5 Moon Signs You Don't Want To Make Angry

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Everyone is allowed to get upset. However, the way we express anger differs. Depending on your Moon sign, it could be the difference between toxicity and a constructive conversation.  

In astrology, your Moon sign represents your internal self. Your Moon sign is indicative of how you emotionally deal with situations, which is both how you process and how you respond to them. 

Each Moon sign processes anger differently.

Some signs, like Pisces, rarely react, while others, like Aries, are known for their quick tempers. 

So who should you be wary of getting on their bad side?

These are the five scariest moon signs when mad.  



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1. Aries Moon

Aries is the God of War so it is no surprise that this Moon sign is one that tends to be explosive in arguments.

The Aries Moon tends to be impulsive and can anger quite easily which means that they also tend not to think things through but rather just erupt in anger. In doing this they can scare the person that they are currently with or even those around them.

A big part of why they tend to anger so easily and even violently is that they let pent-up emotions get the best of them until finally, they cannot hold those emotions inside anymore. This combined with the fact that they also hold a grudge and take significant time to calm down makes them very unpredictable.  

2. Gemini Moon

As an air sign, it may be more surprising that the Gemini Moon makes the list of Moon signs that can anger in explosive ways, but the reason is their sense of duality.

Gemini is the sign of the twins which means that they sometimes have that devil on one shoulder and angel on the other. Usually, they try to incorporate both into their life. However, if they feel like they are not being heard then they see red.

They can argue either by extreme yelling or may become sarcastic and passive-aggressive, both of which can flatten anyone they're taking on. Even though they can level someone with their words, they will not become physical, but it is important to remember that words sometimes hurt more.  

3. Leo Moon

Leo is symbolized by the lion, so it is no surprise that their level of anger tends to be epic.

The Leo Moon is ferocious when provoked and tends to go all in on everything that they do, which when it includes anger is quite explosive. They tend to use their tone of voice and actions to try to intimidate those that they are arguing with. This may be anything from yelling and using their hands to communicate their feeling to throwing things when truly enraged.

The Leo Moon being angry is like setting off an emotional bomb that no one usually ends up being able to walk away from. But as much as they may anger quickly, unlike Aries, they can calm down quite rapidly as well — but often there is still devastation left in their wake.  

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4. Capricorn Moon

As an earth sign, people tend not to think of the Capricorn Moon as being an angry individual. However, once someone has crossed a boundary of theirs, a whole different side emerges.

The Capricorn Moon's anger is not often loud, but they may throw things or slam doors. What makes their anger so catastrophic is that they do not get over it, period. They may calm down, but things will never be the same. As far as grudges go, they are ones that can hold onto one for years.

Often the anger that they feel is because they tend to repress their feelings when they've felt wronged and tried to stay calm, which is why when they do finally explode there is never a way to come back from that.  

5. Taurus Moon

Taurus is known for being one of the most patient signs in the zodiac, however, they also have the capacity to be one of the most explosive and violent. This is because they usually let people go too far, whether it's by pushing boundaries, not stepping up, or not following through on something, without repercussions.

The Taurus Moon's first inclination is to practice patience and just let others be. But once they feel taken advantage of and pushed around, the fury erupts.

When angry, the Taurus Moon burns bridges, slams doors, and drives off in a hurry. They tend to become more physical than other Moon signs when angered, so it is a good idea for them to take a minute to themselves when they feel it start to bubble up so they do not do or say something that they will later regret.  

The thing with astrology, though, is that your birth chart placements are not a life sentence.  

Your Moon sign doesn't mean you have no control over how you deal with emotions. Instead, it helps to show you what both your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can make the choice for yourself about what to embody.  

If your anger is something that you have seen to be detrimental in your relationships, then it may be time to look at why because any feeling that you repress might eventually manifest as anger.  

And while anger is normal, you can learn to release it in a way that is of benefit so that it can actually improve the relationships you care about instead of ruining them. 

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