How To Use The House Your Moon Is In To Connect With Your Emotions

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In astrology, the Moon governs the deepest and most intimate part of your life: your emotions.  

While not technically a planet, the Moon is considered just as important as any other part of astrology because of the way it helps describe how you feel and process emotions and feelings.  

Your emotions are tied to every other facet of your life which makes it crucial to understand this sometimes-hidden part of yourself.  

While your Sun sign governs how others see you, your Moon sign rules who you truly are on the deepest level — and the astrology house your Moon is in affects how this shows up for you.  

Understanding how your Moon sign is affected by the house that it is in lets you understand what challenges may arise as well as how you feel about yourself and express yourself to others.  

The Moon represents emotions. The individual zodiac sign it's in represents the qualities of those feelings and the house that it is within governs how they will be expressed and benefit you throughout your life. 

Which house is my Moon in? 

The house your Moon sign is in is determined by your birth date, time and location.

You can use a natal chart calculator to calculate all of your astrology placements. Once you've calculated your chart, look for your Ascendant or Rising sign. This is the first house in your chart.

From there, look for your Moon sign placement. Beginning from your Rising sign, count the houses until you reach the house your Moon is in.

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For instance, if you are a Pisces Ascendant and have an Aquarius Moon sign then your Moon sign would fall in your twelfth house.  

How to use the house your Moon is in to connect with your emotions 

Natal Moon in the first house

The first house governs the self, which means that your emotions tend to be more of a priority for you than that of others. It does not mean that you are self-centered or uncaring but only that you make sure that your feelings are expressed and understood first by others.

You usually express your emotions from a place of ego earlier in life before understanding more about your beliefs regarding life and the need to compromise with others.

For you, compromise in life and relationships is key to feeling seen and heard. 

Natal Moon in the second house

The second house rules material stability, which means you will need to be financially secure to feel emotionally secure.

Whether it is looking at how you express or receive love, gift-giving can be important for you as you will show others you care for them by what you get or do for them.

Second-house Moons are more grounded and stable but can be emotionally detached if too much focus is placed on the material. A good balance is being able to practice expressing yourself to those around you.  

Natal Moon in the third house

Moon in your third house brings together the themes of emotions and communication.

You are more expressive with your feelings but may feel more reserved when it comes to making more logical plans based on them. You tend to be more social and active and need that stimulation for emotional reassurance which can keep you feeling more connected with yourself.

Recognizing how you are feeling mentally will impact your emotional reactions and practicing giving yourself time to work through things can help you create more stable relationships in the future.  

Natal Moon in the fourth house 

The fourth house rules home, family, and even your childhood, so with your Moon in this placement, these themes become especially important to you.

To connect with your emotions, you need to feel as if your home life and those relationships within it have a strong foundation. Home, family and loved ones are your priority, but you also need to make sure that you keep yourself one as well.

Use this placement to be able to create just as loving and stable home within yourself as you do for those that you love to find the greatest expression of your emotions.  

Natal Moon in the fifth house

Fifth house Moons are expressive and creative as this is the area of your life that governs these themes.

A Moon in the fifth house means that you like to be seen as unique and you are attracted to others who are as well. Whether you actively are involved in the arts or another creative endeavor, you are the living expression of what love is.

There is an energy associated with fifth house Moons that make them natural healers and those that others naturally want to be around. Learning to also find stability within this as well as joy is what can help bring in greater balance for fifth house moons.  

Natal Moon in the sixth house

The sixth house rules over health and daily practices. With your Moon in the sixth, you are often great at loving others in the ways that they need to be. You're detail-orientated and remember those important things that people tell you which always makes them feel that you understand them.

Acts of service can be an exceptional love language for you, but you need to make sure you are not crossing over the line of being a perfectionist.

Sixth house moons can be a bit demanding on others as well as yourself, so understanding that grace is a part of emotions and personal relationships can help you find greater reciprocity within your connections.

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Natal Moon in the seventh house

Seventh-house moons are especially potent because this area of your life governs romantic relationships.

At times in your life, you may feel lacking somehow if you are not in a relationship and connected to someone else. While healthy friendships are important, making sure that you have a deep connection with yourself can help you only invest in those romantic relationships which are hugely beneficial.

A seventh house moon is one of the most loyal placements because when you fall in love or have feelings they tend to last. Make sure that the person you are investing in emotionally is worth it to save yourself any future heartbreak.  

Natal Moon in the eighth house

The eighth house is the place of transformation and rebirth. It often suggests that there is heartache that you will need to heal from either within childhood or in an early romantic relationship.

By encountering this, you are being encouraged to heal and embrace more of your own emotions. If not, then you can tend to focus more on the fear associated with emotions leading you to put up walls or become emotionally unavailable.

Teaching yourself that you are safe to express your feelings is a crucial step in being able to create that same space with another.  

Natal Moon in the ninth house

In astrology, the ninth house is considered the house of luck which means that you usually have an easier go of it emotionally.

The most important thing for you to do is simply acknowledge your emotions as they arise. By doing this you are simply feeling into it all and can move through anything quickly.

Ninth-house Moons tend to move around more and may prefer adventure over one's home. This is because you naturally feel at ease within yourself wherever you are. Being able to hold space for others emotionally is an important task to learn as you tend to not always understand why others do not have as easy of a time with it as you do.  

Natal Moon in the 10th house

Learning to take care of and validate your own emotions is crucial for tenth house Moons. The 10th house rules career, so often, it can mean that you struggle to feel nurtured by those around you and that you might not always see the benefit in emotions themselves.

By nurturing yourself and validating your own feelings, you can bring healing to your inner child, which will be necessary with this placement. Once this is done, however, you tend to build very stable long-term relationships within your life.  

Natal Moon in the 11th house

As an 11th-house moon, you can transmute many of the feelings and emotions that arise for you.

For instance, you can tap into where you are feeling frustration and decide instead to formulate a plan forward to change your life. Rarely do emotions get the best of you and instead you tend to always be that beacon of light for those around you.

With your Moon in the eleventh house, you are an amazing friend but can struggle to go emotionally deep with a partner. Understanding that your romantic partner does not need to be fixed or needs a plan can be important in learning how to simply hold space for them.  

Natal Moon in the 12th house

The 12th house is the place of the subconscious, meaning in this realm, boundaries can often become blurred.

You are highly spiritual and intuitive and are one to fully embrace unconditional love for everyone around you. Quiet time, alone time and meditation are hugely important for you to recenter and balance your emotional self.

You are a natural empath but also must be wary of taking on others' pain as yours and crossing that line into codependency. You have a great deal to teach others about emotional healing which means that working on yourself is key to all other aspects of your life.  

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