The Zodiac Match That Creates The Deepest Emotional Connection In Astrology

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Some synastry aspects are potent enough to leave you in a nebulous love bubble, while others can leave you feeling cold and abandoned.

Moon transits in particular can be the spark that keeps the fire going for relationship synastry.

The Moon is an important luminary because your Moon sign is tied to your emotional well-being. The importance of having someone that understands you from your deepest core is essential for love to thrive, a connection made possible when two people share the same Moon sign.

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Moon conjunct Moon synastry

Moon conjunct Moon synastry is a powerhouse because both parties have matching tools for emotional intelligence.

An example of a Moon conjunct Moon in synastry is if two people have the Moon in the same sign (for example, two people with Taurus Moons would have this connection).

Because the luminaries are both in the same zodiac sign, they share similar ideologies and motivations. Finding a common ground is manageable with this placement because of the familiarity.

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It can feel like a dreamy synastry aspect due to the mutual understanding and the ease that communicating is for the relationship. It feels comfortable.

Both parties feel safe and secure around each other because they can share their thoughts and emotions freely. Hiding their private selves is not an option because the other person is somewhat aware since they too share the same fears.

It is a relationship driven by transparency, trust, and a willingness to articulate their sentiments.

With this synastry aspect, committing comes effortlessly for both people. Marriage or showing loyalty to one another makes sense, similar to the Sun and Moon conjunction. However, these folks will not see each other as mirrors. Instead, they will feel like they have met who they are for the first time. 

Being with someone who shares your Moon sign highlights aspects of yourself that you may have otherwise ignored or neglected. However, through the relationship, you end up learning how to be more present for yourself and your partner as well. You get the chance to heal within and understand how to show the love your partner needs and vice-versa.

This aspect allows for a new method of growth and overall learning. Moon conjunct Moon helps emotionally evolve the partners into their most authentic versions. Nothing is hidden and all is exposed when our most vulnerable planets are aspected.

Having this synastry aspect will accompany periods of transformation and a need to evolve. The Moon becomes highly aware of an emotional balance and will do what it takes to sustain it once the relationship reaches a point of peace and balance.

Couples should expect a new level of emotional depth with this aspect. Evolving the relationship is easy since both parties have similar goals and have no problem pushing each other to get where they want.

Many relationships can fizzle when there isn't a grounding aspect that can hold things down. Aside from the physical, we need communication and emotional understanding to get to a commitment phase. Moon conjunct Moon takes some of the hard work out of the synastry since both parties are already easily emotionally aligned.

As long as the partners respect one another and understand the need for honesty and trust, the relationship can get more manageable and pleasant over time. 

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.