood. Their love style is patient and dedicated when they find the one.

Pisces Venus love style: Agape

Pisces Venus is romantic since Venus is exalted here. Pisces is devoted, will lose themselves in a relationship, and will be synonymous with a martyr. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy and acquiesce to what their partner wants and desires.

Although it can be a romantic moment when they find the one, Pisces must learn to pull back if their devotion is not reciprocated.


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