What You're Like As A Wife, Based On Your Moon Sign

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To truly understand every facet of your natal moon, you need to look at your Moon sign, the house it sits in, and any significant connections it has with other planets or points in your natal chart.

In astrology, the moon represents your mother, your home and your emotional environment. Your Moon placement can also reveal the kind of wife you'll be after marriage.

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What you're like as a wife, based on your Moon sign

Aries Moon wife

Aries moon sign natives are passionate beings who say what they feel and don't know how to hide their emotions. They are also quick to know who to be with and when it's time to move on.

So, if you have your Moon in Aries, once you commit to someone and become their wife, you know you have found the one for you. You like challenges and don't shy away from addressing problems in your marriage or relationship. You will never be a beat-around-the-bush, passive-aggressive wife. And you need a spouse who can handle that fire.

Taurus Moon wife

The moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. That's why Moon in Taurus people tend to be very compassionate, nurturing, empathic, and kind.

With this moon, you'll be the kind of wife who is always there for her spouse, family, and children. You will also make a good cook (if you chose to develop that talent), and your kids and family will love eating the meals you prepare for them.

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Gemini Moon wife

Gemini Moon natives have Peter Pan syndrome. They never want to grow up, and always light up any room they are in. People just love having them around and talking to them. They are really fun to be with.

If you have your Moon in Gemini, you'll be a fun wife, but your spouse won't know what version of you they'll get any particular day. This placement works wonders for people in the entertainment industry. An actor spouse would love to have a Gemini moon wife.

Cancer Moon wife

The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer. And natives with a Cancer Moon are very lucky. They also have strong manifestation abilities.

As a wife, with Moon in Cancer, you'll be a nurturing presence in the home and would want to always keep things neat, tidy, and well-kept. You also like to have a nice-smelling house and will have an abundance of scented candles close by. Cancer Moon wives also make a mean pot roast (if they know how to cook).

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Leo Moon wife

Moon in Leo folks are dramatic divas. They won't settle down with someone who can't respect them or their identity, or who tries to make them feel small. That's why, once they get married, they are very possessive of their spouse because they know they chose them only after careful consideration.

A Leo moon wife is incredibly generous. She loves to give gifts and surprise her spouse with romantic getaways or dates. But she also has a hot temper and won't forgive easily once she gets upset.

Virgo Moon wife

Virgo Moon people are easy-going and chatty in general (Virgo is ruled by Mercury). They like to stay organized and love tools that make their life easy.

As a wife, Moon in Virgo natives want to handle the family budget because they don't feel comfortable allowing others to deal with important things of that kind. They will also have a chore schedule for every member of the family and will not tolerate anyone missing their turn. Grocery shopping is also a list-based activity for these folks and they are quite strict when they start a diet or decide to be more frugal.

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Libra Moon wife

Moon in Libra natives never want to settle down, even though they smoothly omit that fact when they interact with someone in a romantic capacity. They also become puzzled if an ex doesn't want to stay friends after a breakup.

As a wife though, a Libra moon is in it for the long haul. They only settle down once they know their partner is a good match for them from a social standpoint, and they will go to great lengths to ensure a united front is presented to the public with no scope for scandalous behavior.

This moon sign can be very ruthless though if they end up in divorce court. But their ruthless side will be presented in a polished, matter-of-fact “these are the consequences” manner.

Scorpio Moon wife

Moon in Scorpio people are intense lovers who go all in. As wives, they are possessive of their spouse and do not like it if they have female friends. They prefer to stonewall and withdraw in case of a disagreement.

But Scorpio Moon natives are true ride or dies if their spouse is the same. They'll have your back and keep all your secrets. But they will want total transparency in exchange for that. No secrets allowed between the two of you!

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Sagittarius Moon wife

Sagittarius Moon natives are perpetual dreamers and love to learn about anything and everything.

As wives, they love chatting with their spouse while lying in bed before they go to sleep, and they enjoy the company of well-educated friends and acquaintances. They won't be a typical wife. Like Moon in Leo, Sagittarius moon people have a larger-than-life side to them, which (unlike Moon in Leo) isn't obvious immediately.

Capricorn Moon wife

Moon in Capricorn natives are patient people who never give up on their dreams. They don't like to brag or tell people about their plans and prefer to work in silence in a steady manner.

As a wife, Capricorn moon folks are incredible partners. Especially if both spouses work together or are co-founders of a business. They are level-headed, practical, and do not get upset easily. But they will never forget it if they are disrespected or ridiculed.

This moon has no problem walking away from a spouse if the relationship sours in the future.

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Aquarius Moon wife

Moon in Aquarius people are difficult to pin down. It always seems like their head is in the clouds and they are dreaming of something far off in the future. This placement makes a person very sapiosexual (someone who falls in love with another's mind first).

As a wife, Aquarius moon people are not conventional wives. They do not like to be treated that way either. And they do not like their private life becoming public gossip.

Pisces Moon wife

Pisces Moon natives are dreamy, romantic, and creative souls. It can feel like a grand main-character romance when you are with them... but in secret. As if you two are the only ones privy to that information.

As a wife, they love doing “wifey things,” which in their vocabulary is actually an extension of the girlfriend experience.

In reality, they are bad at staying organized and don't like to follow a routine. They can also be bookworms with an overflowing library problem. These natives love to collect trinkets and pieces for the house and do not do well if their spouse is a minimalist or is regimental in nature.

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